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r.a.t.u.c.s. July 1997 (Granada Studios)

International "CONTRESS"

This site was made possible thanks to the generosity and hard work of

Darlene Wakely, (Canada) and Maggie Worsfold, (England) for their tireless efforts in snapping

and providing countless pictures of fellow r.a.t.u.c.s. members while attending the July 1997 Contress

in Manchester . . .

A big. THANK-YOU .Darlene & Maggie!!!


Attendees of the July 1997 r.a.t.u.c.s. Contress

(photo courtesy of the "Coronation Street Magazine)"

Graham Allsopp and Mike Plowman having a rest in front of the Rovers Return, with Maggie Worsfold and Darlene Wakely in the background

(photo courtesy of the "Coronation Street Magazine)"

Four of the Coro-Street episode updaters - Kevin Albertson, Glenda Young, Helen Johns and Nigel Worsfold.

(photo courtesy of the "Coronation Street Magazine)"


Out of town and International attendees of the July 1997 r.a.t.u.c.s. Contress, stayed at

the Dolby Hotel, on Mike Plowman's recommendation. (Thanks for doing the "legwork," Mike !)

Mike Plowman, Paul Calter & Mike Mumford

Pat Mulvena & Glenda Young

The famous/infamous "ginnel"


Maggie & Nigel Worsfold in front of the Mallets' house.

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Barry "Bazza" Smith & Peter Dewhirst at the Commercial

Pub in Manchester just before the Granada Studios Tour.

(Note Peter's "limited-edition" r.a.t.u.c.s. golf shirt !!)


Gail & Martin's house.


The Corner Shop. Some pretty "up-market" stuff for a backstreet shop, eh ?


The First r.a.t.u.c.s. "International Contress" is about to begin !!


Diane Fishman at the door of the Rovers.

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Maggie Worsfold and Peter Dewhirst check out Mavis' house.

(Note the lovely rose bushes and flower boxes)


Rita Sullivan certainly caters to kids at the Kabin !


Mike Baldwin and Angie Freeman's new place of business, "Underworld."

(. . . it's hard to believe from looking at this building,

that it used to Steve McD's "printshop" ??)


A few r.a.t.u.c.s.'ers at the Granada main gate.

(from left to right) . . . Susan Ashton, George Middleton,

Graham Allsopp, Phillipa Freegard (in red jacket), Helen Johns,

Fiona Hamilton (holding the Contress sign), Mark Hamilton (behind Fiona),

Barry Smith (rather, the back of his head as he talks with Glenda Young),

and Kevin Albertson.


Nigel & Maggie Worsfold at the Commercial Pub.

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Some r.a.t.u.c.s.'ers peering in the Kabin window to see what Rita has to offer.

(the chap in the yellow jacket is not one of us)

From the door, left to right . . . A. Neil Stockley, Nigel Worsfold,Glenda Young, Graham Allsop

(partially hidden by Glenda), theSandwich Board Man, (whom I've never seen on the show,

have you ?), Dianne Fishman, and Maggie Worsfold.

Standing in the background beside the entrance to "Underworld" are Fiona and Mark Hamilton.


Nigel Worsfold waiting for a hair appointment at Fiona's salon. On the right

is the phone box from which Mike Plowman rang his Mrs. to tell her what

a great time we were having.


Nigel & Maggie Worsfold along with Susan Ashton on Rosamund Street.