The Guestbook on has been running for many years, and before that was hosted in a variety of other places.  Since the original - Grahame Rumsby's much loved "guessbook" - there have appeared many gems of literary genius: poems (or even pohms), stories, conversation threads, that have passed into legend.

Now, in The Guestbook Chronicles, you have a chance to relive these wonders of yesteryear.  Stroll down the lanes of Norris's Wandering Years!  Revisit the Pickle Saga!  Wet yourself all over again reading about Robson Green and the Wombats!

If you have any archived material suitable for inclusion in the Chronicles, please email it to me:

Famous Guestbook threads

Branston Pickle
The musings of Clora Crank
Is Hayley Perfect?
Tales of the Tardis
Curly's Attic
The Feral Ramblings
The Mooning Tales

Did Betty Own the Rovers?

The writings of the Cheap Thrills team

Cheap Thrills (as they became known), an outstandingly talented writing duo from New Zealand and Canada, entertained us individually with contributions to a number of discussions, before revealing their first masterwork.  Some of their earliest stories have recently been recovered, courtesy of Ken Wong's fabulous and complete Guestbook Archive, and the latest edition to the list below is one of these: the tale of the Missing Apostrophes. 

The Fraser Henderson Caper
The Apostrophe Catastrophe
Norris - The Wandering Years
The Luck of Aunty Em

The Lanky Pohms of Old Blowick 

Blowick, aka Cunning Fiend, aka Frank Wilson has a way with words that needs no description for those who have read his pawms, and defies description for those that haven't!  There have been many examples on the GB over the years, and I'm grateful to Diane (tvor) and Elaine (Feral Rambler) for all but one of those below.  Their private archives have ensured that Frank's words are not lost to us.  If you kept a copy of any others, please send them in!

On Elaine's Birthday
T' Lasses On T'Street (for the first Canadian ping, 1997)
Wot Dosta Want fer Chrismus?
Christmas 1997
Valentine's Pawm 1998
A Reet Owd Nihtemurr
T' Lass Un T' Noomba Six Bus
Awd T' Th'Owd Guessbuke
Wen furst Ah cehme
Christmas 1998
T'Black 'Awl O' Calcutta
Des Barnes in Corry 'Eaven
Urly Valuntihne's Greetin'
Robson Green (two pawms)
Exit T' Li'l Wehf 'N' Streh (on Zoe's leaving)
Ta'Ra Fer Noeauw
Minnelium Man (on the death of Alf Roberts)
For Brandy
(on the death of Jacqueline's dog Brandy, July 24, 1999)
Awd T' Jubbly
Awd T' Lydier
Tawkin' Baht Th'Irwell
A Buke Baht Owd Quinten
Christmas 1999 (precursor)
Christmas 1999
Happy Birthday to Elaine (Exclusive! Never posted on the Guestbook!)
Worrapund T' Lanky?
Awd T'Owd Tinky (on the occasion of his famous trip to Canada)
Swan Song
Christmas 2000 (precursor)
Christmas 2000
Valentine's Pawm 2001
Ah Seh...Is It Thee, Lad?
Valentine's Pawm 2002
In The Chronicles

The Greek Holidays

For a short spell in June 2000, and again in December 2000, was suffering from bandwidth problems which necessitated moving the Guestbook from its usual home.  Greggy came to the rescue, finding a public guestbook server that, as it turned out, was hosted in Greece.  That information was all that was necessary for some of our regulars to have a fit of the vapours, as you'll see when you read "the Greek adventure."  (Formatted as for the normal Guestbook, so read entries from the bottom up.)

The Weatherfield Players

Not strictly a Guestbook item, nevertheless the Players' productions by Ian Coyle, originally posted to ratucs on his behalf by Mike Plowman, make hilarious reading.  They are available via the ratucs page of (see the list at the bottom of the page).

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