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This is a portion of the Guestbook from January 2011 when we seemed to get a bit off topic.
I make no claim as to the authenticity of the stories!!
Many posts have been removed in between mooning stories.

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Jubbly from Oz (at wrote on January 21, 2011, 22:01:
Ok, Kids, on Monday here, a cd is being released to help with funding the floods. I have donated $500 to supply me with CDs.

In aid of the floods and the Mooning, I would LOVE to send anyone who has had a mooning story here, to send me their snail mail addy and YOU HAVE WON! Gawd I sound like Oprah!

My addy via email is (removed).

I have commited about 14 to family and friends already. But for all Mooners, I am happy to invest more funds.

I count all the folk whom have made me larf, during this terrible time here in the Qld Floods, as serious helpers and friends.

Jubbly from Bribie Island, Queensland, Oz (at wrote on January 21, 2011, 21:00:
Jean: I disagree, whether one is wearing a girl thong or a Mankini, there is NOTHING like the thrill of dropping yer dacks and pointing yer bum at someone! However, I do respect your opinion. (__!__)

p.s. May also add..... often people in said thongs would not have the usual arses that are used for flashing.

4 more towns being evacuated in our floods.

Hey Jude from BC (at wrote on January 21, 2011, 19:08:
Elizabeth: I love the mooning story with your husband - too funny and it served the old bat right!LOL
Also, good point about the CEO/Bronfman(sp?) Jr. and Lewis upping his rates!LOL

Elizabeth from Smiths Falls ON (at wrote on January 21, 2011, 16:13:
Ok, I just have to add a mooning story. Years and years ago, my husband, a plumber, was on a service call and the driveway was one of the old style driveways that consisted of just two cement strips about 18 inches wide,, a car widths apart from each other, with grass or gravel, whatever, in between the strips and you just drove up the strips and parked. Well the old lady in the home next to where he was working was a cantankerous old thing who was constantly complaining about one thing or another. As he was working, the police showed up and asked to talk to him. Apparently the old woman had called the police to report that when he parked he managed to get off one of the cement strips and one of the wheels of his van was at the most one foot on her lawn. As the police were talking to him, they told him she was a thorne in their side always calling about something. They suggested nicely that he might want to move the truck to appease her. My husband could see her peeking out from behind the blind watching all this. The police left, he moved the truck, she was still watching, and as he went to go back in the house after moving the truck, he looked around first, and you guessed it, bad moon rising! The policeman showed up again shortly after! With a smile on his face and a chuckle.

On another note, did anyone see that the CEO of Warner music group has been fined millions of Euros for misleading investors? Now you might all be wondering what this has to do with our beloved street, but that CEO's step-daddy is Nigel Havers, AKA Lewis Archer! "Lewis" is married to Edgar Bronfman Jr's mother. I wonder if he'll have to up his rates to help his step-son pay his fine??

Jean from Niagara Falls,. ON (at wrote on January 21, 2011, 15:58:
E-mail: jfuleki(at)cogeco(dot)ca
Since the popularity of the thong bikini I would have thought there would no longer be a need for people to moon.There isn't much left to explore when a person exposes most of everything wearing a thong is there? : ) I think it used to have more shock value than it does now.
At least for me the impact would have been lessened.

Susan from Thornhill (at wrote on January 21, 2011, 15:28:
Mooning story -- many years ago, at my nephew's bar mitzvah, the 13 year-old guests/friends of my nephew became bored with all the adult stuff and went out to the back parking lot of the synagogue. They then proceeded to moon the cars passing by on the busy Highway 401 which passes right by there. We found this out about 20 years after the fact, and had a good laugh about it.

Hey Jude from BC (at wrote on January 21, 2011, 15:17:
I was on a Greyhound bus once, with a couple of friends, on our way to Nashville, from Toronto. We sat in the very back of the busy (by the washroom, goodness knows why), when this couple about 2 row ahead of us started their "business". She climbed right on top of him and away they went! The bus was fully packed, they didn't care!LOL

Jan from same place (at wrote on January 21, 2011, 15:05:
I have never mooned anyone, accidentally or otherwise. I can make an ass(and a big one at that!)of myself without trying :))))

Jan from Mississauga (at wrote on January 21, 2011, 15:02:
Re: Mooning stories...what a laugh I've had! If you have room for one more... Years ago in our old house, my hubby was already for bed when he realized that he had forgotten to put the garbage out to the kerb. He didn't bother putting his dressing gown on, thinking most neighbours would be in bed anyway. As luck would have it, he was wearing his oldest jammies, the ones with the no-longer elastic waistband. When he bent down to put down the garbage bag, his pyjama bottoms quickly slid down his hairy legs.There was more than one full moon that night!

TerryM from Ottawa, Canada (at wrote on January 21, 2011, 14:38:
My next book will be out soon and it will be about Coronation Street, not mooning. (Lest their be any confusion after all this sillines :-) Although, the latter would probably sell better :-) But I'll be happy to leave that to Sheila's chronicals. Jubbly, don't you ever sleep?

Jubbly from Mopping Ups Viill - OZ (at wrote on January 21, 2011, 13:31:
KYLA - that was so funny. We SO have to put these stories in the GB chronicles!!!!!!!! If anyone who has much more teco skills than me can help Sheila with this, I would so appreciate it. Have not peed so much in years!

Kyla from Nova Scotia (at wrote on January 21, 2011, 13:21:
Goodness are the 'mooning' stories ever funny!! I don't have a mooning one but like Alan I once encountered and 'couple' enjoying each other's company. I was in Halifax searching for wedding dresses and my gal pals and I went out for a few cocktails one night, when returning home to my friend's apartment building we were heading to the elevator, there in the emergency exit doorway (it was all glass) was a guy and girl 'going to town' and all we could see was her naked from the waist down pressed against the door ... OH MY!! She didn't see us of course, but he did and he didn't stop, just gave us a grin and kept about his 'business'. I couldn't believe it!!

Mary\Gail\Hey Jude - wasn't it just this week that Jason got official notification that he was a free man...that's what prompted him to push the wedding idea and eventually led to the blow up between him and Tina? Tina said it was some sort of bombshell that he dropped on her ('cause I was thinking hello ... weren't you the one that got all ticked off because he wasn't officially divorced in the first place and now that he is your ticked off again?!)

Did anyone else feel sorry for Becky last night? I know she isn't exactly Mother of the Year material but to find that out must be crushing.

Alan aka The Tinkster from Magnificent Manchester (at wrote on January 21, 2011, 11:48:
Well, I don't drop in here much these days but got pointed this way by my bessie pal, Jubbly, regarding the mooning stories.

Afraid I can't add a mooning story as such but one on the subject of accidental exposure. When I was in the last two years at Liverpool Uni, I was in Halls of Residence and my block backed onto a school playing field, used during the week by a girls' secondary school. One gorgeous Sunday afternoon in early summer, I was sitting on the balcony revising for my finals when I saw a young couple walking across the field and they proceeded to settle down under a tree about 100 metres from my block - I was somewhat surprised to see them starting to strip off and then get down to making love under the tree, totally ignorant of the fact that not far from them was a block full of horny male students! By the time, they had finished there must have been well over fifty of us on our balconies watching the spectacle! As they started to get dressed again, they were greeted to an appreciative round of applause from their teenage audience. I don't think I've ever seen anyone scarper from the scene as quickly as that duo, LOL!

Jubbly from Moonsville Unerwater World (at wrote on January 21, 2011, 06:27:
Sheron, to help towards the book which Terry is "Photoing" and towards my help with photos, I will either send you $1 for a shot of my bum or $10 to not show it.. What is the prognosise? Proceeds of my arse go towards Terry's book (__!__)

Jubbly from Moonsville (at wrote on January 21, 2011, 06:19:
Terry M

I am happy to help. However, I do NOT get out of bed to Moon for less than $3. How is your bank account?

Jubbly from The song that Ringo sang about a sub (at wrote on January 21, 2011, 06:17:
Terry M. Your comments leave me in the horns of an enamaa - I LOVE ABBA for prospate theray, I also love 'those' other songs. ARF!

TerryM from Ottawa, Canada (at wrote on January 21, 2011, 04:57:
Jubbly - Forgot to mention, I Googled Hawkwind/Silver Machine and watched a couple of videos of them performing Silver Machine. I gather they were a fairly big rock group in Britain in the seventies and Silver Machine was a big hit for them. Not my type of music, but not bad for hard rock. I was more of an ABBA type fan in those days, which is right at the other end of the scale as far as music is concerned. Shows what kind of a sheltered life I lead lol.

TerryM from Ottawa, Canada (at wrote on January 21, 2011, 04:49:
Jubbly, it would have to be a pictorial book. If only they had camera phones in those days.:-) OO

Gail from toronto (at wrote on January 21, 2011, 03:41:
On the MOONING subject, another word for mooning when it is done against a window is *pressed hams*. LOL Gross!

Jubbly from Oz (at wrote on January 21, 2011, 02:59:
Haili: As if I had not had enough kittens already, this has given me more! I mean HOW MANY MOONING STORIES ARE THERE OUT THERE?

Terry M, is there enough here already for another book from you? Or are we just pishing or mooning ourselves?

TerryM from Ottawa, Canada (at wrote on January 21, 2011, 02:02:
Hi Jubbly - I enjoy your humour too.
I've not heard of Hawkwind/Silver Machine, but certainly will Google it.
Regarding flooding, we had flooding in our little part of Ottawa the summer before last, we only had a foot of water in our basement, but it was devastating, as the basement was furnished and my two adult sons lived down there. They had to be put up in a hotel for three months while all the restoration was done. Thank goodness we had insurance. (Many of our neighbours didn't) Our street and surrounding streets looked like a war zone with all the ruined furniture at the roadside to go in the garbage. So I can only imagine how much worse it is for the poor people of Australia :-(
A final word on my mooning story. Those ladies will be in their fifties now, and God bless them. They were only there for the one season as the club had too many complaints, that they were too sexy for a family oriented event. (Damn, do-gooders!!) Good thing they didn't know them like I did lol!

Mary from Barbados (temporarily) (at wrote on January 21, 2011, 01:47:
I really enjoyed all the "mooning" stories - brought back lots of memories. For some reason, it reminded me of playing "Chinese Firedrill" - certainly nothing like "mooning", but still brought a smile to my face - those were the simple, uncomplicated days. I'm away, without a VCR and haven't seen any episodes this week - suspect I'll have to watch them on-line. But, I do have a question - "Isn't Jason already married?" - I have no recollection of hearing that Sarah and Jason ever got divorced? Is he planning on becoming a bigamist?

Pearl from BC (at wrote on January 21, 2011, 00:57:
Thanks Hey Jude for the correction. Kodos to Toronto Gail for 'dirty old lady genes'. Interesting how we all find different characters attractive. A while ago people were talking about Peter and others about Lewis both of whom I find unattractive. Different strokes I guess.

Jubbly from Moonwalker Land, Oz (at wrote on January 21, 2011, 00:53:
Ok, on a serious note here.......

I do believe we should bring back serious Mooning. I have 'another man coming (so he hopes) today, in about 3 hours - to quote on my lawn issues since THE FLOODS Depending on attitude, I will flash him (good or bad). Is this a start to a revival of flashing? Well Mooning?

Lisa from Ottawa (at wrote on January 21, 2011, 00:46:
My daughter has a friend whose Dad is a (not passenger) train engineer. One day when they were about 12 he took them of a short ride across town and told them to keep their heads down at a certain point as they might be seen and he could be fired. Oh they kept their heads down all right. As they passed a major road they mooned the cars waiting at the tracks.

haili from Ont. (at wrote on January 21, 2011, 00:18:
It seems we've all experienced mooning at one time or another. My friend had a van and our kids would ride in the back (12 or 13 years old at the time). I found out years later that they would moon people out the back window while we were yakking in the front. Another time we were at the drive in movie and a streaker ran in front of the screen. Streaking was quite a fad in the 70s.

Sheron: of course, it's obvious that fares to Europe would be a lot cheaper from England than here since it's so much closer. On the other hand, we can go to Florida, Mexico and the U.S. cheaper than the Brits.

Jubbly (AGAIN) from Underwater (at wrote on January 21, 2011, 00:05:
Cunning Fiend's powm (as he called them) and my bestest translation........

When I first came upon this page
Blooming Gnomes were all the rage
Aww sometimes (lost this line)
Gents lasses who never thinse their plaits

Now when I asked themwhats the matter
Theyd say R Girls not rinsed yon platter.
But times have changed as I've lately seen

Talk is all of Robson Green.
Well that thy can say its no buisness of mine
But he is not from the country of Palestine.

Now as for WOMBATS whatever they be
Bring back the bloody gnomes for me.

With thanks to the Feral Rambler for acknowedging that he was a man Of God via the Anglican Persuasion.

Hey Jude from BC (at wrote on January 20, 2011, 23:31:
Terry: Too funny about YOU getting mooned by all those cheerleaders!
Marie: Too right about Sarah sabatauging(sp?) David's chance at that job in Milan. She also wanted to get away from Gail.

Sheron from Surrey, B,C, (at wrote on January 20, 2011, 23:29:
The mooning stories are great! Oddly enough, I've never been mooned but I can just imagine what I'm missing! However, I WAS pinched a few times when I lived in Italy. (I know it's not the same but it's the same part of the anatomy;) and it always gave me that same kind of jolt.

When the maid was in Gail's room, I thought how damning the whole scene would be if the maid were called to court. Joe HAD left and here Gail was acting as though he was still around, and that would all come out in the wash.

Haili, dear, Europe is a lot closer to Britain than we are. I say this to tease you, of course. There are lessons to be learned about travelling to parts of Europe, though. Not many years ago I went to Tennerife from Vancouver. I bought the ticket here through a travel agent so thought all would go smoothly. Not so. Van to Heathrow. Heathrow to Madrid. Madrid to the northern airport at Tennerife. Then a long and expensive taxi to the southern part of the island. The trip from Madrid was a domestic flight, which always lands up north. All of the Brits I met, and there were many, flew from London to the southern airport via international flight. No long and $$$ taxi ride. I have often thought that it would be better to fly from here to Britain and buy another ticket from there to where ever on the continent.

Hey Jude from BC (at wrote on January 20, 2011, 23:27:
Debo: Ya, you're right, he could use a clean shave and a bit of cleaning up (and I love really tall men). Maybe they will get him to clean up down the road. Poor Janice, she's so horny for him, and he doesn't even realize it!LOL

Jubbly from Oz (at wrote on January 20, 2011, 21:54:
Terry M..... Have you ever heard the song from Hawkwind "Silver Machine" opening words "I, I just took a ride on a Silver Machine"? Google Hawkwind or Silver Machine if you care. ARF!!!!!!!

Jubbly from Welly Boots on Bribie Island, Oz (at wrote on January 20, 2011, 21:48:
Terry M, that is Hysterical! Keep 'em Coming! err if you know what I mean!! This is the humour us Queenslanders need at the moment.

Used to get flashed at a lot in London as a teen and a young adult, during summer. When I phoned the Detective again - his reasoning was "they always COME OUT in the warm weather" He meant the Flashers but we both cracked up (keeping on the Mooning subject here but thinking about willies) when we realized the double entendre!!!!!!!

TerryM from Ottawa, Canada (at wrote on January 20, 2011, 21:27:
OK here's my mooning story and something only every young guy could dream about, but it really happened to me.

It was around 1980 and I'd been to an Ottawa Rough Riders football game. That year they had a group of about twelve cheerleaders that were quite glamarous and in their early twenties. They were sponsored by a bus company and were known as 'The Silver Machine' and naturally wore skimpy silver outfits.' Anyway, I think I watched them more than the football game that night lol. So, the game ends and I'm outside of the park waiting for my local bus, when out of the parking lot pulls a big chartered silver bus with the words 'Silver Machine' in large letters on the side. So I looked up at the windows to see If I could see any of the girls, and without a word of a lie, every girl on the bus came to the windows and mooned us at the bus stop. I could not believe my eyes,I thought I'd died and gone to heaven. :-) I've never been the same since!!!

Hey Jude from BC (at wrote on January 20, 2011, 19:41:
Jubbly: You crack me up re monkeys and the poem - I couldn't even read that s**t!!LOL
Pearl: You got me mixed up with Gail, but that's okay, I agree, Trevor is a hunk of sexy man, isn't he?!LOL
Wish I had more Moon stories, but alas, that's the first and only time!LMAO!
Plaid Cat: Loved your Moon story, good for you, I bet those guys never forgot it either!!

Shirley from Edmonton (at wrote on January 20, 2011, 19:39:
If any store does still sell VHS tapes I'll buy some, I just keep forgetting when I'm out doing other essential stuff. Elizabeth, your memory is uncanny. I saw The View on t.v. today and Marilu Henner was on with her incredible memory. I wish mine was. It seems even the young have trouble with their memory these days ( that's not my excuse). It was great to hear your recollections. I loved Judy's character.

Jubbly from A Wellington Boot (at wrote on January 20, 2011, 19:18:
I was reading thru the GB Chronicles and so gladly found Cunning Fiend's powm on Robson Green (when we were all aalivating about him)

Here tis..........

Wen fust Ah cum acrost this pehge
Bloomin' gnawmes weer awl t'rehge;
Aw sumtihmes rentin' peeves 'n' 'ehtes
'Genst lasses 'oo ne'er rinse theer plehtes!
'N' wen Ah ast 'em wots t'matta,
Theh'd seh "R Gehle's no' rinsed yon platta!"
Bu' tihmes've chehnged, as Ah've lehtly seen --
T'tawk t'deh's awl Robson Green!
Well, tha con seh it's naw buznuss o' mihne --
Buree's no' frum t'County Palatihne!
'N' as fer wombats, warrevva theh be,
Bring back t'bluddy gnawmes, sez me!


...... this was after the Gonome scenes when Dirk (Derek) lost his and Mavises Garden Gnome. Cunning Fiend was a real Lanky Gentleman and I miss his comments.

Jubbly from Its raining still, Oz (at wrote on January 20, 2011, 18:18:
Sheila: I know you have a very busy life, but I have a request and totally understand if this is not poss. But on the GB Chronicle Section , due to the hysterics I have had over the MOONING stories, can we make up a section for that? In your own time of course (__!__)

Jubbly from Mooning in Oz (at wrote on January 20, 2011, 18:09:
Hey Jude and Gayle: They are some of the funniest stories I have read. Why is it something about toilet humour makes you go hysterical? I wish more people Mooned. Obviously there 'are' legal issues here WHICH MAKES IT EVEN FUNNIER!!!!!!!!!!

Whilst I was in Borneo, adopting an Orangutan, there were many Probiscus Monkeys who Mooned me, but apparently they do that for sex? Well that is what the tour guide told me.

Pearl from BC (at wrote on January 20, 2011, 17:49:
I don't think we have to worry about Tina going to her mothers or any where else as she has become an important feature of the show. Besides male viewers deserve eye candy too. We have Jason, Cairan and Trevor to satisfy our "dirty old lady gene" (thank-you Hey Jude for that gem).
As dysfuntional families go Eileen's household is a little eratic but agree with haili again, it does not qualify esp street style of dysfuntion. I like to believe families don't have to be related, people who live together and care about each other are also family.
Good point Tanya that Jason doesn't appear to be a guy girls would leave. Why Becky chose Steve over him baffles me. He may not be very sensitive of female feelings but not may of the street men are eg Kevin, Steve, Peter etc. but Jason is hard working, honest and easy going.

Vera from Detroit (at wrote on January 20, 2011, 17:40:
ooops..looks like me, Tommy and Haili commented re: Sarah at almost the same time!

Kyla, I think I remember the maid coming to the cottage with fresh towels, while there she commented to Gail..after seeing only 1 cereal bowl (or something) on the counter and about her being on her own..and Gail said something to the effect that her husband was out 'taking a walk' I believe..so ??! I don't know if that would help her case or not since it was yet another lie!

Hey girlfriends..your flashing/mooning stories have cracked me up! Thanks for sharing.. :o)!

..I 'think' Rita's intentions for the escort is to give him a piece of her mind regarding her friend..AudraH! but we shall see what happens later..

Plaid Cat from Edmonton, AB (at wrote on January 20, 2011, 07:27:
Jubbly, LOL...well at least I am not the only flasher.

About 10 yrs back my 2 friends and I went white water rafting near Red Deer. It was in Aug. so it was nice and hot. Driving back to Edmonton, we were all sacked out,( I am sure with heat stroke ) and stopped off on the side of the road leading to the Bible Camp. This one car with 3 teen boys drove by and flashed us, so ( and I do not know what came over me ) I lifted up my top and flashed them back. Be damned if the car did not go off the road. !!! We took off - after noticing the car and boys were all ok. ** Just one last look at what the boys would be missing that weekend...LOL...****

Jubbly from Sunshine Coast, wots left of it, Oz (at wrote on January 20, 2011, 03:07:
Hey Jude, been there - done that. I mooned my Aunt's bf lastUK year whilst he was doing his most prominent display of his new equipment. (as was I). It went down so well that I did it again at our Over 50's Village. I have had not many conversations since. I do hope I never release my sense if humour like these buggers have!

PS Colleen witnessed it.

Gail from toronto (at wrote on January 20, 2011, 03:02:
LOL That's too funny Hey Jude. Same thing happened to us on that big boat the Chechemon that goes from Tobermory to South Bay Mouth on Manitoulin Island. We were sailing along watching the scenery when we suddenly were mooned by a bunch of young guys in one of those big speed boats. LOL It was so funny! My mother in law was even laughing!

Hey Jude from BC (at wrote on January 20, 2011, 02:33:
Jubbs: You're too funny, talking about eclipses and mooning, reminds me of something. Wanna hear a funny story? About 2 years ago, my daughter and I were driving to West Edmonton Mall, she was doing the driving. We crossed over the bridge from the Anthony Henday (a highway), and these 2 guys in the car next to us actually dropped their drawers and mooned us! OMG I was so shocked - my mouth fell open and I looked at my daughter, who was by now laughing in hysterics, (I was afraid she'd lose control of the car), I just didn't even know what to say, by the time we got into the Mall, I kept saying to my daughter, "Dddid you jjjust see that?!! I cannot believe they just did that, I just can't believe they did that!!"LOL Then later on my daughter actually spotted them in the Mall, but they never saw us! Clearing throat, okay, well it was funny at the time ;)

Jubbly from Sunshine Coast, Queensland, OZ (at wrote on January 20, 2011, 02:16:
Hey Jude, yes, I know I am lovely - I also have an arse that can cause an eclipse!!!

I am most undressed, sorry, distressed by Fizzes current relationship. I am terribly concerned it will not work. I would rather see her with Kirk (And showing off, I did meet him recently and he is a fab bloke) Well, Andy is, and I think Kirkeh is too!

Hey Jude from BC (at wrote on January 19, 2011, 22:31:
Jubbs: Oh come on! I've seen your pics, you're not fat, your lovely!

Jubbly from Bribie Island (at wrote on January 19, 2011, 21:41:
Jan and Kyla: I eally do appreciate your comments. We are doing it so tough at present that humour is getting us thru!

As if we do not have enough disaster, there have been severe weather warning predicted, King Tides (I live on a tiny island) and a full moon. And I thought I had the title of a FULL MOON as to the size of my Bum!

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