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Monday May 20th 


ABI GOES TO WAR OVER COREY’S DOCUMENTARY Abi switches on the TV to hear the presenter singing the praises of Corey Brent and his football prowess. Abi watches in horror as Kevin is forced to reveal that Corey is playing for his prison football team. Having watched the documentary, painting Corey as a hero, Abi’s incandescent. Abi and Nina call at the TV company responsible for the documentary and barge their way into the Producer’s office demanding answers.

BERNIE IS THE BIRTHDAY SURPRISE KIT NEVER WANTED An emotional Bernie confides in Dev that it would have been Zodiac’s birthday today. As she sets off for Paul’s feeding tube operation, Bernie finds her car being towed away. Spotting Kit nearby, Bernie’s convinced he’s to blame. Bernie calls at the police station with the intention of making a complaint. But when Craig and his colleagues emerge with a cake for Kit and wish him happy 31st birthday, Bernie reels in shock.

ROWAN HAS HIS EYE ON SIMON Simon’s hungover and admits he remembers little about the previous day. Nick and Toyah despair. Nick explains to Rowan how there was an incident involving Simon and he needs to speak to Leanne urgently but Rowan’s dismissive which angers Nick. Rowan suggests to Simon they chat as he knows what it’s like to drift through life without direction.

ELSEWHERE Maria confronts Gary over £10k missing from their bank account. Gary makes out that he had to buy a new boiler for the factory. Steve meets up with Demi and begs her for another chance. Steve tells Tim that he’d like to celebrate his 50th birthday at the local football exhibition.


Wednesday May 22nd

ABI MAKES AN ENEMY OF DEAN As Nina and Abi check the Gazette website, taking comfort from the supportive comments, they’re pleased to see that a petition has been started demanding the documentary be scrapped. Dean calls at the garage and tells Abi that he’s hit a bad patch and needs her help. Abi sends him packing as Cassie watches on. In the office Tyrone opens an email and is horrified by its contents. He tells Abi he has some shocking news.

KIT’S KINDNESS GIVES BERNIE HOPE At the hospital, Billy’s about to reverse his car into a disabled parking bay when suddenly another car swoops in. Kit flashes his ID and forces the driver to move. Back at home Billy and Paul tell Bernie about Kit, the police officer, who came to their rescue. Bernie’s left quietly buoyed. Calling at the station she thanks Kit for the kindness he showed Paul, imploring him to give her a chance to explain her side of the story.

NICK GOES BEHIND SIMON’S BACK As Simon readies to leave for the retreat, Nick and Toyah do their best to talk him out of it. In desperation, Nick calls Peter. Toyah returns home to find Simon unpacking his bag, revealing that Peter has offered him a job on the yacht!

ROY GETS A JAILMATE Nina tells Stu she’s concerned for Roy as he won’t speak to anyone or leave his cell. When Roscoe, a fellow inmate, enters Roy’s cell, Roy’s frightened and leaps up, sending his chess board flying. A bemused Roscoe leaves him to it.

ELSEWHERE Mary urges Bethany to make up with her family and put the past with Nathan behind her.


Friday May 24th

ABI TARGETS DEAN Abi’s horrified to see that the sex video has been uploaded to other websites. Cassie lets slip to Kevin how she saw Abi arguing with Dean the drug dealer shortly before the sex video was released and then overheard her arranging to meet him to hand over cash. Abi meets Dean and brandishing a wrench, accuses him of making the sex tape. Dean insists he has no idea what she’s talking about but a furious Abi doesn’t believe him. Kevin arrives and orders Abi to drop the wrench. As Dean is taken in for police questioning, Abi learns four more videos have been uploaded. But as she studies the footage Abi realises it’s not actually her, they’re all deep fakes!

GRIFF BUMPS INTO ROY Evelyn suggests to Roy they start a book club while he’s in prison. Roy’s pleased to have something to look forward to. Meanwhile Griff tells the guard it’s good to be back in Weatherfield nick!

A PHOTO LEAVES CARLA FEELING SEASICK Carla admits to Sarah that she misses Peter but when Simon shows her  some pictures, Carla’s thrown to see one showing Peter with his arm around a woman.

ELSEWHERE Daniel takes a call from the STC to inform him that his ban has been lifted and he can return to work. Overhearing and aware Bethany’s having a hard time, Daisy calls at the flat with a bottle. Gemma tells Bernie that they need to get the house looking shipshape as Joseph is bringing his posh school friends round. But when Linda reveals she’s booked a table at the bistro to save her the stress, Gemma’s hurt.




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