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Monday 2 Nov


WILL SCOTT LAND EMMA IN IT? Johnny and Jenny tell Emma that Scott has been arrested for the bistro robbery. Emma confesses to Alina that she accepted a share of the money and gave it to Steve to pay Oliver’s legal fees. Alina urges her to get the money back but when a police officer approaches Emma to ask her some questions, is it too late?

ABI IS ON DEBBIE’S CASE Abi is suspicious when Debbie makes out she is a high-flyer and is due in town for a work meeting. But later, Abi spots Debbie heading into the bistro and in front of Kevin, she confronts Debbie about her bogus job. Debbie turns on the waterworks and reveals she’s lost everything and is living off money she borrowed from a friend.

MICHAEL’S STUNNED BY GRACE’S REVELATION When Aggie heads off to work, Michael realises she’s left her phone so he calls at the hospital to return it to her. However Michael is shocked to see Grace there, being led in flanked by two prison officers. Grace shouts over to Michael that she’s pregnant.

ELSEWHERE Asha’s smitten with Corey while Aadi is unimpressed. When Corey makes a dig at Aadi over his lack of a girlfriend, Aadi heads off clearly hurt. At Dylan’s request, Sean reluctantly agrees to take him to a County match.

Part 2

DEBBIE’S TRUE INTENTIONS ARE REVEALED Kevin assures Debbie she’s welcome to stay as long as she likes. In a bid to make it up to Debbie, Abi pours her a glass of wine and talks her through all her failed relationships. When she mentions what a nasty piece of work Ray Crosby turned out to be, Debbie’s intrigued.

JAMES TAKES CHARGE AS MICHAEL REELS Michael confides in James that Grace is pregnant. James advises Michael to steer well away as Grace may well be lying.

EMMA COMES CLEAN The police question Emma about the cash she received from Scott. At No.1, her conscience gets the better of her and she confesses everything to Steve.


Wednesday 4 Nov  


DEBBIE STOKES THE FIRE BETWEEN GEOFF AND TIM When Sally reveals that Faye’s new boyfriend is coming round, Debbie suggests they throw a garden party and to christen Sally’s new chiminea. As Sally, Tim, Faye and Debbie await the arrival of Faye’s boyfriend, Geoff carries his boogie box into the garden at No.6 and does his best to spoil their party. Tim’s furious and egged on by Debbie, picks up the ice bucket and drenches his Dad. Debbie calls at No.6 and tells Geoff how Sally’s been slagging him off. Satisfied, Debbie returns to No.4 as a horrified Sally and Tim find Geoff wielding a spade.

DEV JUMPS TO THE WRONG CONCLUSIONS Dev persuades a reluctant Aadi that they should have a dads and lads day out but when Dev hears Asha was seen coming out of the doctors he confronts her.

STEVE FEELS UNDER PRESSURE Steve breaks the news to Leanne and Toyah that the money Emma donated was stolen by Scott and they could find themselves in all sorts of trouble if anyone finds out.

ELSEWHERE Michael stares at a letter he’s received from Grace together with a copy of her baby scan.

Part 2

DEBBIE’S MEDDLING PUSHES SALLY AND TIM TO THE EDGE Debbie remarks to Sally that she couldn’t put up with living next door to someone like Geoff. After being dumped by text, a tearful Faye pours her heart out to Craig. At No.4, Sally tells Tim that she’s putting the house up for sale.

DEV JUST CAN’T GET IT RIGHT To Asha’s horror, Dev confronts Corey on the street and accuses him of pressurising Asha into underage sex. Dev’s mortified to realise he missed the shopping trip with Aadi, Aadi is clearly hurt.

IMRAN TELLS EMMA TO COME CLEAN Imran’s horrified to learn the truth about Oliver’s legal fees and instructs Emma to be honest with the police. Will she take Imran’s advice?

ELSEWHERE Grace calls Michael from prison and pointing out that their baby deserves a father, begs him to come and visit her. When Dylan asserts that there’s no need for him to splash the cash as he knows that he doesn’t have much money, Sean’s embarrassed.





Friday 6 Nov  


SIMON FIGHTS LEANNE’S CORNER Simon insists that he’d like to do an interview with Wendy in a bid to help Oliver’s case but when Wendy becomes distracted, Simon spies an opportunity to steal her dictaphone. Simon returns home and produces Wendy’s dictaphone. Nick and Leanne playback Wendy’s interviews. What will they hear?

ABI IS CONCERNED ABOUT SALLY’S PLANS When Sally reveals her plan to move, Abi’s concerned.

DEV TRIES TO MAKE SURE THE KIDS ARE ALRIGHT Asha and Aadi round on Dev, accusing him of treating them both like children. Tim advises Dev to stop treating the twins like babies and listen to what they have to say.

ELSEWHERE Having done some homework, Sean tries to impress Dylan with his football knowledge. Meanwhile Michael visits Grace in prison, what does Grace have to tell him?

Part 2


DEBBIE ADVISES SALLY ON HER HOUSE SALE When Sally reveals that they’ve been offered the full asking price for No.4, Debbie urges her to accept it.

DEV DOES A U-TURN Dev admits that his parenting skills haven’t always been the best and when the twins reveal that they hate Oakhill School and want to return to Weatherfield High, Dev agrees to put the wheels in motion. As Asha sees Corey out after dinner, he suggests that now she’s got the pill, they should spend more quality time together.

ELSEWHERE A downbeat Sean confides in Eileen and Todd how he simply can’t compete with Violet and he intends to change his life and make Dylan proud.

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