Coronation Street Books by Glenda Young

Monday 23 January 2017

When Steve suggests they could drive out for lunch, Michelle snaps at him, telling him the only person she wants to spend time with is Ruairi. But later, having slapped on some makeup and a pair of heels, Michelle announces she's changed her mind and she'd like to go out for lunch. Steve is taken aback. Over lunch in the Bistro, Michelle hits the bottle. When Steve suggests she should slow down, Michelle turns on him, pointing out she's not breastfeeding so it doesn't matter. Steve confides in Robert he doesn't know how they're going to get through this. Clearly drunk, and to the embarrassment of the other diners, Michelle proposes a toast to her dead baby before storming out upset. Deeply worried, Steve confides in Liz how Michelle stormed out and he hss no idea where she is.

Phelan sets about erasing all traces of his fight with Andy... will Phelan be able to cover his tracks convincingly?

Peter starts work at Street Cars, only to find his first fare is Nick and Simon. In the taxi, Nick mocks Peter for being a hopeless father so Peter snaps, ordering him out of the cab. But when Nick throws open the door, disaster strikes.

Cathy approaches Gemma hoping for a job at the kebab shop. When Ken reveals that he intends to put a DNR order in place in case he should suffer another stroke, Tracy, Adam and Daniel are horrified.

Monday 23 January 2017

Worried for her safety, Steve, Tim, Robert, Johnny and Kate set off in search of Michelle. It's Robert who gets to Michelle first and he's shocked at the state he finds her in. Robert phones Steve and assures him Michelle is safe. Gazing at Robert intently, a vulnerable Michelle leans in for a kiss. Will Robert give in to his desires? Rather than returning home, Michelle tells Robert she'd like to visit Ruairi in the Chapel of Rest. As they set off, Michelle pours her heart out about her grief for Ruairi and Steve's apparent lack of understanding. Robert listens sympathetically. As Robert and Michelle arrive at the chapel will Michelle continue to lean on Robert for support or is it Steve that she needs?

Having loaded the incriminating evidence from the fight at the flat into his van, Phelan lies that Andy flooded the flat in an act of defiance before he left.

Simon waits to be seen by a doctor. Nick and Peter blame themselves for his injury in the car door. The doctor explains to Simon that he's dislocated his finger and will need a local anaesthetic. Simon looks to Peter for comfort causing Nick to feel left out. Will this fracture Peter and Nick's broken relationship further?

When Dev tells Gemma she had no right to hire Cathy without consulting him, Cathy heads out disappointed. Will Dev change his mind? Shona's horrified to find Roy listening to classical music and playing with his train set - assuming he must be terribly lonely. When Shona confides in Brian how worried she is about Roy, Brian hatches a plan.

Wednesday 25 January 2017

Steve enters the Chapel of Rest to find Michelle asleep on a chair. Steve gazes emotionally at Ruairi's tiny body in the coffin. Michelle wakes, grateful to find Steve there. Promising never to mention the kiss, Robert heads off. Michelle kisses Ruairi goodbye and tells Steve that she wants the funeral to be a private affair with just the two of them present. Billy conducts Ruairi's funeral as the two parents come together united in their grief.

When a delivery man calls at the Rovers with a parcel, Liz is horrified to realise it's the moses basket she ordered for Ruairi. Liz calls on Leanne and offers her the basket, explaining that she doesn't want Michelle or Steve to see it. Leanne is touched and when she feels her baby kick, she allows Liz to feel it too. But how will Nick react when he arrives home to see the gift and to the realisation that Liz knows their baby is Steve's?

Adam barges his way into the factory and demands a valuation of the business but Aidan and Johnny tell him to sling his hook, promising they'll see him in court. Adam approaches Alya and suggests that if she can do some digging and help him with his case against the Connors, he'll make it worth her while. When Alya suggests she deserves a promotion, Aidan's dismissive leaving Alya annoyed. Has this pushed Alya to make the deal with Adam?

When Brian flouts the house rules yet again, Norris tells him to consider himself evicted. As Roy mulls over his next model railway project with Shona, they're interrupted by the arrival of Brian with all his worldly goods in tow. But does Roy really want a companion?

Friday 27 January 2017

Leanne tears a strip off Nick for his lack of sensitivity towards Liz. Nick and Leanne continue to row. They're interrupted by the arrival of Toyah. Under pressure, Leanne admits to Toyah that the baby she's carrying isn't Nick's but is actually Steve McDonald's, leaving Toyah stunned. Nick offers Liz an awkward apology and Liz assures him that she doesn't want to cause any trouble for he and Leanne. When Nick heads off, he's perturbed to spot Leanne chatting to Steve outside the cafe. Reaching a decision, Nick heads to the Bistro and sets about his drastic measures. When Toyah interrupts him, she's horrified about what he is planning.

Handing Adam the keys to the factory and a fake password for Johnny's computer, Alya assures him the place will be empty at lunchtime. Alya leads the girls to the pub to celebrate Izzy's birthday, while Adam tries but fails to access Johnny's computer. When Aidan and Johnny suddenly appear, has Adam been rumbled?

When Fiz unwittingly makes a crass comment suggesting Michelle could always try for another baby, Steve and Michelle are furious.

It's Tracy's 40th birthday. Daniel gives her a wine appreciation course while Adam has clearly forgotten. When Ken tells Tracy he wouldn't be very good company, her birthday lunch is a total flop with just Daniel and Luke attending. However, things still manage to go from bad to worse. Meanwhile, Roy suggests Brian starts looking for somewhere to live.

Friday 27 January 2017

Toyah warns Nick that Leanne's not going to like his crazy idea. Under pressure, Toyah feels forced to tell Peter how Nick is planning to take Simon to live in Edinburgh. Fired up, Peter confronts Nick about his plans. Leanne is stunned, pointing out it's the first she's heard of it. Peter reveals to Nick that he knows Steve is the father of Leanne's baby and that if he tries to pull any more stunts, he'll spill the beans.

Adam rows with Alya for sabotaging his plans. Ken approaches and demands to know what's going on. Ken tears a strip off Adam for attempting to rip off the Connors. Adam squirms while Daniel enjoys his discomfort. Later, Dev calls at the flat and tells Adam the rent is overdue. Making out it's a bank error, Adam assures him he'll have it soon. Daniel tells Adam he should stop arguing with Ken as the stress could bring on another stroke. Adam apologises to Ken and tells him he'll support him in his DNR decision and suggests he should also sort out his will. Ken is grateful for his backing.

Steve apologises to Michelle for losing his temper with Fiz and suggests they should go and stay with her parents in Ireland as a break will do them good. Steve and Michelle leave for Ireland. Robert is sad to see them go.

Having spruced himself up, Luke returns to the Bistro and presents Tracy with her proper birthday present. Tracy is genuinely touched and opens up to Luke, telling him how she spent her 30th birthday in prison for murder. Luke is taken aback, will her revelation scare him off? Brian cooks Roy a lovely meal and promises he'll be out of his hair by tonight - will this be enough to soften Roy?

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