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Monday December 4th


BERNIE GOES DOWN The family are devastated when Bernie is sentenced to three months in prison and told she has to serve at least half. A furious Gemma lures Big Garth to Victoria Street. What does she have planned? Back at No 5 Joseph complains of a headache. As Gemma finds some painkillers, she hears a knock at the door.  She’s taken aback to find it’s Caitlin.  As Caitlin takes in the scene, she’s deeply unimpressed.

ASHA’S SHOCKED BY ISLA’S CONFESSION Asha meets up with Isla to study but is confused when Isla says she would ratchet spend the day getting drunk in the Bistro. A tipsy Isla confides that her ex boyfriend is pestering her but she’s gone off men and is thinking of trying women instead.  Nina arrives to find Asha and Isla giggling and gripping each other’s hands across the table.

CRYSTAL PUTS DAISY ON THE SPOT Ryan tells Crystal about his new job opportunity.  Crystal covers and makes out she’s thrilled for him. Crystal approaches Daisy and Daniel and after telling them about Ryan’s new job, reveals that she’s moving to Glasgow, she was hoping he might go with her and she’d value their opinion. How will Daisy react?

ELSEWHERE   Cassie sets about decorating No.9 for Christmas and suggests they throw a party for Hope’s birthday.  Tyrone reckons it’s a great idea while Hope doesn’t seem very keen. Lauren receives a parcel.  She opens it to discover a beautiful necklace inside. Lauren calls in the café and Max and Shona immediately clock her sparkly new necklace.  Lauren explains that it’s a present from her rich boyfriend who is taking her out for a meal in town.


Wednesday December 6th


DAISY AND RYAN’S INFIDELITY IS CAUGHT ON CAMERA Ryan tells Crystal that he is still going for the interview at the gym as he wants to keep his options open. When Ryan blanks Daisy when she comes into the cafe Crystal confronts Daisy asking if there is something going on between them. Daisy denies but calls round to tell Ryan that Crystal is suspicious. Unaware that his camera is still on from his interview video practice Ryan admits that he still has feelings for her and the sex was fantastic. When Simon returns home Daisy makes a sharp exit. With Ryan gone to work Simon is intrigued when he spots the camera. Daniel receives a message from Simon with a video link.  Daniel watches the video of Ryan and Daisy, devastated to realise they slept together.

ISLA DRIVES A WEDGE BETWEEN NINA AND ASHA Nina tells Shona that she wants to have an honest conversation with Asha about how she feels. Isla calls at No.7 and admits to Asha that she likes her but respects the fact she’s with Nina and reckons it’s a good idea for her to switch mentors. Nina’s taken aback. An upbeat Asha admits to Nina that the reason she requested to work with a different crew is because Isla has a crush on her.How will Nina react to having her fears confirmed?

EVELYN STANDS UP TO A BULLY On the street, Evelyn witnesses a man mistreating his dog and remonstrates with him. Roy comes to Evelyn’s aid but he’s terrified when Terry, the dog owner, turns on him instead. Cassie comes to Evelyn and Roy’s rescue and Roy films Terry and the dog on Evelyn’s phone. Tyrone reports Terry to the police.

ELSEWHERE In the café, Roy suggests to Stu he should build bridges with Dom and Eliza and invite them for Christmas dinner.  Chesney calls at the flower shop flat, apologises to Gemma for having a go at her and tells her how much he loves her.  Gemma dissolves into tears and hugs him tightly. She is worried when he says Linda is coming to stay.



Friday December 8th


DANIEL MEDDLES IN RYAN’S AFFAIRS Daniel tells Simon that he knows Daisy loves him and has chosen him so he’s decided to move on and forget about it.  But he’s devastated when Ryan reveals that he has got the gym job and won’t be moving to Glasgow. Leaving the bistro he heads for the street cars flat and lets himself using Simon’s keys. What does he have planned as he heads into Ryan’s bedroom?

EVELYN DOESN’T PAWS FOR THOUGHT An exhausted Evelyn admits to Roy she couldn’t sleep for worrying about the dog. Terry pulls up outside the charity shop.  Evelyn watches, appalled, as he heads off leaving his dog alone in the van. Evelyn hears the dog whimpering in the back of the van and reaches a decision. How will Roy react when she returns with the dog in tow?

NINA AND ASHA A-DRESS THEIR ISSUES Nina offers to help Asha out in the shop, determined they should spend some time together. When Nina receives a text from Shona asking if she’s on her way, Nina makes out she’d forgotten she offered to cover her shift.  While Nina heads into the back of the shop for her coat, Asha scrolls through Nina’s messages and her eyes narrow. What has she discovered?

ELSEWHERE  Cassie tells Hope she doesn’t have to go to school on her birthday she has a better idea. Hope and Cassie return home sporting nose studs.  Tyrone’s horrified and further angered to realise Hope bunked off school for the day.  Tyrone tells Hope she’s grounded for a month. Stu suggests to Yasmeen that since Eliza has made other plans, they should open the restaurant on Christmas Day.


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