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Monday 28 April 2014
Fiz watches suspiciously as Tyrone quietly tells Maria that he's had another text from Kirsty. Scrolling through Tyrone's phone, she's furious when she discovers the latest message from Kirsty and then she finds out Tyrone's already shown the text to Maria.

Not wanting to hurt Nick's feelings, Leanne says she'll think about his suggestion of a family holiday with her and Simon. An excited Nick tells Kal that Leanne has decided to give him another chance.

Sophie's angry when Maddie kicks off at Dev in the shop and tells her she needs to start behaving better if she wants people to treat her better.

Sinead is worried when Beth excitedly tells her and Chesney about her forthcoming operation in Latvia. Steve talks Dev into doing the 5k charity run with him, telling him how much he wants to beat Lloyd in the charity race.

Monday 28 April 2014

Maria is secretly chuffed when Tyrone tells her that Fiz is jealous of their relationship. David warns Maria that she's playing a dangerous game and realising he's right she tells Tyrone it's time to go home. But as Tyrone goes to hug her, Fiz enters the pub.

In the gym, Kal puts Nick and Steve through their paces but when Kal winds Nick up, he loses his temper and knocks Steve to the ground. When Leanne finds out how Kal goaded Nick she's furious.

Sally's shocked to learn that Kevin has dashed off to Germany as Bill's broken his leg. She's furious to learn that not only has he left the girls alone at No.13, he's offered Maddie a job valeting cars at the garage.

Steph persuades Chesney to buy Sinead a figure-hugging, tarty dress with the money Beth gave him.

Wednesday 30 April 2014
Kal apologises to Nick for pushing him too hard in the gym and suggests he finds another trainer. Nick won't hear of it and insists Kal joins him and Leanne for dinner in the Bistro. After an awkward meal, Kal decides enough is enough, he doesn't want to lose Leanne so he later pushes his way into her flat.

Maddie's devastated when the social worker tells her that her brother Ben is moving to Devon. Feeling helpless, Sophie suggests they visit Ben's foster parents.

An angry Tyrone tells Fiz that he was only out for a few drinks with a mate but when Fiz later sees Tyrone and Maria enter the pub together she's upset and leaves. Maria calls on her and tells her they are only friends but is Maria lying to herself?

Steve lies about the bruise on his face in a bid to stop Lloyd or Jenna finding out that he's joined the gym, Sinead tells Fiz and Julie about the inappropriate dress which Chesney's bought her. Fed up with Sally banging on about Maddie, Tim stalks out of the pub.

Friday 2 May 2014
Sophie arrives home to find Maddie with Ben. Maddie tells her she has permission from Ben's foster parents to take him for the day and suggests to Sophie that they adopt Ben. However, Sophie's shocked when the police call round looking for Maddie and Ben.

Having spent the night together, Kal and Leanne have to hide in the bedroom when Nick calls round with a cinema flyer. Eva spins him a story, telling him Leanne had to go out but when Nick later tells Kal that he's taking Leanne to the cinema will Kal be able to keep up the lie?

An apologetic Fiz invites Maria round for tea, but when Maria later sees Marcus back on the street, Tyrone has to drag a screaming Maria away.

Sinead is filled with dread when Chesney asks her to wear her new dress. Lloyd catches Steve red in the face and carrying his gym bag.

Friday 2 May 2014
Realising Maddie's done a runner, Sophie runs out and spots her breaking into Mary's motorhome. Following her and Ben in, she talks sense into Maddie and persuades her she's only making matters worse by snatching Ben. But as they leave, the police pounce and in the confusion both Sophie and Maddie are arrested.

Eva tells Leanne she's being horribly unfair after going to the cinema with Nick and tells her to tell him the truth. Not wanting to hurt Nick's feelings, Kal and Leanne make a huge sacrifice...

Chesney and Sinead arrive for dinner in the Bistro and Sinead's horrified to find she's wearing the same dress as Katy. Worried she's not as attractive as Katy, Sinead gets drunk and causes a scene.

Tim tells Sally he's going to stay at a mate's as they're just not suited. Steve and Lloyd bicker over their fitness prowess. Tyrone tells Fiz that Maria is too upset to come for tea.

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