Monday 3 August 2015

When Max spends the day at Callum's flat, Sarah agrees to look after him while Callum goes out on business. But when Gemma turns up at the flat badly beaten, Sarah sends Max to his room. When Gemma lets slip that her and Callum covered up for Bethany once, Sarah demands to know what she means, but Sarah's in for an even bigger shock when Max comes out of the bedroom brandishing the gun he's just found...

Carla returns to the Street but is evasive when Lloyd and Roy ask about her trip to Spain. When Michelle finds a receipt from a Las Vegas hotel in the duty free gift bag that Carla gives her, Carla is instantly awkward.

Sally's delighted when Tim tells her he intends to extend his window cleaning round to a new row of shops and encourages his newfound initiative.

Joni presents Robert with some legal documents that sign everything they own over to her.

Monday 3 August 2015

Sarah stares in disbelief as Callum gently prises the gun off Max. Horrified at the situation she's found herself in, Sarah tells Callum they're finished. But when Callum shows her photos of Bethany acting as his drug mule, Sarah realises he's got her right where he wants her...will she be able to get home safely, and is she brave enough to confide in her family?

Carla reveals to Michelle that she went to Las Vegas and lost a fortune gambling, explaining that the thrill of her new addiction helps her block out memories of the fire. Desperate to help Carla see sense, Michelle recruits the help of Roy - but can either of them help Carla open up?

Tim's attempt to surprise Sally with a holiday to Wales falls flat when she point blank refuses to take time off work at such short notice. With Tim in Wales with Faye, Kevin calls round to keep Sally and Sophie company.

Beth feels sorry for an upset Joni when she tells her that her marriage to Robert was over a long time ago. Roy is proud of Cathy's progress.

Wednesday 5 August 2015

Carla is devastated to discover Roy knows the truth about her trip abroad and, desperate to escape again, she hurries off to town. A concerned Nick insists on going to the casino with Carla and is aghast as he watches her recklessly gamble away hundreds of pounds in the casino. When Carla confides in Nick just how much she's gambled, will he now realise the extent of her addiction?

Bethany and Kylie both quiz Sarah on her split from Callum but, feeling the pressure from Callum's loaded threats, Sarah keeps quiet. When Bethany tells Callum she believes he split up with Sarah because he's got the hots for her instead, Callum is taken aback by her mischievous spirit.

Annoyed at being left in the lurch by Carla, Sally moans to Kevin that Carla has left her to man the factory fort again. Knowing how stressed Sally is, Kevin tells her for what it's worth he thinks she's brilliant. Sally's spirit is lifted.

Leanne agrees to give Robert a trial in the kitchen at the Bistro. Eileen and Michael sell the bracelet they've found to Todd at Barlow's Buys but panic when they discover the bracelet belonged to Deirdre and Liz is looking for it.

Friday 7 August 2015

Sally tells Kevin that she wants to buy the factory, she wonders if he'd be interested in investing some money too. But when Carla catches Sally snooping around her accounts, she fires Sally on the spot. Sally thinks her dream of buying the factory is in tatters, but when Kevin tells her he's decided to invest in her, plan she is overjoyed and goes in to kiss him.

When Michael and Eileen approach Barlow's Buys in another attempt to buy back the bracelet, they're panicked when they find it closed and Eileen tells Michael they have no choice but to break in. But will Michael be caught in an act of burglary for the second time in Weatherfield?

Ken treats Tracy to lunch in the Bistro and they are both impressed by the food. But when Leanne introduces them to the new chef, Tracy is gobsmacked when she comes face to face with Robert!

Liz gives Tony short shrift when he presents her with her favourite chocolates as a peace offering.

Friday 7 August 2015

Having agreed to keep their near kiss between them, Sally and Kevin try to forget about it, but Sally is consumed by guilt when Tim returns from Wales a day early and tells her how much he loves her. When Tim later asks Kevin to be his Best Man, can he and Sally paint a smile on to mask their guilty secret, and will Kevin accept?

On strict instructions from Eileen, Michael heads back to Barlow's Buys on a mission to buy back the bracelet. But when Liz announces she's found her bracelet, Eileen and Michael are gutted that the bracelet they found wasn't hers after all and a smug Gail is highly amused when she learns they paid 200 pounds to buy it back.

When Robert tells Tracy that Joni has kicked him out and he needed a job, she's absolutely furious and demands to know why he couldn't have found one further away. But an adamant Robert refuses to be deterred by Tracy's anger as he tells her he's staying in Weatherfield until she agrees to give him a second chance!

Simon tidies the flat and Leanne thinks things are looking up between them. But when she suggests they start afresh, Simon snaps at her and Leanne realises she spoke too soon...

The Kabin