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No Coronation Street on Friday, but there is an episode airing on Thursday in addition to the usual double Monday and Wednesday episodes.

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Summary by day (SUBJECT TO CHANGE):

Monday 19 March

Waking up alone in Josh's bed, David is horrified to realise he's been raped. Back at home, Shona is seething about David staying out all night but David's not in the mood to talk as he desperately tries to cleanse himself after his ordeal, shoving his clothes into the bin. When David returns inside, he's floored to see Josh sat chatting with Gail.

After refusing to act as ringside doctor at the boxing match upon hearing it was Robert's idea, Ali changes his mind when Steve points out it's for a good cause. Meanwhile, a hurt Michelle removes Ali from her wedding guest list.

When Leanne follows Toyah and Eva, announcing she's joining them at their foreign language class, they wonder how they're going to get out of this one?

Dev orders Chesney to reinstate Gemma at the kebab shop. Audrey hands Gail Rosemary's business card and urges her to book in and see what messages she has for her.

Monday 19 March 2018

Josh shows no remorse, making out it was no big deal; they got drunk, had a laugh and had sex. Appalled, David's adamant he would never have consented to sex but Josh insists he was up for it leaving David reeling, was it his fault? Shona and David make up after Josh tells Shona how David just needed to sound off to a mate because he was upset about his dad. But when they go for a drink and see Josh at the bar can David continue to keep a lid on his feelings?

Explaining how hurt Michelle is, Robert convinces Steve to dupe Ali into joining them both for a drink. Can Robert make any headway with Ali? Meanwhile, Wendy begs Ali to come home and give them another chance but Ali refuses.

Eva and Toyah try to get rid of Leanne, they're really heading to an antenatal class, but the girls find themselves cajoled into a French lesson with Ken!

Chesney remains frosty towards Gemma. When Rosemary mentions Gail's ex husband Richard, her interest is piqued and she makes another appointment to see her.

Wednesday 21 March 2018

Tyrone has lost his keys and is furious with Ruby when Hope tells him that she hid them. A guilty Fiz confides in Chesney that she is still letting Tyrone think Ruby is the naughty child. Fiz decides the time has come to tell the truth but as she and Tyrone sit down for a meal, water drips through the ceiling and Tyrone discovers the sink plug blocked - assuming it is Ruby he smacks her - Fiz is horrified.

David is distant with the family as they plan Harry's party. Maria is shocked when David tells a hurt Sean to keep the details of his love life to himself. When Shona kisses David on the neck he pushes her against the wall and kisses her hungrily.

Michelle confides in Carla that she wishes Ali would come to the wedding. Carla vows to put things right.

Tim makes the mistake of buying new wallpaper from Kirk. Gail visits Rosemary and tells her she is interested in hearing what Richard wants to say to her

Wednesday 21 March 2018

Ruby rushes upstairs in tears. Fiz is forced to confess that it was Hope all along causing the problems. A furious Tyrone is stunned that he has let Ruby take the blame.

In a bid to prove his manhood, David roughly kisses Shona but when she reciprocates he can't cope and pushes her away feigning cramp. Josh turns up with a present for Harry and, barely able to hide his repulsion, David announces he is taking the kids to Liverpool to see Martin and makes it clear Shona is not invited.

Carla persuades Ali to join her at Roy's flat and plies him with wine in a bid to get him to change his opinion of Michelle. She is shocked when Ali admits he has always had a crush on her and leans in for a kiss.

Sally is shocked at Tim's choice of wallpaper but he assures her it is Italian designer like she wanted. Rosemary tells Gail that Richard Hillman has put a curse on the family.

Thursday 22 March 2018

Waking up on Martin's sofa from a fitful night's sleep, David is interested as Martin talks about his plans to move to New Zealand. Given food for thought, David returns home and announces he wants to leave Weatherfield for a new life in NZ near his dad.

Tyrone is struggling with Ruby who is still scared of him after he hit her. She refuses to let him take her to school and insists she wants Gemma to take her. Meanwhile, Fiz decides to take Hope to the doctors to try and get her some help.

An oblivious Michelle thanks Carla for trying to help win Ali round for her. Robert asks Ali if he will meet him later.

Rosemary tell Gail she can help her get rid of the curse but it will take time and money. Sally shows off her 'Italian designer Fresco' wallpaper to an amused Carla and Michelle. Gina remembers where she has seen the wallpaper before.

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