Coronation Street Books by Glenda Young

In a dramatic week of episodes stripped across five nights we see Gary drag Phelan back to the street for one final showdown. But as the men vie for revenge who will be caught in the crossfire? As the drama unfolds Phelan’s not the only one who finds himself in hot water as David goes to the police to report Josh for rape and an illicit kiss between Steve and Michelle on her wedding day sends Robert running for the hills. Will Phelan and Josh get what’s coming to them as Michelle desperately tries to hold on to what was coming to her?

Monday 28th May
DAVID FACES HIS DEMONS Alya tells Shona that Josh is moving away. David breaks the news to Emma that he’d like her to move out, hiding her upset she asks Billy about Shona’s old room. Dec tracks down David and reveals he’s also a victim of Josh but can’t bring himself to go to the police and wants Shona to stop bothering him. David listens as Johnny pours his heart out to Peter wishing that Aidan had talked to him rather than internalising his demons. Reaching a decision David tells Shona he’s ready to report Josh. Shona tells him to be quick as Josh is planning to leave.
GARY RETURNS WITH A SURPRISE PACKAGE Gary and Joe let themselves into Phelan’s caravan. A fight breaks out but Joe manages to knock Phelan unconscious. Gary and Joe return to the builder’s yard and lock Phelan in the storeroom. But when Sarah discovers a bound, gagged and unconscious Phelan what will she do?
ROBERT, ALI AND RYAN GET INTO HOT WATER As Michelle has her hair done, Johnny calls to say he won’t be attending the wedding as he doesn’t feel up to it. When Michelle then finds out that Ryan’s missing after getting bladdered, she wonders if her wedding is doomed. Robert and Daniel trace Ryan to a flat where he’s spent the night with a woman. But when her husband returns and demands to know which of them she slept with, Ryan points the finger at Robert.
ELSEWHERE Flora overhears Daniel assuring Sinead he’s doing his best to find her a place in a care home. Rosie insists on going ahead with the photo shoot despite Antoine’s involvement.

Tuesday 29th May
JOSH GETS HIS JUST DESSERTS With Shona’s support, David reports Josh to the police for rape. Josh calls at No.6 and tells Alya that the real reason Shona dislikes him is because he slept with David. Alya’s stunned. David confirms to the police that he’d be prepared to testify against Josh in court. Back on the street, David resolves to get checked at the STI clinic. Shona promises to be there for him every step of the way. The police arrest Josh on suspicion of rape. Josh feigns bewilderment.
PHELAN EYES HIS ESCAPE Sarah’s furious with Gary, pointing out that he could end up in prison for assaulting and kidnapping Phelan. In the storeroom, Phelan regains consciousness. Jack lets himself into the builder’s yard and discovers Phelan tied up. Phelan urges Jack to find some scissors and cut him free.
STEVE THROWS A SPANNER INTO THE WORKS Robert returns with Ryan. Robert assures her that nothing is going to spoil their big day. Stealing himself Steve approaches Michelle and tells her about Robert’s steroid abuse and heart attack. Insisting she’s too good for Robert and deserves better, Steve kisses her. As Robert walks in will Michelle respond?
ELSEWHERE As Rosie heads to the photo shoot, she tells Gemma how Antoine duped one of the other models into bringing a holdall into the country. Rosie suspects it contains drugs. When Johnny cuddles Susie and likens her to Aidan as a baby, Toyah quickly takes her from him. Peter’s bemused.


Wednesday 30th May
PHELAN TURNS THE TABLES Phelan offers Jack a tenner to cut him free. Gary and Sarah return to the builder’s yard to find Jack struggling to cut Phelan’s bonds. Handing Jack a tenner, Sarah sends him on his way, making him promise not to tell anyone. Phelan goads Gary with nasty jibes about Anna. Gary snaps and gives him a vicious kicking. Suddenly Phelan rears up and throwing a chair at Gary barges his way into the builder’s yard where he pulls out a gun.
ROBERT LEAVES WITHOUT KNOWING THE TRUTH Devastated that Michelle could betray him on his wedding day, Robert throws his things in the car, telling Daniel the wedding is off and he’s going away. As Michelle waits for the ceremony to begin, Daniel arrives at the bistro and confides in Carla that Robert’s done a runner.
CAN DAVID GET ALYA ON SIDE? David asks Shona to tell Alya the truth about Josh. When Alya reveals that Josh told her about his one night stand with David, Shona’s appalled and quickly puts her straight, Josh raped David and he’s been to the police. Alya doesn’t know who to believe.
ELSEWHERE Rosie urges Olivia the other model to open the bag Antoine entrusted her with. Olivia’s stunned to find it contains cocaine. Gemma forms a plan.


Thursday 31st May
EILEEN FACES HER WORST NIGHTMARE Incandescent with rage, Phelan ties up Gary and Sarah and heads to No.11 brandishing his gun. To Eileen’s horror, Phelan forces his way in. At No.11 a gunshot rings out.
MICHELLE AND ROBERT’S FUTURE HANGS IN THE BALANCE Daniel breaks the news to Michelle that Robert’s on his way to London having seen Steve kiss her. Michelle turns on Steve and blaming him for Robert’s departure, orders him to get him back. But will Robert listen? Will the wedding go ahead?
DAVID PREPARES TO TELL THE FAMILY  The police interview Josh about David’s rape claim. Josh refuses to comment. Gail and Audrey listen in horror as David describes his rape ordeal and how Aidan’s death made him realise he had to face his demons. Gail hugs him emotionally.
ELSEWHERE Gemma explains to Rosie and Olivia her plan to swap the bags of cocaine for icing sugar and then plant the actual cocaine in Antoine’s luggage in the hope he’ll get nicked at the airport.

Friday 1st June
WILL PHELAN HAVE THE LAST LAUGH? Following a gunshot being fired at No.11 Phelan makes his way into the bistro carrying his first casualty. Demanding Ali administer first aid Phelan grabs a hostage and locks himself in the kitchen. As the police surround the bistro will everyone make it out alive?
ELSEWHERE Gail calls Rosemary and tells her she has the money and would like to be rid of Richard’s curse once and for all.

The Kabin