Coronation Street Books by Glenda Young

Note schedule changes this week due to World Cup football

Monday June 25 - one hour long

TOYAH STAGES AN INTERVENTION WITH PETER Toyah tells Leanne she is not prepared to give up on Peter and lures him to the pub on the pretext of discussing the sale. He’s furious when he realises she’s invited a counsellor friend to help them salvage their relationship.
KAYLA’S PLAN IS RAMPED UP A GEAR Kayla panics when her mum Marsha comes into Speed Daal and recognises Craig. Ryan observes her anxiety with interest. Marsha is disapproving when Kayla tells her she is getting close to Craig to help Neil’s appeal. Overhearing that her dad is in prison and unaware of who he is Craig says that they have something in common as his dad is also in prison, she lies and tells him her dad is inside for fraud. Meanwhile Ryan tells Bethny about Kayla’s strange behaviour and goes through her rucksack in the staff room. What will he find. Manipulative Kayla tells Craig she would like him to be her boyfriend. Bethany is concerned.
FLORA GETS A WELCOME SURPRISE Adam looks into Vinny’s estate and discovers that due to some shrewd investments he has left Flora £250K. Flora tells Daniel she can leave now and he should move Sinead into the flat.
ABI GETS ONE OVER ON STEVE Steve orders a hungover Abi to clean the house or he will tell Eileen. But he’s caught out when she shows him a photo of him with his arm around one of her friends at the party!
LIZ LETS MIKE DOWN GENTLY When Mike sees Liz and Johnny having an earnest conversation in the pub he asks her if there is anything going on, with Liz unable to deny it Mike leaves.
ELSEWHERE Adam apologises to Eva for the trouble he has caused her and declares he still loves her. Eva says she has to focus on Susie.

Tuesday June 26 - one hour long


DANIEL HAS SOME DEVASTATING NEWS FOR TRACY Daniel has persuaded the residents to attend Vinny’s funeral so Flora thinks her son was well liked. When Tracy hears Flora is worth £250k she makes out she was Harvey’s best friend and Flora might want to invest in the Florist. Angry Daniel tells Tracy she Steve kissed Michelle on her wedding day. How will Tracy react?
JOHNNY LANDS EVA IN IT Eva turns her back for a split second and Susie rolls off the sofa in the Rovers back room and bangs her head, she takes her to the medical centre and is assured she is fine. Liz tells Johnny that as her grandfather he has a right to know Susie had an accident. Eva is shocked when a social worker arrives at the pub having been contacted by Johnny.
SIMON GETS A NEW FAMILY Peter misses his meeting with Simon’s headmaster as he is showing an estate agent round the pub. Ken breaks the news that Simon has been suspended. Simon meets up with Tyler and the gang in the cafe who distract Alex and steal from the till. Tyler presents Simon with a hoodie and welcomes him to ‘his gang’. At their wits end Leanne and Peter tackle him about the money but he denies all knowledge and won’t answer any police questions.
SEB ASKS EMMA OUT ON A DATE Seb wants to ask Emma out but is worried about how she will feel about his HIV status. Encouraged by Abi he asks her on a date and she agrees, but Seb has mixed feelings as she doesn’t know he is HIV positive.
CRAIG SPILLS THE BEANS Pleased to have passed his police assessment Craig goes out on a date with Kayle who pumps him for info about Bethany’s relationship with Nathan. Oblivious Craig is happy to fill her in on the details. Meanwhile Ryan gets a job at Gary’s builders yard and Bethany agrees to go on a date with him.
ELSEWHERE Having been turned down by the bank for a loan Toyah tells Peter she will have to sell her half of the pub too.

Friday June 29 


SIMON’S LIFE OF CRIME GOES HORRIBLY WRONG Tyler quizzes Simon about Flora and on finding out she has inherited £250k hatches a plan to break into the corner shop flat whilst everyone is at Flora’s 50s themed party at the Bistro. But Flora returns to the flat and disturbs them, Tyler throws a jewellery box at Flora knocking her unconscious. What will Simon do?
LIZ OPENS UP TO JOHNNY Johny apologises to Liz for getting her the sack. Liz can’t hold back any longer and tells him she loves him. How will Johnny react?
CARLA RECRUITS A SPY Beth is sorely tempted with Carla asks her to spy on Alya and in return she says she can have Aidan’s flat rent free.
ELSEWHERE Robert attends his first counselling session. Seb plays it cool with Emma, aware Faye is watching them. Craig invites Kayla round for tea. Sophie offers to help Kevin out by taking Jack to football practice.  Amy tells Steve and Tracy she is pleased they are back together.
SIMON FALLS FOUL OF THE LAW Flora regains consciousness and tells the police that the lad who attacked her did a runner but Simon stayed with her to make sure was ok. Arrested on suspicion of burglary Simon finally breaks down and admits that Tyler forced him to rob the cafe till and the flat. Back at home alone in the backyard Simon shocked to bump into Tyler who says the police have charged him and he intends to have his revenge.
SABOTAGE IS ON THE CARDS FOR CARLA  Beth sets about spying on Alya and changes the quantity on an order at Carla’s request. Carla tells Johnny that she plans to inundate Alya with work till she can no longer cope then they can swoop in and take over.
DANIEL’S HAPPINESS ANGERS TRACY Flora retrieves her jewellry box and handing her mother’s engagement ring urges Daniel to propose to Sinead. Tracy stews as Ken congratulates the happy couple and tells Steve she thinks he is only with her to please Amy, Steve tells her he loves her and finds himself inadvertently proposing, as an ecstatic Tracy accepts Steve can’t help wondering what he has done.
ELSEWHERE Steve enjoys sacking Mike from Streetcars. Jack falls and grazes his knee playing football with Sophie. Beth welcomes Kayla to the flat. Faye hides her upset when Seb tells her he is going on a date with Emma.



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