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 Monday 8 June     


YASMEEN STARTS TO SEE THE LIGHT Prior to Yasmeen’s plea hearing Alya goes to visit her and is shocked and upset when Yasmeeen finally tells her about some of the things Geoff did to her, including getting her to eat her own chicken, forcing her to continually clean. Alya tried to make her see the truth about Geoff. But whilst waiting to enter her plea Yasmeen rings Alya from prison  to tell her she is worried how Geoff will react if she pleads not guilty, Alya is concerned to see how deep his control and influence still runs. Meanwhile Sally tells Tim that she is not sure of Geoff’s innocence and would like him to move out.
ADAM MAKES A CONNECTION Whilst Gary is doing a bit of investigation work with the help of a PI to try and find Kelly’s mum Adam is doing his own digging quizzing Kelly about her dad. When Kelly mentions that the only person in touch with Rick is Gary, Adam is intrigued and mentions this fact to an shocked Imran.
ASHA FACES HER FEARS As Dev escorts Asha and Aadi to the bus stop, Amy approaches and congratulates Asha on wiping the floor with Corey. Dev’s pleased to see Asha so happy.


Wednesday 10 June


SALLY IS SWAYED BY YASMEEN’S CHANGE OF HEART To Alya’s delight Yasmeen enters a not guilty plea. Back on the street Geoff is furious and tells Tim they need to show a united front. Meanwhile Sally is growing increasingly convinced that Geoff’s story doesn’t add up.
GARY IS LEFT WITH A GUILTY CONSCIENCE Gary tracks down Laura to the address in Rochdale and promises to ensure Rick keeps paying her living expenses if she’ll take Kelly back under her wing. Having arranged for Laura to come and take Kelly back home to Rochdale Gary is concerned when he discovers that they are moving into a flat round the corner in Inkerman Street. Meanwhile Adam is making it his business to get to know Laura a lot better and starts to flirt with her.
DEV’S DICING WITH DEBT Dev puts on a brave face and orders a celebratory take-out for Asha and Aadi to celebrate Asha’s new positive attitude about school. But as Mary and the twins enjoy the food Dev secretly logs on to a ‘quick loans’ website.d



Friday 12 June


CARLA IS CORNERED IN THE KHAZI Carla is surprised to hear that Scott worked with Johnny in the seventies and discovers that he knew of her mum. Meanwhile a young scally called Chelsey walks into the Rovers and spotting Carla starts quizzing Sean who tells her she is his boss. When Carla nips to the loo Chesley follows her and tells her she knows her. Who is this mystery girl?
TIM IS REALISING THAT GEOFF ISN’T MISTER POPULAR Sally tells Tim that she wants Geoff out - forcing him to move back to number 6, Tim feels bad but when Eileen also says she isn’t sure about Geoff’s side of things Tim starts to wonder about his dad’s protestations of innocence.
KEN FEARS DANIEL’S NEGLECTING HIMSELF Ken gives Adam a book token for his birthday. Daniel approaches with Bertie in his pram and Ken realises they’ve been neglecting him of late.
ELSEWHERE A worried Leanne shows Toyah a video of Oliver playing with his building bricks and explains how he used to be able to build a tower but he appears to have regressed. Fighting back tears, Leanne resolves to do everything she can to help her son. Toyah’s worried for her sister.
Spotting Laura in the cafe, Adam surreptitiously removes his wedding ring and turning on the charm, offers to buy her a coffee.d

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