Coronation Street Books by Glenda Young

Monday 27 August  


GEMMA’S TORN BETWEEN HENRY AND JENNY Johnny and Jenny worry about what they’ll do if Henry sues as they weren’t yet fully insured. His arm in a cast, Henry consults Adam about his case. Gemma’s worried having heard about Jenny’s insurance woes and when Rita tells her how she caught Henry searching her flat, Gemma begins to doubt Henry’s motives. Forced to admit his injury is fake, Henry explains he’s being hounded for £20k to pay for his aborted wedding. Proclaiming his love for her, Henry begs Gemma to go ahead with his plan so they can enjoy their life together, free of threats from his past. Will Gemma agree?
IMRAN HAS A CHALLENGING DAY Leanne starts work at Barlow Legal Services where Adam soon picks up on her and Imran’s flirting. When Imran’s mum tries to persuade him to join her on her six-week cruise, he asks Kate to suggest it to Rana instead, claiming they could build bridges. Kate flatly refuses, pointing out that Imran’s just trying to wriggle out of going himself.
PETER WANTS MORE FROM CARLA Peter insists on sitting in on Carla’s client meeting. Carla’s taken aback when Peter reveals he’s quit Street Cars to give Underworld his full attention.
ELSEWHERE Cathy tries to persuade Brian to apply for a vacancy at Bessie Street School, convinced he’s a natural with children. As Maria and Rita raise a toast to their partnership, Audrey walks into the pub. How will she react to the news that Rita is Maria’s financial backer?
GEMMA KICKS HENRY INTO TOUCH Gemma’s insistent they can’t con their friends but Henry points out his life is in danger. Will Gemma stand by Henry?
RANA HAS A CHANGE OF HEART Alya urges Rana to make the most of any chance to get along with her mum. Imran can barely conceal his delight when Rana reveals she’ll accompany Saira on the cruise.
SIMON HAS A WORRYING WELCOME BACK Ken brings Simon back from Cornwall for his sentencing tomorrow. Simon’s mood darkens further when he receives a threatening text welcoming him home.
RITA GIVES IT TO AUDREY BOTH BARRELLS A row erupts between Rita and Audrey. Rita lets rip at Audrey for her jealousy of Maria and for choosing Lewis over Gail.
ELSEWHERE When Chesney finds Joseph, Hope and Ruby sitting in silence while Brian cooks tea, he’s amused to realise the kids believe that Brian is Santa Claus. Liz is put out that Johnny has fixed the rota so they won’t work any shifts together.

Wednesday 29 August


RANA’S BEING PULLED LEFT RIGHT AND CENTRE Saira’s delighted when Rana offers to go on the cruise. Admitting that Hassan had cut Rana out of his will, she asks Imran to split his inheritance now that Rana’s seen sense. Unable to keep up her pretence Rana admits she still loves Kate and they never split up. How will Saira react? Kate gives Rana an ultimatum, if she goes on the cruise she won’t wait for her, Rana’s gutted.
A FAMILIAR FACE THROWS CARLA As Carla prepares to interview new machinists, viewing their profiles online, she’s struck by an idea and asks Peter to attend the interviews. Michelle’s shocked to see one of the applicants is the spitting image of Tina McIntyre. What is Carla up to?
JUDE’S HANGING ON BY A THREAD Mary hands out invites for Jude and Angie’s surprise vow renewal ceremony, unaware they’re having marriage guidance counselling and are barely speaking. Jude worries when Angie pulls out of their latest session.
SIMON LIVES IN FEAR Simon returns from court with a referral order but remains fearful of giving evidence against Tyler who is making his presence felt.
ELSEWHERE Believing that Liz is pining for Mike (rather than Johnny) Gemma vows to take action. Brian applies for the teaching post but Cathy’s worried when Chesney discloses the kids only behave for Brian because they think he’s Santa.
WILL PETER PASS CARLA’S TEST Carla watches intently as Peter interviews Carina, the Tina lookalike. Will Peter fall into her trap or prove he’s a changed character?
CAN KATE CONVINCE RANA TO STAY? A tearful Rana seeks Imran’s advice.
JUDE’S IN ON MARY’S SECRET When Jude surprises Angie with a romantic meal for two she rushes out. Jude catches Mary and Tracy planning the vow renewal. Knowing where Angie’s head is at will Jude tell Mary to stop?
SIMON’S IN DANGER Two masked teens grab Simon in the street and force him into a waiting car. Seeing what’s happening Kate grabs Simon, dragging him to safety. A jittery Simon shows his family the threatening texts he’s been receiving. Peter vows to protect his son, no matter what.
ELSEWHERE Tyrone’s amused to learn the kids think Brian’s Santa but insists they must be set straight. However when he witnesses the threat of Brian keeping the children in check, he decides not to tell them just yet. Having been alerted to her plan by Steve, Liz orders Gemma not to contact Mike.

Friday 31 August

PETER’S SHOT TO THE HEART TERRIFIES CARLA Peter’s guarding Simon at the factory, when he has to go out, Carla promises not to let Simon out of her sight. But Carla’s distracted when she catches Sinead altering Cathy’s coat on her work machine. As she reprimands her Sinead has a funny turn and Carla goes looking for Daniel. Watching her leave Tyler and his mates then bang on the factory doors issuing threats. Peter arrives back but as he and Carla quickly unlock the factory doors, they fail to spot a car approaching and a gun pointing at them through its open window!
ANGIE CAN’T HIDE HER FEELINGS Knowing his marriage is on the rocks Jude avoids Angie wanting to talk. As he and Mary make arrangements for the vow renewal, Tracy ridicules their decision to surprise Angie. Meanwhile Angie admits to Adam that her marriage seems unfixable. Despite Jude’s efforts to distract her, Angie bites the bullet and declares their marriage is over.
KATE AND RANA SAY GOODBYE When Daniel suggests Kate’s ultimatum is unfair she’s torn. Will the girls make up before Rana leaves?
ELSEWHERE Cathy asks Sinead to alter a coat for her by tomorrow. Imran comforts Leanne who’s worried sick about Simon. When Angie walks in on them kissing is their secret out? Fiz and Tyrone help Kevin prepare No.13 for Jack’s return from rehab.
LEANNE AND PETER CLASH OVER SIMON Tyler fires his gun, hitting Peter square in the chest. As Tyler’s car speeds off, Carla screams at the sight of Peter. Simon tells Leanne that Tyler’s won and he won’t testify in court. Seeing her son’s terror, Leanne barges into Underworld and has a go at Carla for putting Simon at risk. As Carla worries about Peter, Michelle accuses her of still having feelings for him, will Carla finally admit she’s right? Simon announces he will go to court after all. Leanne fears what’s in store for Simon.
JUDE’S KEEPING SECRETS AGAIN Jude refuses to accept Angie’s decision and bolts out of the house. In total denial about the end of his marriage, Jude shows Mary a dress he’s bought for Angie for the vow renewal. When Jude asks Angie to wait one more day before going public with their split, will she agree?
TIM AND TYRONE PLAN A SURPRISE Gina suggests throwing a party for Jack’s homecoming. At Tim’s suggestion, County mascot Kirk secures footballer Tommy Orpington as a celebrity guest.
ELSEWHERE Sinead’s jealous when Daniel turns on the charm to persuade Carla to let her finish the coat alteration at the factory. As Sinead works on the coat, Daniel helps himself to a load of offcuts.


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