Coronation Street Books by Glenda Young

Monday 27 March 2017

Devastated by Peter's apparent betrayal, Toyah takes comfort from Leanne. Peter begs Leanne and Simon to hear his side of the story and assures them he hasn't touched a drop of alcohol and the affair with Chloe is pure fantasy on her part but they refuse to believe a word. Peter rails at Ken, accusing him of wrecking his life. Desperate to prove his innocence, Peter begs Chloe to stop playing games and set the record straight. Will Chloe agree? Toyah meets up with Toby and tells him she's left Peter. As she climbs in Toby's car, Peter watches, gutted. At his wits' end, Peter marches into the Rovers' bar and takes a bottle of whiskey.

When Daniel tries to talk to Sinead about her miscarriage and suggests she should see a doctor, Sinead insists she's fine and hurries out. Daniel confides in Ken that Sinead's had a miscarriage and he feels partly to blame because of all the stress he's caused. Ken masks his guilt.

Tracy rows with Ken, accusing him of putting his real kids before her and Amy. In the community centre, Amy prepares for her violin performance. Telling Tracy she's forgotten her rosin, Amy slips back home. Amy makes a call and leaves a message saying she's leaving the money behind the clock, everyone will be at her recital so it'll be safe to collect it. But as she goes to place the money, she's thwarted by Ken's arrival.

Todd continues to poke fun at Phelan but when he makes a joke about the spirit world, Phelan flips and shoves Todd up against the wall. Is Phelan's conscience getting the better of him? Ken tears a strip off Phelan for taking so long over the kitchen and points out that he should be grateful for the work when most people wouldn't give him the time of day. Phelan seethes.

Monday 27 March 2017

Peter eyes the bottle of whiskey longingly and reaches a decision. Will Peter return to the bottle? Toyah ruefully admits to Toby that Leanne was right about Peter. But as he drives her home to collect her belongings, Toyah has a sudden change of heart and decides Peter needs her. Can Toby convince her otherwise?

The recital starts at the community centre but Amy slips away. Luke and Tracy search for Amy in the ginnel, unaware of a figure watching them from the shadows. Adam skulks outside in a baseball cap, his eyes fixed on No.1. In the street, Tracy's relieved to locate Amy, who claims to have suffered stage fright but glances shiftily towards No.1.

Ken's in turmoil after rows with Peter, Tracy, and dealing with the weight of Daniel's pain over the loss of Sinead's pregnancy. Meanwhile, Sinead insists that Daniel should now take his opportunity at Oxford.

Wednesday 29 March 2017

Rosie and Sophie are perturbed to overhear Kevin admit to Anna that his money troubles are so bad he may not meet the mortgage payment. Rosie informs Sophie she's secured a glamour shoot with a fee that would significantly reduce Kevin's debt. Sophie thinks it's a bad idea.

Brian's pleased to see Cathy as she arrives back from Scotland and presents him with a pair of socks to replace the ones she ruined. Mischievous, Yasmeen manoeuvres Cathy into inviting Brian to the theatre with her. Brian's only too happy to accept. Not wanting Roy to know of his date with Cathy, Brian pretends he's going to a talk on carbon emissions.

Jenny recruits Sally for a local radio interview promoting the mastectomy bras. Meanwhile, Johnny stuns Jenny by suggesting they get married in the summer and tells her to get organising. Jenny is thrilled. Toyah, Leanne and Simon demand to know if Peter's been drinking. He admits being tempted due to Chloe's lies but swears he resisted.

Friday 31 March 2017

While Sally prepares for her radio interview, Rosie gets offered even more money for the glamour shoot. Sophie informs Kevin of how Rosie's going back to glamour modelling to help him avoid bankruptcy. Furious, will Kevin be able to talk her out of it? Jenny and Sally are interviewed on Radio Weatherfield. Sally talks about her cancer experience as Tim and Rosie listen with pride. But back at home Sally takes a phone call from the hospital and listens in horror to the bombshell that her latest mammogram shows her cancer has returned.

Roy quizzes Brian on carbon emissions, leaving Brian flustered trying to keep on top of his lies. When Cathy asks Brian out again, will he agree?

Leanne counsels Toyah, who's struggling to believe Peter's claim that he's stayed sober and faithful. Fiz gives stressed Alya a massage in Underworld. When Alya praises her magic fingers and Sean points out how much professionals charge, Fiz has a brainwave.

Friday 31 March 2017

Sally tells Tim she's got to go into hospital as her cancer's come back. Tim is floored as he hugs his wife. Rosie and Sophie burst into No.4 and play Sally and Tim a recording of Sally's phone call from the hospital that's been posted online. Sally is sickened to realise she's the victim of a vicious prank. Tim is furious to discover the extent of the online abuse Sally's been suffering and insists she deletes her accounts. Sally is deeply disturbed.

Roy is puzzled when Cathy mentions the play she saw with Brian last night. Roy tackles Brian about his deception and vows he has no objection to him and Cathy spending time together as friends. Brian informs Cathy that Roy's given his blessing to their friendship, but were they both hoping for more?

Peter explains to Toyah how he saw her with Toby and thought he'd lost her. He swears he hasn't drunk or cheated on her. Will Toyah believe him and the couple be reconciled? Aidan's annoyed to find the factory girls helping Jenny with wedding dress ideas on company time. Johnny suggests she picks one person to design it, so Jenny selects Eva, knowing it will wind up Aidan. Fiz tells Tyrone she's going to take a night school course in massage therapy.

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