Monday 6 April 2015
Faye can barely bring herself to look at her baby, sickened by the enormity of the situation. Anna is deeply concerned and does her best to encourage Faye to bond with her baby but Faye makes it clear she wants nothing to do with her. When the police interview Faye, she reveals the baby's father is a lad from school but refuses to give his name, admitting she just wanted the boy to like her. Owen remains convinced that Craig is the baby's Dad and when Craig arrives to visit his friend, Owen demands a confession. Losing his temper, Owen lashes out. Arriving back from the hospital, a mortified Anna and Faye witness Owen on the attack.

Bethany encourages Jason to talk to Sarah, making out she's behaving like a lovesick puppy. Todd is amused when Bethany admits she's winding Jason up.

Nervous Eileen meets up with Adrian, her internet date. Sean takes control and leads them both off to the Bistro.

Tony's put out when Liz turns down his offer of a date, then admits she's decided to take Steve, Michelle and Amy into town, leaving him to look after the pub.

Monday 6 April 2015
Anna is furious with Owen for kicking off and accusing Craig without any evidence. Craig is upset and blames himself for keeping quiet and not telling Anna about Faye's pregnancy. Meanwhile, Faye confides in Anna that Jackson is the baby's father and that he didn't force her to have sex. Anna tries to make Faye see that Jackson has a right to know about his own child. But as she tells Owen and Gary how she plans to visit Jackson's parents, they're interrupted by a knock at the door from the police. Will Owen be arrested on suspicion of assault?

Callum tries to flirt with Sarah but she sends him packing. Meanwhile, over a drink, Sarah is taken aback when Jason tells her that his feelings for her are long gone. Realising this was Bethany's idea of a joke, they decide to get their own back and set about winding Bethany up.

Eileen relaxes as she and Adrian enjoy dinner in the Bistro. Will they agree to see each other again?

Dressed to kill, Tracy enjoys teasing Tony over the bar. Tony suggests that with Liz out for the day they could spend some time together.

Wednesday 8 April 2015

Owen returns home, contrite after a night in the cells. Has he been charged with assault? Greg and Josie Hodge arrive with Jackson while Faye hides away in the bedroom, unable to face them. Anna drops the bombshell that Faye has had a baby and claims the father is Jackson. Jackson denies that he's ever been near Faye and his parents immediately leap to his defence. Faye emerges from the bedroom upset and calls him a liar. A row ensues, will the truth come out? Meanwhile, Tim tells Sally how much he loves his new granddaughter and how he intends to do everything he can for her. Anna resolves to help Faye bring up the baby as best they can. However, Owen suggests that they could put the baby up for adoption.

With Steve at the doctor's, Liz insists Tony helps out behind the bar. Tony's fed up with Liz treating him like a general dogsbody. When Liz then surprises him with a lovely meal Tony is further put out because it soon becomes clear she's buttering him up, wanting him to finance Steve and Michelle's wedding. Tony feels he's being taken for a mug.

When Todd and Sean question Eileen about her date, she's coy. Todd reckons she should play the field a bit more.

Alya shows Carla some of her new designs. Carla's impressed whilst Sally's put out and quietly jealous.

Friday 10 April 2015
Faye continues to avoid any contact with her baby, feeling a stab of jealousy as Tim lovingly cuddles his granddaughter. With the social worker due, Faye grabs the opportunity to escape and offers to pop to the shop. Alone with Sophie, Faye bursts into tears, admitting she wants nothing to do with the baby. Sophie urges her to tell Anna. As the social worker questions the family about the baby and how they're going to cope, Anna does her best to appear positive. But will Faye break and admit she wants to give the baby away?

Liz tells a thrilled Michelle how Tony has agreed to pay for their wedding. Not wanting Steve to feel even more indebted to Tony, Liz makes out she's funding the wedding out of some savings. Steve is delighted while Tony quietly fumes. Realising what's going on, a sympathetic Tracy points out to Tony that Liz is clearly using him to bankroll her family.

Todd goes on Eileen's dating website and masquerades as potential love interest Jeff, telling her how he'd like to rub oil into her back. Unaware of Todd's deception, Eileen sends a flirtatious reply. Todd smirks.

Sally is put out when Carla invites Alya out for dinner to discuss her design website.

Friday 10 April 2015
Faye is adamant she doesn't want to keep her baby. Anna insists Faye is just confused but Owen reckons they should listen to Faye. Anna shoots him a venomous look. The social worker leaves, assuring Faye that they'll work out what's best for both she and the baby. Sensing the tension between Anna and Owen, Gary takes Faye out. Anna and Owen have the mother of all rows, each blaming the other for all the disasters that have befallen their family. As the row escalates, Anna finally snaps and tells Owen she doesn't love him any more.

In the gym, Sarah eyes up Callum whilst Bethany eyes up Zeedan. Will Sarah let on to Bethany that she and Jason aren't really back together?

After a bit of afternoon delight with Tracy, Tony heads home to Liz, dropping his wallet in haste. When Tony calls in at the shop, Tracy surreptitiously hands him his wallet and they share a brief kiss. Having witnessed their exchange Todd confronts Tracy, accusing her of an affair with Tony. Tracy offers him a pay rise in return for his silence, revealing she has big plans for the business up her sleeve.

Seeing Faye upset, Alya postpones her business dinner with Carla and asks Faye for some teen fashion advice for her website. Having been stood up by Alya, Carla makes to leave the Bistro, but Nick insists she stays and has dinner with him.

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