Coronation Street Books by Glenda Young

Monday 24 September


LIZ COMES THROUGH FOR HER DAUGHTER Hannah tells Liz that the hospital are denying any wrongdoing and it will take too long to go through the courts to get the money. Liz researches the treatment and realises it will cost £25K and offers Hannah her life savings. Meanwhile Jim is suspicious of Liz’s past relationship with Johnny.
TRACY FEARS STEVE HAS COLD FEET Tracy is suspicious when Steve says he is going for a suit fitting, Steve sneaks off for his dance rehearsal with Abi.
SALLY FEELS ABANDONED BY TIM Tim heads off to Bradford with Paula to do some digging on Duncan
ELSEWHERE Feeling superfluous to requirements as Sarah and Carla run the factory, Peter has a meeting with a potential buyer for his share. When the Gazette turn down Ken’s short story he offers them Claudia’s idea of tales from a hair salon.
JIM PUTS PRESSURE ON JOHNNY Liz can only raise £10k. When Steve lets slip that Liz and Johnny had a one night stand a jealous Jim sees a chance to get more money.
TRACY GIVES STEVE A CHANCE HE CAN’T PASS UP Determined to show Steve how much he means to her Tracy runs him a bath, gives him a massage and offers him a ‘free pass’ Steve is shocked.
GINA’S ALARMED BY HER FEELINGS Tim is grateful to Gina for letting Sally know how hard he is working to try and prove her innocence. Gina blushes with pride but as they watch a film together are Gina’s feeling for Tim more than admiration at how he is trying to help her sister? 
ELSEWHERE Ken invites Claudia for dinner and tries to persuade her to tell him her salacious stories from the salon.

Wednesday 26 September


STEVE MAKES THE MOST OF HIS PASS Tracy tells Steve to fill his boots and enjoy his pass before the wedding. Not realising Tracy is meaning a free spa pass for the hotel where they are getting married, Steve thinks she is talking about sleeping with another woman. Ignoring Tim’s warning that it could be a trap Steve eyes an opportunity with Abi at the dance lesson, will he cheat on Tracy?
BILLY HAS AN UNWELCOME VISITOR Billy is horrified to find Josh on his doorstep. Josh explains that he’s been discharged from hospital and has nowhere else to go.
JOHNNY WANTS ANSWERS Jim tells Hannah he is going to get the money from Johnny so they don’t need to take Liz’s money. Meanwhile Johnny is keen to find out who is blackmailing him and confronts Liz about whether she has told Jim about their one night stand.
ELSEWHERE Brian gets an interview for a teaching post leaving Hope and Ruby wondering why Santa needs a job. Cormac continues to wind up Daniel and Ryan at the Bistro.
STEVE’S CAUGHT IN THE ACT Liz is delighted when Steve’s DNA test comes back ‘proving’ Hannah is his sister. Meanwhile Steve pours his heart out to a friend saying he doesn’t love Tracy and he can’t marry her. When Peter takes a call from Tracy to say Amy has fallen at the spa and is in hospital Peter comes looking for Steve what will he find?
BILLY’S CAUGHT BETWEEN A ROCK AND A HARD PLACE Unsuspecting Sean welcomes Josh to the flat and even suggests he could be a good catch for Emma. Uncomfortable Billy points out that he is probably not boyfriend material.
JOHNNY FINDS A CONFIDANT Johnny confides in Carla about Liz and the blackmail. Carla tells him to keep calm and do nothing.
ELSEWHERE The kids run rings round Brian now they don’t believe he is Santa any more. Cormac suggests Ryan and Daniel go with him to a dodgy club in town, Adam warns Daniel about who Cormac’s dad is.

Friday 28 September  


DAVID’S DEVASTATED BY ALYA’S REVELATION Alya discovers from Sean that Josh is at Billy’s flat and goes round to confront him. When Billy realises Alya has found out he knows he has to tell David before she does.
RYAN’S NIGHT TAKES A DARK TURN Daniel tells Robert and Michelle who Cormac’s dad is. Ryan, Sophie and Bethany are impressed when Cormac tells them he can get them into a new club opening in town. Michelle warns Ryan to be careful but as they prepare for a night’s clubbing Cormac offers Ryan a line of coke.
STEVE ASKS PETER FOR A FAVOUR Steve is desperate to stop Peter talking to Tracy about what he saw but Peter is furious.
ELSEWHERE Jude attends Yasmeen’s first aid course but faints when she cuts her finger! Brian has a crisis of confidence over applying for the teaching job now he knows why the kids behaved for him.
RYAN MAKES THE WRONG CALL Cormac takes some coke and offers ecstasy pills to Sophie, Bethany and Ryan. Bethany and Sophie leave and Ryan runs after them. Alone in the flat Cormac slips a bag of pills in Ryan’s pocket. Angry Sophie rails at Ryan reminding him his drug taking almost cost her her life. Ryan tries to assure he has changed and heads back to the flat where he finds Cormac fitting. He calls Ali who dashes round believing an ambulance has also been called but too late he discovers that Ryan didn’t call one and urges him to, but before they can arrive Cormac dies.
CONFLICTED BILLY GIVES JOSH HIS MARCHING ORDERS Billy tries to explain to David how he felt responsible for what happened to Josh but he’s having non of it. Billy knows he has to tell Josh to leave.
STEVE MAKES A PROMISE TO HIMSELF Steve takes Tracy to the Bistro as she is upset about Amy missing the wedding and is disconcerted to discover Peter on the next table. Will he keep his secret?
ELSEWHERE Jude lies to Angie about how well the first aid course went and he is shocked when Roy comes round with a cheque for £3k to help fund his paramedic training.