Please Note Schedule Changes. There is an extra episode of Coronation Street this week, airing on Thursday.

Monday 7 September 2015

Robert tells Tracy she has to come clean to Carla about the fire as he can't bear to watch her torture herself any longer. Finding Carla knocking back wine, Tracy climbs in the passenger seat of Carla's car. Begging her to stop blaming herself, Tracy points out that the fire was just a horrible accident. Tracy is stunned when Carla suddenly puts the car into gear and announces they're going for a ride. Carla drives erratically, worrying Tracy about their safety, especially when Carla stops by a quarry. Teetering dangerously on the edge of the quarry, Carla talks about Kal and Maddie's deaths.

Nursing her head injury, Leanne enlists Zeedan's help in tracking Simon down. Simon is hiding out in Amy's wardrobe but when a worried Leanne quizzes Amy, Amy lies to her and denies all knowledge. Amy reports back to Simon in the wardrobe that Leanne's downstairs crying.

Worn out after a sleepless night, David and Kylie suggest to Gail she should move out then Lily can have her own room.

After a very successful meeting with Heather, an Underworld client, Alya asks her for some advice.

Monday 7 September 2015

Carla takes a step towards the edge of the quarry. Tracy yells at her to stop, finally confessing that she was responsible for the fire. Carla reels when Tracy reveals how she stole Michelle's keys and let herself into Carla's flat intent on hurting her but bottled out and left, forgetting she'd lit a candle. Tracy explains how she hated her for taking Rob and then her share of the Rovers away and wanted revenge. Emotions running high, Carla and Tracy fight on the edge of the quarry.

With Leanne about to report Simon missing to the police, Simon nervously descends the stairs. Simon is mortified to realise Leanne has told Zeedan about his recent behaviour. Back at the flat, Leanne is touched when Zeedan arrives with a sleeping bag, explaining to Simon that he's staying until he's sure Simon can be trusted.

At Sally's suggestion, Gail invites Tony round to No.8 to give them a quote for converting the garage into a granny-flat for her.

Anna and Tim look at photos of Miley, excited at the thought of her homecoming.

Wednesday 9 September 2015

Tracy is on pins, wondering if Carla has gone to the police. She tells Robert how Carla was about to commit suicide until she stopped her by admitting that she caused the fire. Robert is shocked. Meanwhile, Nick and Michelle listen with horror when Carla tells them about Tracy's confession. Nick insists Carla should go to the police but Carla is reluctant, pointing out it's just her word against Tracy's. In the Rovers, Tracy nervously eyes Carla. When Alya arrives, announcing to Carla that she's landed a job with Macnee's and Underworld can wave goodbye to any more orders from them, Carla realises this is revenge for Kal's death. On the edge, will Carla reveal that Tracy started the fire and it was actually Tracy who killed Kal and Maddie? And how will Tracy react when the police arrive and arrest her on suspicion of murder?

With the Hodges due back from Canada, Anna is looking forward to seeing Miley. But when Tim calls round and finds their house is empty and up for let, Anna phones Josie, keen to know what's going on.

Roy drops Fiz, Tyrone and Hope at the hospital for Hope's biopsy test.

Zeedan talks to Simon about his relationship with his own Mum and how he now regrets some of the awful things he did. Leanne is touched. Eileen, Tony and Todd collect Jason from hospital. Still in a lot of pain, Jason leans on Todd, their rift clearly healing.

Thursday 10 September 2015

Tracy is bundled out of the pub and it becomes clear who called the police. Ken watches horrified and Amy screams as her mother is driven away. Tracy is interviewed by the police but she refuses to answer their questions and remains adamant she had nothing to do with the fire. In the Bistro, Carla tells Nick she just wants her life to get back to normal. Carla thanks Nick for standing by her even when she was at her lowest ebb but reckons that Tracy will walk free as there's no supporting evidence. Tracy cries alone in a police cell, will she be charged?

Anna and Tim break the news to Faye that the Hodges have taken Miley to live in Canada but they're shocked by Faye's apparent disinterest. Anna is upset whilst Tim's devastated and blames himself for supporting the Hodges at the outset. But what is Faye's true feeling about Miley's move overseas?

Tyrone heads home with Roy leaving Fiz to look after Hope in the hospital. Roy and Tyrone celebrate Ruby's birthday and, from the hospital, Fiz sings Happy Birthday over the phone.

The news of Tracy's arrest sinks in. Leanne, Sharif and Zeedan try to make sense of what's happened. As Eileen fusses over him, Jason confides in Todd that he intends to find Callum and have his revenge.

Friday 11 September 2015

Kylie's perturbed to find messages on her phone from the school saying that Max is ill. But having had no answer from Kylie, the school has contacted Callum. Along with his mum, Callum collects a frightened Max in his car.

Under police interrogation, Tracy sticks to her story that she only confessed to starting the fire in order to prevent Carla from committing suicide. Meanwhile, Carla returns to Underworld a new woman. Aidan is taken aback when she plants a kiss on his cheek and thanks him for saving the factory. Alya grovels to Carla and Aidan for her job, assuring them she's smoothed things over with Macnee's.

Liz tells Eileen she's taking things slowly with Lloyd, but is relishing being with a decent man for a change. When Eileen confirms that Andrea's moved out of No.11, Lloyd tries to look relieved. But Eileen is stunned when Andrea later turns up on her doorstep in tears, revealing she is pregnant with Lloyd's child!

Jason attempts to return to work but Tony declares him unfit and marches him back home. Tony assures Jason they will wreak revenge on Callum once he's back to full fitness. Can Tim and Anna do anything to persuade the Hodges to bring Miley back home?

Friday 11 September 2015

The Platts are horrified to realise that Callum has taken Max from school. Back at the flat, a nervous Max refuses to speak to Callum. When Gemma arrives, revealing that a dangerous thug called Denton is after him for money, Callum pales at this grave news. Max nags Callum to take him home. Losing his temper, Callum snaps at him and Max tells Callum he no longer wants him as a dad. Realising he's finally lost his son, Callum forms a plan. Kylie and David are relieved when Callum brings Max back to No.8. But their relief turns to horror when Callum makes a shocking demand.

With only Carla's word against Tracy's, Nick guesses that Robert is covering up the truth. Disgusted, he punches Robert and fires him from the Bistro. Carla is annoyed at Nick for hitting Robert, wanting to put the whole sorry business to bed. With Robert caught in the firing line, will Tracy pay the price for her crime?

Andrea asks Eileen to say nothing of her pregnancy while she decides what to do. But when Michael finds the positive pregnancy test and assumes it's Eileen's, Andrea is forced to set him straight. Michael and Eileen urge her to tell Lloyd.

Anna and family are delighted when Faye gets the lead role in the school play. Jason refuses to rest, vowing to take revenge on Callum by himself. Tony's alarmed.

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