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Monday March 4th 


HARVEY EXACTS HIS REVENGE ON ADAM Having signed the divorce papers for Sarah a sad and guilty Adam decides to delete Harvey’s appeal document and places the USB of the CCTV footage in a jiffy bag and marks it ‘The murder of Natasha Blakeman’. It isn't long before an angry Harvey calls him aware that the police have the CCTV footage and tells Adam to watch his back. Adam calls at Sarah’s flat and tells her he doesn't want a divorce, he still loves her and wants them to try again. A shocked Sarah runs out of the flat. Seeing her Mum upset, Bethany heads over just as a car accelerates towards them!

LIAM OPENS UP TO JAKE Gary and Maria take Liam for a milkshake in the café, but when Mason enters, Maria flies at him and Gary has to restrain her. Mrs Crawshaw tells them she is gathering evidence to get Mason expelled. Liam confides in Jake how he saw Mason picking on another boy at school. Jake reckons he should report him, but Liam’s adamant he doesn’t want to get involved.

CARLA’S ANNOYED WHEN RYAN PICKS A DAISY In the Rovers, Daisy and Ryan kiss passionately whilst Jenny looks on, disapprovingly. Ryan calls at the factory hoping for some work, but Carla explains that they’re fully staffed. When Ryan reveals that he and Daisy are now an item, Carla’s horrified.

ELSEWHERE Steve tells Tim that he’s ditched County and they need to pick a new team to support. Tim’s clearly not happy at the prospect. With Fiz and Tyrone due home, Evelyn and Cassie agree that it’s going to be overcrowded and each suggest the other moves out. Fiz and Tyrone arrive home to find Evelyn and Cassie in the middle of a row. Fiz gently points out to Tyrone that there isn’t room for all of them at No.9 and he’ll have to choose between his Nan and his Mum.


Wednesday March 6th

DYLAN GETS STABBED IN THE BACK Under pressure, Liam admits to Gary and Maria that Mason threatened him with a knife. They take a terrified Liam to the police station. Craig and another officer call at number 11 and tell Sean, Eileen and Dylan that they have reason to believe they’re hiding a zombie knife that was used in an assault but the knife can’t be found. Dylan insists he knows nothing about it. Mason orders Dylan to get the knife and meet up with him in the ginnel. But as Dylan waits nervously Craig approaches and finds the knife in Dylan’s bag and arrests him. Dylan realises with horror that Mason set him up. Dee-Dee joins Sean and Dylan in the interview room and impresses upon a terrified Dylan that it’s time to stand up to Mason and tell the police everything he knows. What will he say?

TYRONE ENCOURAGES SOME FAMILY COMPETITION At No.9, Evelyn and Cassie each try to impress Fiz and Tyrone with their culinary skills. Tyrone tells Evelyn and Cassie that he doesn’t want either of them to leave and for now, they should carry on as they are. Fiz reckons it’s a recipe for disaster. Meanwhile Fiz tries to impress Carla with some ideas she picked up at the Norfolk factory.

DAMON SINKS TO HARVEY’S LEVEL TO PROTECT SARAH In the hospital, Daniel rails at a guilt ridden Adam for getting involved with Harvey and endangering Sarah’s and Bethany’s lives. Back on the street Ken is shocked to discover how Adam’s actions have affected everyone. Damon assures Sarah that he’s spoken to Harvey, he’s promised to back off and she and Bethany have nothing to fear.

LAUREN’S FRIENDS CALL IN THE PRESS In the café, Bobby records an appeal with Suki from the Gazette in a bid to find Lauren. Suki interviews Roy too, but his appeal is underwhelming and Bobby listens in despair. Evelyn apologetically tells Roy that she’s had to let Lauren’s flat go as the landlord found out she’d been sub-letting it. Roy assures her that Lauren will be fine and he’s convinced that she’s started afresh somewhere new.

ELSEWHERE Yasmeen tells Stu how she’s certain she spotted Dom in the precinct. Stu’s mystified.

Friday March 8th

DYLAN REALISES THE ERROR OF HIS WAYS Sean is defensive of Dylan as Eileen and George ask questions. After Dee Dee tells Dylan he needs to think about his plea he bumps into Liam and apologises for bullying him and is horrified when Liam tells him he contemplated suicide. Mason finds Dylan in Victoria Garden and thanks him for taking the rap. Dylan looks at him with contempt and tells him that he told the police about the hit and run too.

ROY GETS HIS HANDS DIRTY, WHILST BOBBY DIGS DEEP When Roy discovers Evelyn is going to get charged for the terrible state Lauren’s flat has been left in he takes responsibility for cleaning it up. Bobby is deeply suspicious when he discovers Roy in the flat going through Lauren’s things. Bobby calls at No.8 and fills Max in on his search for Lauren. When Max reveals that Lauren had two O-Vidz accounts and Ryan reported her for the first one, Bobby’s intrigued. Bobby tells Carla and Ryan that someone called DirtyNigel54 posted online that they’ve spotted Lauren and he’s off to meet them to find out more.

FIZ FEELS SIDELINED A glum Fiz confides in Tyrone that she failed to get a promotion despite her ideas and even the girls seem to prefer the company of Evelyn and Cassie. Tyrone confides in Evelyn how Fiz is feeling sidelined and worries the kids don’t need her any more. Urged on by Evelyn, Ruby reads out her monologue about her role model.

ELSEWHERE Don wants to return the £10K to Stu and he’d prefer it if Eliza knew nothing about his visit as it would only upset her all over again. In the office, Dee-Dee continues to give Adam the cold shoulder and assures him she’s looking for somewhere else to live and should soon be out of his hair.




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