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Sunday 7 September 2014 (One hour)

When Rob overhears Owen and Gary discussing a building job they're about to start at the very place where he disposed of the murder weapon and stolen goods, he panics. At the site, Rob attempts to retrieve the items. Back on the street, in a bid to stop Ken talking to Carla, Rob offers to drive Ken to the hospital to visit Peter. But when his car is pulled over by the police, with the murder weapon and stolen goods in the boot, Rob's heart is in his mouth.

It's the day of the Rovers vs. The Flying Horse cricket match and Alya persuades Leanne to come along and support Kal. Zeedan's furious to see her there and makes his feelings clear. Leanne's hurt, while Kal's upset by his son's obvious disapproval.

Kylie's exhausted. Audrey agrees to look after Max while she watches David at the cricket match but when she can't settle Lily, it's clear Kylie's on the edge.

Jason tries to persuade Tyrone and Fiz not to get a solicitor involved but their minds are made up. Tracy strikes another dodgy deal with Tony. Neil ruins Lloyd and Andrea's romantic picnic.

Wednesday 10 September 2014
Max's tablets seems to be working but Kylie fears it's her fault that Max has to take medication at all. At the salon, Kylie looks on jealously as Audrey commends Fiz on her well behaved girls, praising her parenting. Back at home, Kylie struggles with the salon accounts as Lily cries upstairs. Feeling the pressure, Kylie looks at Max's pills, tempted.

Tyrone refuses to listen to Jason's apologies. Seeing he's upset, Eva urges Tony to speak to Tyrone and sort out the mess, as does an angry Eileen. Tony approaches Fiz but when she interprets his words as a threat, she storms off leaving Tyrone further incensed.

Andrea's furious when she discovers Neil lied to her, telling her he hadn't heard from Jess and causing her to worry. Confronting Neil, Andrea tells him to stop hounding her.

How will Ken react when he discovers Tracy and Rob are ploughing on with their wedding despite Peter's predicament?

Friday 12 September 2014
Having been up all night pouring over paperwork, Kylie's exhausted before she even starts her day at the salon. Struggling to concentrate, she heads out to get painkillers but, home alone, she picks up Max's pills and swallows two. When she returns to the salon looking much more together, David's pleased. In turmoil, Kylie confides in Eva that she's a terrible mother.

Lloyd's put out to see Neil has placed an announcement in the Gazette celebrating his and Andrea's wedding anniversary. When Neil then arrives at the Bistro and parks himself at the table next to Lloyd and Andrea, she's at her wits end.

Jason remains frosty towards Tony. Gutted, Tony pours his heart out to Eileen, explaining he only wants the best for Jason.

Alya tells Julie it's obvious Dev fancies her. When Amy accidentally cuts her hand, she sees the opportunity for some attention and lies that Eccles bit her.

Friday 12 September 2014

Eva tells Kylie she'll have to confess to David before he realises some of Max's pills are missing. Consumed with guilt, Kylie psyches herself up to confess but will she be able to bring herself to tell David the awful truth?

Neil takes great delight in winding up Lloyd and Andrea over their meal. He even shows Lloyd photos of their previous wedding anniversaries. Will Lloyd be able to contain his anger? And will Andrea decide she needs to take more decisive action to get Neil out of their lives?

Eileen urges Jason to make up with Tony, pointing out that, for all his faults, Tony does love him. Meanwhile, Todd seethes as both Jason and Tony make it clear they want nothing to do with him.

Tracy tells Deirdre that Eccles should be put down for biting Amy. Simon's devastated. Mary's jealous as Dev and Julie enjoy a drink together. Michael opens up to Gail about his fragmented family.

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