Monday 20 April 2015
David borrows Nick's car and tells Andy he's got a plan. David pulls up outside a seedy pub and orders Andy to go in and buy some drugs. Andy's horrified but David makes it plain he'll do as he's told or he'll reveal Andy's true identity to Michael and report him to the police. Andy returns to the car with a small bag of drugs and David speeds away. While Michael puts the finishing touches to Gavin's birthday tea, David pulls up outside the Dog & Gun and, spotting Callum's car, orders Andy to plant the drugs in Callum's glove box. Inside Callum's car, Andy fumbles with the drugs, unaware that Callum is heading back to his car. David watches, horrified.

After spending the night together, Sean and Billy are loved up. Billy sets off on his parish visits while Sean regales Julie with the story of the homophobic landlord. Sean is later horrified to discover Julie has called the Gazette about his homophobic encounter and sends the reporter packing. But when Billy arrives in the pub explaining the sick child he was visiting died, Sean forgets his anger as he comforts Billy.

When Jack's child minder falls ill, Jenny insists she'll go and collect Jack. Spotting a slight rash on Jack's neck, and completely overreacting, she rushes him to the medical centre.

Bethany is appalled when Sarah enrols her at Weatherfield High School. While Roy and Sharif work on their allotment, they meet Cathy on the adjacent plot.

Monday 20 April 2015

Callum is stunned to find Andy in his car and frogmarches him into the pub, demanding answers. Andy makes out he was trying to steal his car and the drugs just fell out of his pocket. Callum's having none of it and menacingly threatens Andy, until David bursts in, admitting that he ordered Andy to plant drugs with the intention of then reporting Callum to the police. An angry Callum vows to teach him a lesson but David does a runner. Andy arrives at his birthday party, explaining to Gail and Steph that David's in trouble. David runs down a darkened street and is suddenly pounced upon by Gemma, Callum and Macca who drag him towards the car!

Sean comforts Billy who confesses to Sean that he's falling in love with him.

Having been given the all clear by the doctor, Jenny takes Jack home and asks him not to mention it to Kevin. Clocking them, Tyrone wonders why Jack was at the doctor's. Kevin's bemused.

Roy and Sharif find some common ground with Cathy as they work alongside each other at the allotment

Wednesday 22 April 2015

Scared to death and trapped in the boot of Callum's car, David shouts for help. Andy explains to a horrified Nick and Gail how David tried to plant drugs on Callum. Insisting David needs teaching a lesson, what has Callum got in store for David? Meanwhile, back at the Platts, Steph and Andy row when Andy suggests he moves away and starts afresh on his own. Deeply hurt, Steph tells him they're finished before confiding in Luke how Andy's been leading a double life and masquerading as Michael's son Gavin.

Jenny lies to Kevin but when Jack lets slip that Jenny took him to see the doctor, Kevin demands to know what's going on and why she lied to him. Jenny admits she spotted a rash on Jack's neck but realises she overreacted. Kevin says he needs to be able to trust Jenny if their relationship is to work. Sophie warns her dad that Jenny's behaviour is strange.

On Sean's advice, Eileen tells Todd she's going to stop messaging Jeff in Dubai as it isn't fair on Adrian. Todd's secretly annoyed.

At the allotments, Roy and Cathy enjoy a cup of tea together. Cathy asks Roy about Hayley and tells Roy how her own husband died of cancer 6 months ago.

Friday 24 April 2015
Gail prepares for her wedding. She's upset when Audrey phones to say she's poorly and won't be able to make the service. Gail hopes nothing else will go wrong but we see Luke march across the street and punch Andy, ordering him to stay away from Steph. At the registry office, Michael waits nervously with Nick and Andy. Gail arrives looking a million dollars but when Andy, sporting a black eye, is forced to admit that Luke too knows about his double life Gail despairs. Suddenly consumed with guilt will Gail feel able to say I do to Michael?

Kevin's grateful when Jenny offers to look after Jack for the day while he and Tyrone attend a meeting. Sophie makes it clear she disapproves. When a woman compliments Jenny on Jack's manners, Jenny thanks her, making out that Jack is her son.

In the hospital, urged on by Sam, Sinead walks a few steps with the aid of crutches. Witnessing their bond, Chesney feels a pang of jealousy. But when the doctor tells Sinead she's ready to return home, it's Chesney that Sinead hugs with elation.

Sharif suggests to Roy that they could each have their own allotment if they could persuade Cathy to give hers up.

Friday 24 April 2015
The wedding service grinds to a halt; Michael is devastated. Can Gail overcome her nerves and marry the man she loves or has guilt finally got the better of her and will she confess all to Michael? Meanwhile, Sarah slips out of the wedding to meet Callum in the Rovers. Bethany gets drunk and causes a scene in the pub. Andy admits to Steph how he thought about leaving but couldn't as he loves her too much.

When Jenny hears that Jack's child minder is going to be out of action for weeks as she's broken her leg, she secretly phones her employer and quits her job.

As Sinead prepares to leave hospital, it's clear she's nervous and Sam offers his moral support.

Cathy is deeply hurt to think Sharif and Roy were plotting how to take her allotment from her. Roy orders Sharif to apologise to Cathy or consider their allotment partnership dissolved. Maria makes a shock decision after hearing about Luke's violent behaviour towards Andy.

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