Monday 27 October 2014
Tracy is excited as she prepares for her wedding and at her hen do in the pub she tells the girls how Rob is her soul mate. Rob, meanwhile, spends his stag night with Carla where she quizzes him about the night of Tina's murder. Irritated by her obsessive questioning, Rob claims he and Tracy left their engagement party, returned home and had sex on the sofa. Nipping out, Carla corners Tracy in the Rovers and questions her also. But when Tracy tells her she and Rob went back to No.1 and headed straight upstairs, Carla realises their stories don't match. Returning home Carla tells a horrified Rob she now has the proof that Peter didn't kill Tina!

Kylie secretly phones the hospital and is relieved to hear that Gemma has been discharged. When David goes to read Max a story, she flushes her last wrap of speed down the sink, determined to be a better mother and wife.

Gary and Alya enjoy a romantic walk, clearly smitten with each other. Gary promises they'll take things slowly.

Michael is worried when he receives a letter from the hospital asking him to attend an appointment with the heart consultant. When Sinead finds Cilla doubled-up with pain, she begs her to tell the family about her illness.

Monday 27 October 2014
Carla reveals to Rob that she knows he's lying and reckons he's covering up for Tracy, the real murderer. As Carla reaches for her phone, intent on calling the police, Rob stops her. Rob explains that Tracy was actually driving a van load of stolen gear when Tina was murdered and they lied to the police knowing they'd both be sent down if they were caught. Rob tells Carla how much he loves Tracy and how he's looking forward to settling down and having kids. When Carla points out that Tracy's false alibi means he too is without an alibi, Rob loses his temper and storms out. Carla's taken aback by the ferocity of his outburst. Rob returns to the flat blaming it on wedding nerves. But Carla's not convinced and, pointing out how he seemed to know from the off that she was innocent, asks him if he killed Tina. Rob tries to deny it but Carla pushes and pushes until Rob can't take any more and finally confesses that he did murder Tina. Rob begs a shocked Carla to keep his guilty secret and not to involve the police, while, at No.1, an emotional Tracy tells Ken how much Rob means to her and how she wants their wedding to be perfect!

Wednesday 29 October 2014
His nerves in shreds, Rob irons his wedding shirt, wondering what Carla will do. Still conflicted, Carla tells Rob she needs to get ready for the wedding. Rob's relieved that she's chosen to keep quiet and as they set off, Rob thanks her for standing by him. Tracy's brimming with happiness as she, Amy and Ken leave for the wedding in a horse drawn carriage. Michelle ushers the guests into the venue, desperate for everything to be perfect after all her hard work. With the guests assembled, Rob waits nervously for Carla.

Unable to confide in Gail, it's left to Eileen to accompany a jittery Michael to his hospital appointment. Back at home, Gail plans a Japanese evening to cheer Michael up but when David and Kylie clock Eileen and Michael arriving home in a taxi, they wonder what's going on?

Cilla packs her bags and tells Fiz and Tyrone she knows she's outstayed her welcome. As Tyrone, Fiz, Chesney and Sinead see Cilla off on the bus, Sinead can see she's in a lot of pain.

Michelle confides in Liz that things are really bad between she and Steve.

Friday 31 October 2014

As Tracy and Amy pose for photos outside the wedding venue, Rob tries to read Carla. Will Carla stand by her brother and watch the wedding go ahead or is Rob and Tracy's perfect day about to be blown apart?

Michael and Gail enjoy their sushi. They're interrupted by David and Kylie who insist on joining them. When David accuses Michael of having an affair with Eileen, Michael is forced to tell Gail how Eileen accompanied him to his hospital appointment. Gail's furious that he chose to take Eileen rather than her. But when Michael reveals his results Gail is silenced.

Fiz and Chesney celebrate the fact Cilla's gone but Sinead can't bear it any longer and reveals that Cilla is in fact seriously ill. Fiz and Chesney are stunned.

Friday 31 October 2014

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