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Monday 9 May 2016

Having spent the night with Gemma, Jason makes it clear she's not welcome. Gemma leaves feeling hurt. The Grimshaws pile into the funeral cars. There is tension between Eileen and Jason who tells her to stay away from the funeral. Todd gently suggests this may be a good idea. While the mourners gather outside the church, Todd clocks Billy handing some cash to Lee. Billy makes out he was just helping a parishioner. Gemma convinces Eileen she should be allowed to say her goodbyes to Tony. Meanwhile, Erica tells Steve she has heard from Liz who has arrived safely in Spain. Billy conducts Tony's funeral. With some encouragement from Todd, Jason stands up to deliver a few words. But as Jason delivers his eulogy, Eileen enters at the back of the church. Incensed, Jason demands that she leave.

Behind Cathy's back, Alex sneaks his mates up to the cafe flat. Roy arrives back from Sylvia's and Cathy is delighted to see him but Roy is perturbed to see a new coffee machine in situ. Having heard a crash from the flat, Roy and Cathy head up to investigate. They're appalled to find Alex and his drunken mates having a party. When one of the lads breaks an ornament, Roy loses his temper and throws them out.

Wearing his best shirt, Craig sets off for the bistro with Caitlin but Caitlin doesn't seem particularly keen and Sinead's quietly concerned for Craig.

Chesney skypes Sinead from Portugal where he's having a wonderful time with Joseph. Sinead does her best to mask her sadness.

Monday 9 May 2016

Jason is still furious with his mum as the funeral starts. Billy does his best to defuse the situation while Eileen heads out, upset. When the mourners gather round Tony's graveside, Phelan leads Jason away in an attempt to calm him down. Todd watches Phelan, annoyed. Eileen and Jason have a heart to heart by Tony's grave. Phelan approaches and assures Jason that with his dad gone, he can always look to him for support.

Cathy and Alex offer to clean up the mess but Roy rounds on them telling them it's obvious their living arrangement isn't working. Cathy is horrified to discover from Carla that it's Hayley's birthday. Carla finds Roy on Maxine's bench, clearly upset. Roy tells her about his spat with Cathy. Carla implores him to make it up with her. Roy returns home to find Cathy and Alex, bags packed, about to leave. He apologises for his earlier outburst but can Cathy stay with him now?

While Gail makes preparations for Carla's party, Sarah confides in Kylie that she can't bear to be in the same house as Callum's body and can't stop thinking about him. Gail gets the wrong end of the stick completely and thinks Sarah must have a new boyfriend.

Todd quizzes Billy about the young lad he gave the cash to but Billy refuses to be drawn. Chesney Skypes Sinead and suggests they have a romantic meal on Friday via video link. Sinead is pleased. Craig returns home, upset and confused, telling Sinead his dinner didn't go well.

Wednesday 11 May 2016

Gail, Audrey, Kylie and Bethany prepare for a pampering party to welcome Carla to the family. A twitchy Sarah makes a dart for the door. Gail grabs her arm and in so doing sends Bethany's tray of drinks flying. Carla arrives to complete mayhem. Sarah resorts to drastic action in an attempt to escape the party, and ends up in hospital with baby Harry. Kylie is deeply suspicious. When the doctor confirms there's nothing wrong with Harry, Kylie gives Sarah a piece of her mind.

Scheming, Phelan suggests to Jason it's time to start sorting out Tony's affairs and offers to help him sell Tony's property. Naive, Jason is grateful. Jason apologises to Gemma for the way he treated her the other day and suggests they meet for a drink. Gemma is thrilled and joins Jason for a drink in the Rovers but she's disappointed to realise Eileen and Phelan are there too.

When Jenny calls in at the cafe and waves at Jack, Sally and Sophie are quick to intervene, telling her to stay away from him. Johnny watches, concerned. Taking their lead from Sally, the factory girls give Jenny the cold shoulder and Johnny feels sorry for her.

Preoccupied by his brain injury, Nick snaps at David for failing to organise the stag party and enlists the help of Steve instead. When Tim announces he's booked a surprise mini-break, Sally is thrilled while Beth and Sean are envious. In an effort to bond with Alex, Roy insists they attempt a jigsaw together. Bored, Alex suggests they play on his Xbox instead.

Friday 13 May 2016

When the hospital tries to phone Nick, he kills the call and covers, making out it was a wine company. Carla is none the wiser. Nick's stag do takes place in the Rovers with Johnny, Dev, Aidan, Robert, Luke, David, Tim and Kirk. David finds Nick in the Rovers back yard clutching his head. Nick admits he lied about being given the all clear and his brain injury is worse than ever. He's unable to control his temper and frightened he could hurt Carla at any time. Reaching a decision, Nick announces that the stag do is cancelled and the wedding is off. David and Robert are stunned.

Each dressed as Carla, the hens (Beth, Kate, Michelle, Maria, Sally, Caz, Gail, Kylie and Cathy) set off to a club in town. In high spirits, Gail and Kate wrestle over the DJ's microphone, each wanting to say a few words about Carla. In the scuffle, they damage the DJ's equipment and club manager intervenes.

In the factory, Sally reads out the clues Tim's given her regarding the surprise mini-break. When Jenny works out that their destination is Blackpool, Sally is gutted. When the factory girls rib Sally by sticking pictures of Blackpool to her machine, she rips them down and thrusts them at Jenny ordering her to put them in the bin. Johnny finds Jenny alone in the factory, crying over the pictures of Blackpool. Jenny explains how the last time she visited was to identify her dad's body. Johnny offers her a comforting arm.

In an attempt to find some common ground with Alex, Roy studies some computer game crib sheets on the internet. Cathy is impressed. Sinead calls in at the cafe and, finding Roy struggling with an Xbox, offers to give him some pointers. Craig sets off on another date with Caitlin who drops the bombshell that she's moving to Dundee.

Friday 13 May 2016

Robert and David listen with incredulity as Nick explains his brain damage has returned and he doesn't want Carla to marry him out of pity. Having returned home, Robert confides in Tracy that Nick wants to cancel the wedding. Tracy's furious, convinced he'll want to get his hands on the bistro again. Nick breaks the news to Carla that much as he loves her, he can't marry her. She's stunned.

When Johnny finds Jenny in the Rovers back yard gazing at the stars, he suggests she should return to Blackpool in honour of her dad and offers to accompany her. Jenny is touched.

After a call from Sally, Tim announces that all the hens have been arrested. The stags arrive at the police station to collect their drunken other halves. Sally's miffed to realise Tim hasn't turned up. Having been released without charge, the hens return home and Sally rails at Tim for failing to come to her rescue. But Tim calls her a snob and explains he booked the break in Blackpool hoping they could rebuild their relationship. Sally's taken aback.

Clearly on edge, Sarah carries Harry into the annexe and talks to Callum's dead body telling him how much she hates him. When Craig offers to move to Dundee to be with Caitlin, how will she respond? When the Xbox fails to work, Roy suggests a game of Monopoly instead. Alex is underwhelmed. All set for her romantic evening via video link, Sinead's gutted when Chesney bails, explaining he's stuck at a beach party. Together, Roy and Alex come to the aid of a drunken Cathy.

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