The Little Book of Carla Connor

Monday 1 August 2016

The Platts ready themselves for Kylie's funeral. Audrey worries that they shouldn't have let Max dictate the music and food. When Sarah calls in at the flower shop and announces she'll be attending the funeral, Todd is deeply concerned and points out how he has covered up for her for months by letting Tony take the rap. Sarah is shocked to realise Todd thinks she murdered Callum. She swears she didn't. Realising she's telling the truth, Todd wrongly assumes David to be the murderer. Billy conducts Kylie's funeral and Max delivers a heartfelt eulogy. David heads to the graveside but is incensed to see a wreath from Kylie's mates at the Dog & Gun. He kicks out at it angrily and Todd pulls him back. Todd turns on David, convinced he killed Callum and warning him to watch his back.

Having taken a call from one of Jason's mates, Eileen is beside herself as she tells Todd that Jason's had an accident in Thailand and she needs to fly out as soon as possible.

Billy promises Todd that once the funeral is out of the way, they'll break the news of their relationship to Sean. Sean helps prepare the Rovers for Kylie's wake. Phelan calls in to tell him about Jason's accident and how Todd has gone to the funeral leaving Eileen climbing the walls trying to find a flight. Sean promises to fetch Todd back.

Norris pores over his tablet and explains to Rita and Tim his plans to have a clear out at home and sell his clutter online.

Monday 1 August 2016

Todd confronts David at the graveside telling him he lied about Tony and made out he was Callum's murderer to protect Sarah but now he knows the truth. As the pair go nose to nose, Billy breaks it up and drags Todd away, pointing out it's neither the time nor the place. Billy consoles a distressed Todd and there's a moment of real tenderness between them which is witnessed by a shocked Sean. While the wake takes place in the Rovers, Todd and Sarah follow David to No.8. Furious, Todd lays into David, telling him how Jason is now in a hospital bed because he believed his dad to be a murderer when all along it was David. Unable to stand it any longer, Sarah finally cracks and reveals that Callum's killer was Kylie. Todd is stunned. David begs Todd not to go the police about Kylie for the sake of Max and Lily but Todd refuses to make any promises.

Sean hurries away, devastated to realise Billy and Todd are now together. In the vestry, Billy tells Sean how sorry he is for the hurt he's caused but he and Todd are very much in love. Sean heads home, heartbroken.

Macca grabs Gemma and drags her into the ginnel where he threatens to beat her up if she doesn't retract her statement about Clayton. Suddenly, Craig comes to her rescue and pulls Macca off her. Macca does a runner and Craig phones the police. Gemma thanks Craig for stepping in when he did and calls him a hero.

Having booked her flight to Thailand, Eileen confides in Phelan how worried she is about Jason. They're interrupted by Sean, who, clearly upset, explains he has found out that Billy and Todd are having an affair. Eileen feigns shock and hugs him while Phelan can barely disguise his contempt. When Phelan suggests that Todd is to blame for the affair and describes him as poisonous, Eileen leaps to his defence and orders Phelan to leave.

Wednesday 3 August 2016

Worried David will do something stupid, Sarah begs him not to go after Todd and promises that she'll talk him round. Sarah finds Todd about to set off in Phelan's van. Todd tells her he's going to the police station and she can't stop him. Outside the police station, Sarah begs Todd to hear her side of the story and reliving that fateful night, explains how Callum was going to kill her but Kylie stepped in and saved her life. Sarah implores Todd to bury the truth for the sakes of Max and Lily. Will Todd agree? Meanwhile, a vulnerable David sits by Kylie's grave and admits he's struggling to keep his anger in check.

Michael finds Eileen in the cab office clearly upset. She explains she's worried about Jason and she's fallen out with Phelan. Eileen reveals to Michael that Phelan said some hateful things about Todd. Michael explains that Phelan feels threatened by Todd as Todd can see through him. Eileen is thrilled when Jason phones from a Thai hospital and explains he was drunk and fell off a wall but he's on the mend. Handing her some flowers by way of an apology, Phelan tells Eileen he loves her.

Nick takes Max to the bistro for the takeaway of his choice and is taken aback to find the place in complete chaos. Steph explains that they're short staffed. At the end of her tether, Steph announces she's taking a break whether Robert likes it or not. Knocking back the wine, a stressed out Robert promises Steph he'll sort it and hire some more staff.

Determined to give Kylie a fitting send off, Freddie and Gemma put some upbeat tunes on the jukebox and enjoy a dance. Audrey watches Freddie admiringly. When Craig describes his ordeal with Macca, Beth is overcome with pride but her mood quickly changes when Craig tells her it's made him realise he'd like to join the police. Ken invites Audrey for dinner next week but she's preoccupied with Freddie and Ken's put out. As Audrey and Freddie wait for a cab, they share a tentative kiss.

Friday 5 August 2016

When Sean makes bitchy remarks at Todd over the breakfast table, Phelan orders him to stop wallowing in self pity, pointing out Eileen's got enough on her plate. Phelan goads Sean and makes out Billy spent the night with Todd at No.11 but did a runner before breakfast to avoid him. Sean seethes while Phelan's quietly pleased with himself. Later, Sean returns home and is incensed to find Todd and Billy enjoying a brew on the sofa. He rails at them, accusing them of carrying on under his roof. Turning to Eileen, Sean tells her she'll have to choose who she wants to live with. Phelan is secretly delighted to see his plan coming together.

Gary suggests to Anna that perhaps he and Izzy could try again for Jake's sake. Anna tells him he's fooling himself and he needs to be honest with her.

Zeedan arrives for work to find Robert hungover and dishevelled, clearly having spent the night in the bistro. Hoping to get her on board, Nick tells Leanne his plans for them to set up in direct competition with the bistro and poach Robert's staff. Realising Nick simply wants to wage a hate campaign against Robert, Leanne tells him to forget it. Meanwhile, Leanne admits to Eva that if she weren't pregnant then she'd consider getting back with Nick.

When Phelan's dodgy mate Vinny wonders if he'd like to invest in his latest scam involving a church conversion, Phelan's only too keen and, thinking of Jason's money, offers him 80k. Scheming, Phelan tells Eileen he's found the perfect investment for Jason's cash. However, Eileen reveals she's already invested 15k in an ISA and she's not interested in investing the rest at the moment as her main concern is Jason's health. Phelan's quietly furious. Under pressure from Maria, Luke invites David for a game of darts. Explaining that Johnny and Kate are out for the evening, Aidan suggests to Eva they get a takeaway and have a romantic night in.

Friday 5 August 2016

An emotional Sean pushes Eileen to choose between them. Phelan stokes the fire by pointing out blood is thicker than water. Eileen assures Sean she loves him like a son and persuades him to come home. Having returned to No.11, Eileen suggests to Sean and Todd they put the past behind them and try to move on. However, when Phelan lets slip that Eileen knew about Todd and Billy's relationship and chose to keep quiet, Sean is upset and leaves No.11. Eileen feels terrible while Todd clocks Phelan's triumphant smile. Sean arrives in the Rovers with his bags and tearfully explains to Steve how he's been betrayed. Steve offers Sean the sofa for the night. Phelan and Todd see Eileen off on her trip to Thailand. Todd tells Phelan he's got the measure of him and knows he levered Sean out on purpose.

Gary confides in Anna that he's determined to try and make a go of it with Izzy for Jake's sake. Anna despairs while Faye's thrilled to hear they're back together.

Nick calls in at the bistro and is pleased to see that the place is a shambles with Steph, Andy and Zeedan run ragged and Robert barely able to cope. Aware of the strain they're all under, Robert promises Steph, Andy and Zeedan he'll sort them out with a bonus but the staff remain underwhelmed.

Sarah calls in at the gym looking for Bethany. Gary insists on showing her round and suggests she should join so she can spend more time with her daughter. David thrashes Luke and Kirk at darts and does his best to enjoy himself but it's clear he's desperately lonely. Aidan and Eva cosy up for a night on the sofa but their evening is cut short by the return of Kate and Sophie. Grabbing a bottle of wine, Aidan suggests to Eva they head up to his bedroom, but his plans are thwarted when tearful Sean emerges from the Rovers back room and launches himself at Eva.

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