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Monday 26 June 2017

After crushing Maria's secret mobile into the pavement, Aidan takes Maria back to the flat, determined to prove their days of sneaking around are almost over. But as he hooks up his tablet to play music via the TV and heads for the bedroom, Aidan fails to spot a text from Eva, revealing she's coming home early. Back from France, Eva confides in Leanne that she might be pregnant. Back at the flat, Aidan is forced to hide a half-dressed Maria but will he get away with it this time?

Phelan wears a tie for work and tells Eileen he's after a new contract. But when Eileen sees Phelan getting into a car with Nicola (she's agreed to let him accompany her and Seb to an ex-offender's talk in Liverpool) Eileen secretly fears he's got another woman. Phelan does his best to make a good impression on Nicola. After she walks in on him having a set to with Seb, we're left wondering why he's so keen to impress her?

When Robert reveals he's raising the money to buy Nick's share of the Bistro, Michelle suggests she could buy it with her proceeds from the Rovers' sale. How will Robert respond? When Michelle then bumps into her ex, Will, she agrees to join him for a catch-up.

Daniel hides when Ken calls in at the Bistro to wish him luck for his degree results. Kevin offers to babysit so Dev can take Erica out. Dev is grateful, unaware of Kevin's guilty conscience.

Monday 26 June 2017

Eva's stomach turns as the reality kicks in that Aidan and Maria are having an affair. Incandescent, Eva flies out to confront Maria but bottles it as Liam is with her. Leanne tells Eva that her pregnancy test was negative. But, checking for herself, Eva sees a blue cross, indicating positive. Eva resolves to do another test and nervously awaits the outcome. Aidan sits Eva down, finally ready to dump her for Maria, but Eva has a bombshell of her own!

Nicola, Phelan and Seb arrive in Liverpool. Phelan looks around wistfully as he shows them some of the local sights from his youth. But when Phelan starts to press her for details of her parents, Nicola feels uncomfortable and suggests they head home. Why is Phelan digging? Eileen quizzes Phelan about his day and quietly fumes, knowing he's lying to her.

Will sympathises as Michelle recounts her recent tough times with Steve. Hearing about her new partner, Robert, Will admits to a pang of jealousy but insists he's pleased for her. Robert is alarmed when Rich turns up in the Bistro. While Daniel distracts Michelle, Robert throws Rich out but fears he's not seen the last of him.

Erica is taken aback when Dev announces they're going out as Kevin's agreed to babysit. Erica thanks Kevin for helping out and it's clear there's a spark between them. Daniel reveals to Michelle and Robert that he only passed his degree with a 2:2 so Oxford's out of the question.

Wednesday 28 June 2017
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Friday 30 June 2017

Eileen is suspicious of Phelan as he sets off for work, reminding him not to forget her driving test. At the builders' yard, Phelan thanks his mate for supplying documents on Nicola Rubinstein. Nicola overhears and demands an explanation. Flustered, Phelan explains that he's trying to confirm his theory that he knew her parents. Nicola arranges a meeting between him and her dad in a park. But when Phelan realises the bench he's sitting on is a memorial to Nicola's dead parents, he wonders what she's playing at. Back at the yard, Nicola takes advantage of Phelan's absence to rifle through his papers. What is the link between the pair?

Eva lays her cards on the table. Aidan is left to choose between the two women in his life.

When Tim can't find his tablet, a sheepish Gina produces it and Tim's annoyed to find she's used up all his data. Gina tearfully admits to Sally she's received a letter from her husband ending their marriage.

Via video call, Jude breaks the news to a devastated Mary that he and his family are staying in South Africa after all. Gemma encourages Chesney to win back Sinead. Chesney warns Daniel that if he uses his recent collapse to try to gain Sinead's sympathy, he won't hesitate to shop him to the police. Will Daniel heed his warning? Robert finds Michelle chatting to Rich. He's appalled when Rich takes him aside and demands Robert uses the Bistro to launder money for him.

Friday 30 June 2017

Eileen and Nicola reel from Phelan's bombshell as he explains the link between them.

Gina uses Tim's tablet to secretly purchase loads of shoes online.

When Robert refuses to launder Rich's drugs money, Rich threatens to reveal a few home truths about Robert to Michelle. Robert slams Rich up against a wall and orders him never to come back. In a bid to woo Sinead, Chesney invites her to see an art-house film.

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