Coronation Street Books by Glenda Young

Monday 29 May 2017

His memory returning, Ken pieces together the argument he had on the night of his attack. Ken realises in horror that it was indeed one of his family members who pushed him, but who?

Determined they should all bury the hatchet, Leanne orders Peter, Toyah, Nick and Steve to meet her in the bistro. Nick arrives with Simon and in an effort to impress Leanne, suggests they put their differences aside and all have a day out at the seaside instead. But a kick about on the beach quickly descends into a petty squabble. Unaware that Leanne is in earshot, Nick reveals to Peter that he knows Leanne's alibi is a lie as he saw Peter himself that night. How will Leanne react to the realisation that Nick could have cleared Peter's name but chose to keep quiet?

Nathan helps Bethany prepare for the next party but it's clear she's dreading it. Nathan surreptitiously slips some pills into her drink. Shona reluctantly agrees to do some hair modelling for David. But when Craig confides in her that he doesn't like Bethany's boyfriend Nathan who runs a tanning salon, Shona's horrified and hurries out on a mission. Shona marches into the tanning salon and orders Nathan to stay away from Bethany.

Cathy corners Brian in the cafe and, pointing out they're both grown ups, suggests they can still be friends. Johnny tells a worried Kate he'd rather attend his hospital appointment alone.

Tuesday 30 May 2017

Ken faces up to his attacker and demands answers. Is Ken in danger?

Pointing out that Peter and Steve aren't the problem, but he is, Leanne realises their relationship is over. Nick is devastated. Leanne and Toyah head home leaving the men to sort out their differences. Telling Nick the best thing he could do is walk out to sea as they'd all be better off without him, Peter and Steve also go. Nick trudges along the beach. He suddenly finds himself sucked into the quicksand. Will his cries for help be heard?

Reminding Shona she owes him big time, Nathan grabs her wrist but Shona pulls away and makes a run for it. When Shona's a no show at the salon, David leaves her a message. Reaching a decision, Shona attempts to call the police but her phone is knocked from her hand and two men throw her to the ground leaving her unconscious.

When Brian admits he fancies Cathy but is loathe to tread on Roy's toes, Liz advises him to go for it. Johnny returns from his MRI scan and assures Kate that everything will be fine.

Wednesday 31 May 2017

Nick is sucked deeper into the quicksand. He pulls out his mobile but drops it and watches in anguish as it sinks out of reach. Up to his waist, Nick notices with panic the rapidly rising tide. Will help get to him before it's too late?

Passing Bethany another spiked drink, Nathan slips off her engagement ring telling her he wouldn't want their guests to be jealous. Mel hands Bethany a parcel but, realising it's a present from Sarah, Bethany bins it. Convinced Nathan is up to no good and worried for Bethany, Craig heads to the salon but on his way finds semi-conscious Shona in a ginnel. Craig phones for an ambulance, whilst at the party, a worse for wear Bethany makes a show of herself.

Erica agrees to distract Anna whilst Kevin prepares the house for her surprise 50th. Cathy advises Brian to overcome his superstitions and take control. To prove the point, she drags him under a ladder and kisses him passionately. Will Brian respond? Ken's attacker is arrested for attempted murder.

Thursday 1 June 2017

A furious Nathan punishes Bethany for her drunken behaviour. Contrite, he then apologises and tells her he loves her, begging her to give him another chance. She returns to the party and he encourages her to go to the bedroom followed by three of his mates from whom he has collected cash. Meanwhile, a bloodied Shona turns up at the Salon, having run away from the hospital where Craig took her, and warns David Bethany is in danger - is it too late?

Kevin throws a surprise 50th birthday party for Anna. Ken's attacker tells the police they want to make a full confession. What does this mean for the Barlows?

Friday 2 June 2017

David, Shona, Sarah and Gary race to the tanning salon as Shona explains to them what has been going on. They kick through the door to the salon and head up to the flat. Have they arrived in time? It seems Bethany still refuses to believe any of what they are saying about Nathan is true.

A devastated Leanne cries over her loss as she looks at her engagement ring. Will Ken's attacker be brought to justice?

The Kabin