Coronation Street Books by Glenda Young

Summary by day (SUBJECT TO CHANGE):

Monday 19 February 2018

The family wait expectantly as first Aidan then Carla are wheeled down to the operating theatre.

Having been told to stay away from the flat to stay at Eileen's because Billy has the flu, Summer is shocked at the state she finds him in when she does let herself in. Having gone to get Eileen, they are worried to find Billy has disappeared. Meanwhile, a jittery and sweating Billy has met up with his brother Lee in the cemetery.

Michelle tells Robert she is sure she can start afresh with Ali and she is pleasantly surprised when she walks into the Rovers to find her son having a laugh with Steve. Steve asks her to join them but is Ali ready to let her back in?

Liam tells Craig he has checked all the switches for him but after Liam leaves Craig starts his ritual again. Shona forms a plan after David leaves her in the lurch again whilst he goes training.

Monday 19 February 2018

At the hospital, Johnny and Roy bond over their love of Carla as they wait for news of the operation. Aidan and then Carla are brought back from the theatre. Carla has an announcement to make

Billy begs Lee's forgiveness for his past treatment of him and begs for his help. Eileen is surprised to find Billy much more upbeat and brighter.

Michelle has a go at Liz for not telling her about Ali being at the surgery but Liz explains he asked her not to. Liz asks Ali to cut Michelle some slack.

Shona's attempts to match make Josh and Maria fail. Bethany agrees to give her apprenticeship at the salon another go.

Wednesday 21 February 2018

Eileen is surprised by the turnaround in Billy and quizzes him about his apparent speedy recovery from the painkiller withdrawal but he tells her he is putting on an act so as not to worry Summer. When Billy finds out from Tracy that Summer is bottom of the class he knows this is because of him and calls Lee for more help.

When Roy announces that his mother is ill and needs him to look after her Johnny assures him that he will take care of Carla. Jenny is disappointed when he tells her they can't go to Spain just yet while Aidan and Carla recover.

When Liz suggests to Pat that Eileen might like to join her for a long weekend in Barcelona, she is annoyed at his response and makes disparaging remarks about him upsetting Eileen. Meanwhile, Phelan is still plotting over Nicola and makes a copy of her flat keys without her knowing.

Wednesday 21 February 2018

Liz invites Eileen for lunch at the Bistro by way of an apology for slagging off Pat. But as the drinks flow, Liz can't stop herself from warning her friend that Phelan is bad news. Meanwhile, Phelan goes to Nicola's flat and is furious to see Seb there. Seb is oblivious to Phelan being in the flat as he has his headphones on. When Nicola takes a call from the police re: an intruder in the flat, Seb wonders if Phelan is behind it.

Billy asks Eva to have Summer for the day explaining he doesn't feel too well. Sarah is shocked to see Billy's brother Lee heading up to Billy's flat and, visibly shaken, she tells David. Is the game up for Billy? Oblivious to Lee being spotted, Billy is grateful for his help.

Liz joins Johnny at Roy's allotment and over a bottle of brandy she starts to question his plans to leave his family behind and move to Spain. Johnny is given food for thought.

Michelle tries to win round Ali with a specially made vegan curry and Shona is unimpressed by David rolling in drunk after another night out with Josh.

Friday 23 February 2018

Nicola tells Gary she thinks Phelan called the police and knows about Seb being in the flat. At the mill, Gary is shocked when Phelan says he is on to him and Nicola! Meanwhile, Nicola calls to see Sarah and asks her to give Gary another chance but before Sarah can respond, Nicola collapses in agony.

Lee is angry when Billy refuses his request to stay a couple of nights in the flat and storms out saying he won't help him any more. But as Lee heads down the street, Josh bundles him into the back of a van driven by David.

With Aidan and Carla out of hospital, Jenny is feeling left out by the Connor family chatter at the flat and heads out. She passes the garage and Kevin spots that she is looking a bit low and offers to lend a friendly ear.

Rana tries to keep up appearances with Alya. Bethany takes a call from Liam's holiday club asking for someone to collect him as he is performing strange rituals with the light switches. Craig is consumed with guilt.

Friday 23 February 2018

At the hospital, Phelan blames Gary for coming between him and Nicola. Gary calls him a liar and a murderer. With Nicola and the baby out of danger, Phelan asks to speak to her on his own.

Josh and David take Lee to a garage where they beat him up and threaten him. When David leaves, Josh scares Lee with a tyre iron before letting him go. Meanwhile, Billy is trying to focus on Summer's homework but it is clear he is struggling.

Jenny tells Kevin she feels like an outsider when she is with the Connors but, having talked through her problems, she feels in a much more upbeat mood. Meanwhile, Carla starts the process of transferring the factory to Aidan as a surprise.

Craig takes Liam back to Maria's but the two boys keep quiet about the rituals. At Alya's, Zeedan and Rana struggle to keep up the pretence they are happy especially once Kate arrives home with Sophie.

The Kabin