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Monday July 29th 


Stefan phones Kevin and requests a meeting so they can put an end to their feud. However whilst Kevin is out  Jack answers the door to Stefan, unaware who he is, and agrees he can come in and wait whilst his parents are out. What is Stefan up to? Later Abi finds Kevin watching an online news report of a fire at Stefan’s office building and says he had it coming. Does Kevin think Abi is responsible?

Joel tells Dee-Dee to watch their wedding budget, as his divorce is proving costly. When Joel brings Maeve to spend time with Dee-Dee at the flat, Dee-Dee says he’s a born father. When Lauren sends an urgent text about a leak at the flat Joel is forced to take Maeve with him as Dee Dee has to go to court.

ELSEWHERE Beth shoves an envelope full of cash at Craig and asks him to hide it for her, as she’s planning a special treat for Kirk. As Amy prepares to set off on her Institute retreat, Rowan reckons she’s destined for great things, leaving Leanne feeling jealous. Nick’s face falls when Rowan tells him that, in exchange for not reporting him for assault, he wants the £20k investment Nick promised.

Wednesday July 31st

Lisa takes both Kevin and Abi in for questioning over the fire and produces doorbell evidence of Abi at Stefan's house. Abi is upset that Kevin also suspects it may have been her. But is there another explanation?

Outside the corner shop flat, Dee-Dee takes delivery of a parcel and assumes it’s a gift from Joel. She’s puzzled to see it’s addressed to “E. Smith”. At the police station, Joel’s troubled by a voice note from Dee-Dee revealing she’s intercepted his delivery.

In the factory, Beth slips Betsy her wages for the first t-shirt consignment. Maria gets wind of Beth’s plan to surprise Kirk with a wedding. At Underworld, Beth flicks through the magazine and laments the expense of wedding venues. Betsy suggests they need to do more work on the side.

ELSEWHERE In the cafe, Debbie and Rita break the news to Fiz that the leader of some human trafficking group in Romania is going on trial and Alina could be called as a witness.

Friday August 2nd

After paying Lauren a visit and assuring her she’ll be moving to Ireland very soon, Joel promises Dee-Dee that going forward she’ll have his undivided attention. Max comforts Lauren when she gets mugged at the precinct. Back at the flat Joel feigns concern as he plots to get rid of her for good. Alone, Lauren doubles over in pain, clutching her stomach. Having tracked her to the flat, Max arrives and bangs on the door. Lauren calls out to him that she’s terrified she’s losing the baby.

When Beth discovers the box of counterfeit t-shirts missing, Kirk reveals he loaded it onto the delivery van. Can Beth track down the box before Carla discovers what they’ve been up to?

DS Swain interviews and charges the culprit responsible for the arson attack.

Elsewhere Fiz tells Tyrone that she’s found a deal on a holiday but he’s less than enthusiastic. As Paul quizzes Asha about donating his corneas, Bernie’s not happy.




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