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Starting 04 July, Coronation Street will air double episodes on Mondays until September 2022.

Monday 11 July Double Episode (UK Airing 17 June 2022)


ABI PUTS HER FOOT IN IT. ABI AND ALFIE ARE FINALLY REUNITED! As Debbie implores Kevin to think carefully before taking on Alfie, Jack overhears how Kevin had an affair with Molly behind Tyrone’s back, resulting in his birth. Jack struggles to take it all in but wishes Abi and Kevin good luck at the hearing. In the court waiting room, Abi slags off the judicial system to a woman nearby. With the custody hearing about to start, the Judge takes her seat. Abi’s horrified to realise it’s the woman she met in the waiting room! Believing she’s ruined any chance she had, Abi listens as the local authority solicitor lists her failings as a mother and recommends that Alfie remain in care. Is Abi set to lose Alfie all over again? The Judge orders that Alfie be placed with Abi in a mother and baby foster facility where she will be assessed. Abi’s introduced to Wendy Papadapoulos, their foster carer. When Abi reveals she’s from Coronation Street, Wendy keeps her counsel.

CATHY CONTEMPLATES LEAVING WEATHERFIELD Brian tells Cathy that despite everything, he doesn’t want to lose her and he’s put an offer on a house in Cornwall in the hope she’ll come with him. Trying to hide her misgivings will Cathy agree?

SHONA FEARS GAIL’S ORNAMENT IS CURSED With Shona wanting to relax, David returns home to find incense burning and Shona flat on her back whilst Bernie administers crystals. When Bernie picks up an ornament Gail brought back from Thailand and advises them to get rid of it as it’s responsible for all the negative energy in the house, David’s sceptical but Shona reckons she’s onto something. Will Gail agree? David hands Max some cash, tells him he deserves a treat and should take Sonya out for dinner.

ELSEWHERE Debbie confronts Nick and Leanne and reveals that there’s £4k missing from the business account. 

Tuesday 12 July and Wednesday 13 July


THE ONLY THING ON MAX’S MENU IS CATFISH As Max prepares for his date he receives a message from Sonya asking him to send her a picture of the whole package so she can see what to expect. Max is stunned but returns home unbuttoning his shirt. Over dinner a perplexed Sonya reveals that she’s never received any messages from him nor sent any back. Max and Sonya are horrified to realise someone has set them up. Outside Max’s phone pings with a message demanding £1k or his naked picture goes viral! 

GAIL ENDS UP RED FACED Shona agrees to keep an eye on Audrey, on condition Gail disposes of the Thai brass elephant. But with Audrey gone walkabout, Gail tracks her down to the Rovers where she tries to wrestle a bottle of red wine from her hand. Audrey and Rita finally bury the hatchet and raise a toast to growing old disgracefully.

ABI STRUGGLES TO SETTLE IN When Abi suggests she’d like to take Alfie to see Kevin, Wendy covers her unease. On the street, Tracy’s horrified to clock Wendy Crozier with Abi and demands to know what’s going on. When Abi reveals that Wendy is her foster carer, Tracy warns her she’s playing with fire. Wendy admits to Abi that she and Ken have history.

ELSEWHERE A despondent Tim laments to Sally that changing his medication has had no benefit and he’s worried their sex life is over. Sally assures him that she loves him no matter what. Dr Gaddas recommends that he and Sally see a sex therapist, Tim’s not keen.

Thursday 14 July and Friday 15 July


AUDREY TAKES A TUMBLE Rita finds Audrey in the Rovers, enjoying her first drink of the day. Pointing out that she owns the barbers, Rita suggests it’s time Audrey went back to work. David despairs as Audrey announces she’s returning to work, before cracking open the wine and flirting with Ryan who’s in for a cut. David asserts it’s time Audrey went home, but as she heads for her coat, she trips over the Thai elephant, sending her sprawling across the floor. Arriving to find a tipsy Audrey playing table football with Ryan, Maria insists she go home but Audrey refuses. At her wit’s end Gail tries to talk some sense into Audrey, but when she raises the subject of her drinking, Audrey hits the roof and announces she’s moving back home with immediate effect. Meanwhile at the barbers, Audrey staggers into the motorbike which falls and knocks her over as Audrey cries out for help.

TIM STRUGGLES TO TAKE ADVICE. Trina conducts the first sex therapy session and urges Sally and Tim to gaze into each other’s eyes. Tim feels awkward and declares it a total con and a waste of time. Sally’s disappointed by his attitude.

MAX DISCOVERS THE IDENTITY OF HIS BLACKMAILERS David reaches a decision and tells Max that they won’t be paying the blackmailer and he’s to go to school and front it out. At the bus stop, Chris and Blake take the mickey out of Max, quoting his messages to Sonya.

ELSEWHERE A despondent Maria tells Gary that the recycling collectors are going on strike because of the extra bins she set up and it’s all her fault. After a meeting with Adam, Peter angrily tells Carla that there isn’t enough evidence to bring Mr Thorne to justice. Carla reckons he should let it lie.

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