Coronation Street Books by Glenda Young

Monday 15 October


Part 1

SINEAD GETS DEVASTATING NEWS Daniel and Sinead attend her 12 week scan and are thrilled to see their baby on the screen. But having despatched Daniel on an errand Sinead tells the sonographer about the bleeding. Sinead is examined by an obstetrician who tells her she has found a lump on her cervix that needs further investigation.
RYAN’S PLEAS FALL ON DEAF EARS Robert shows Ryan and Michelle a report about the drug dealer that supplied Cormac being found dead. Ryan blames himself for both deaths meanwhile Paula insists Sophie must go and tell the truth.
HANNAH & JIM UP THE ANTE Hannah tells Jim they need to up the stakes and put more pressure on Johnny. Jenny gets a bouquet of flowers with a cryptic note saying ‘These are to help you through tomorrow’. Terrified Johnny tells Carla he will have to pay up.
ELSEWHERE Geoff invites Kirk onto his radio show to talk about the big cat sightings. Daniel gets a letter from his mum. Jack is struggling with being back at school.

Part 2

SINEAD HIDES HER TORMENT Sinead is warned the lump may be cancerous meaning she’d need chemotherapy and possibly consider terminating her pregnancy, Sinead is horrified. But when Daniel reveals he’s had a letter from his mum but wants nothing to do with her as she and the baby are the only things that matter to him, Sinead makes the decision to keep her heartbreak to herself. Masking her inner turmoil she lies to the Beth that everything was fine.
BETHANY BEGS FOR DAVID’S FORGIVENESS Bethany’s desperate to make amends and David enjoys having her at his beck and call. Shona is pleased to see David back to his old self.
RYAN LANDS HIMSELF IN MORE TROUBLE In fear of Ronan, Ryan reveals he’s planning to do a runner and suggests Ali should do the same. Ali refuses and when the police arrive, and a bag of pills are found in his coat pocket, Ryan’s plans are thwarted. Ryan’s arrested and taken to the station.
ELSEWHERE Steve thaws towards Jim and asks him to be his best man, Jim hides his guilt. In a bid to ease Jack’s return to school, Brian promises he can play computer games with his mates at breaktime

Tuesday 16 October


CARLA AND JOHNNY USE HONEY TO CATCH A WASP Johnny and Carla stash a packet full of fake cash in the urban garden as arranged. Hannah receives a text saying the cash has been dropped. As Kirk takes photos from Victoria Court trying to discover the big cat Carla watches him, could they hold the evidence she needs to expose the blackmailer and will Jim and Hannah realise they’ve been duped?
SINEAD KEEPS DANIEL IN THE DARK When she receives a letter from the hospital Sinead stoves it in her pocket unopened. As Daniel talks about the baby Sinead becomes upset but blames it on her hormones.
ELSEWHERE Imran represents Ryan in his police interview. He tells them the truth about how he delayed calling an ambulance. The police warn if the pills found in his pocket match those that killed Cormac he’s in serious trouble. Ronan’s menacing as he tells Michelle he’ll be waiting for Ryan when he gets out.
EILEEN DESPAIRS when Liz admits she still has feelings for Jim.
JACK'S DOWN as he tells Kevin how everyone treats him differently now at school.

Wednesday 17 October

JIM AND LIZ GET CLOSER Admitting how much she’s missed him Liz and Jim kiss.
DANIEL PLANS TO ESCAPE THE WEDDING CIRCUS In a bid to do something romantic, Daniel plans an alternative wedding for he and Sinead...tomorrow! As Sinead secretly makes a biopsy appointment for the morning, she claims she has a dentist appointment and agrees to meet Daniel back at the flat before Tracy’s wedding, unaware he has other plans.
ELSEWHERE Tracy’s hen do takes place in the bistro.
RYAN PANICKS When Ryan finds out Ronan has been looking for him he purposefully smashes up the police waiting room and kicks an officer to ensure he’s locked up again.

Thursday 18 October


TRACY STEERS TOWARDS SUSPICION When Beth spots Steve leaving No. 11 (after his final dance lesson with Abi) she’s suspicious and tells Tracy. Tracy rails at Abi for sleeping with Steve, throwing her out before she gets chance to explain and then heading over to the garage and vandalising Michelle’s car, knowing Abi will get the blame. Grim faced Tracy heads to her wedding
DANIEL AND SINEAD ARE KEEPING SECRETS Daniel decorates the urban garden in preparation for his pagan wedding, confiding his plans in Ken and revealing Sinead is three months pregnant. Ken agrees to go to their wedding over Tracy’s. Meanwhile Sinead heads to her hospital appointment alone.  
JIM’S STUCK BETWEEN A ROCK AND A CRAZY PLACE Jim tells Liz he’s never stopped loving her and would like to try again, Liz promises to think it over. Telling Hannah the money has come through from Liz’s account, Jim urges her to leave without him.
ELSEWHERE The corrupt police officer lets Ryan know he’s in cahoots with Ronan before giving him a beating.

Friday 19 October

TRACY’S A BLUSHING BRIDE As Steve prepares for the wedding Tracy storms in and slaps him, claiming to know about his affair with Abi. Revealing his dance moves Steve attempts to put put her straight. Can a raging Tracy be calmed, and with news that Ken and Beth have both favoured Daniel’s wedding, will the ceremony go ahead?
DANIEL MISINTERPRETS SINEAD’S TEARS Having had a biopsy a terrified Sinead is taken for an MRI scan. Meanwhile Daniel, Kate, Beth, Craig, Ken, Roy and Kirk gather in the urban garden. As Sinead steps off the tram she’s floored to see the beautifully decorated garden. Daniel drops to one knee and asks her to marry him.
ELSEWHERE Ali’s suspended from work because of his involvement in Cormac’s death.


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