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Monday 24 February UK airing week of 10 February

BETHANY IS HELL-BENT ON GETTING RAY-VENGE Having managed to download Ray’s legal files Bethany and Daniel are pleased to find a list of names including Michelle’s with an asterisk next to them. Bethany decides to try and get in touch with some of the women. Will she find anything out?
DAVID BREAKS DOWN David, Max and Lily extract themselves from the wreckage of the car, shaken but not hurt. When Kevin confirms that the car is a write-off, David worries how he’ll get to Leeds.
ELSEWHERE Eileen and Alina are both interviewed for the underworld job. In the Rovers, Seb’s surprised to see Alina and introduces her to his girlfriend, Emma. Nina persuades Roy to adopt a more environmentally friendly cleaning fluid in the cafe and offers to make it for him. Roy reluctantly agrees. Fiz and Tyrone break the news to Hope that they’ve decided she can see Jade again. Hope’s thrilled whilst Fiz and Tyrone wonder if they’ve done the right thing.

Tuesday 25 February


ALYA REALISES RAY HAS DESIGNS ON HER Ray tries to convince Alya that he did not have designs on her and simply wanted her to meet Cassie the interior designer. But when Cassie comes to meet Alya it soon becomes clear that she had no idea about the meeting at the hotel. Meanwhile Ray is still charming Abi. Alya confronts Ray over the fictitious meeting and reckons he was hoping to lure her into bed. How will he react?
DAVID’S DAY GOES FROM BAD TO WORSE David takes the train to Leeds to visit Shona. However he’s devastated when the doctor breaks the news that Shona has made it clear she doesn’t want to see him.
MARIA TRIES TO TAKE POSITIVE STEPS Maria tells Gary that she’s going to distribute leaflets on the MMR jab as it’s important to spread the word and save lives. Gary’s pleased to see her so positive. Ali advises Maria that although it’s great that she’s raising measles awareness, she should allow herself to grieve properly for the baby she lost.
ELSEWHERE When Fiz tells Hope that Tyrone will be picking her up from school to take her to the cinema with Jade, Hope’s over the moon and Fiz does her best to remain positive. When Alina reveals that she’s looking for somewhere to live, Seb suggests to Emma that she could move in with them.

Wednesday 26 February

BETHANY AND DANIEL GIVE IN TO TEMPTATION Abi is shocked to hear the allegations about Ray. Meanwhile it soon becomes clear that the Gazette do not feel there is enough evidence to run the story forcing Bethany and Daniel to post her expose  online. As Bethany makes to leave, Daniel kisses her tenderly but their mood is broken by a furious Beth who through tears of grief, accuses Daniel of showing no respect for Sinead.
DAVID FINALLY FACES FACTS  Maria finds David clearly upset on the bench in Victoria Garden. David explains how after an arduous journey to Leeds by train, Shona refused to see him. Maria hands David her car keys, telling him she’d like him to have her car.
MARIA’S OFFER HAS A RING TO IT Ryan hands Gary an envelope full of cash and confirms it’s the last of his debt collections. Maria suggests to Gary that they should give David their car as he’s having a terrible time and it’s the least they can do. Gary reluctantly agrees. Gary bungs Ryan some cash and asks him to pick up an engagement ring from the jewellers.
ELSEWHERE Emma and Seb offer Alina the box room in the salon flat. Alina’s grateful. Evelyn plays ‘shops’ with Ruby. However when Hope returns home and asserts that their ‘shop’ is boring and she had much more fun with Jade, Fiz and Tyrone despair.

Thursday 27 February


MARIA HAS A MOMENT OF MADNESS Planning his surprise proposal Gary tells Maria he has booked her in for a manicure. But as the day goes on her suspicions about Gary grow as first Ryan is shifty about a parcel he has for Gary (engagement ring) and then she spots Gary having a heated exchange with Ike which results in Gary handing over money. Ali finds an upset Maria in the barbers and she vices her suspicions about Gary. Ali admits he never stopped loving her and they kiss passionately.
ABI PLOTS RAY’S DOWNFALL Tim, Sally and Abi discuss the online article exposing Ray as a sex pest. In the Kabin, Abi has a dig at Ray about the online allegations. Ray plays it down and hopes that Abi is still going to attend the charity ball with him later.
EDISON HAS A BLAST FROM THE PAST As Ed sets about measuring up the bistro for a refurb, he’s thrilled to discover his old mate Danny is working there as temporary manager. Danny reveals to Ed that since they last met, he’s come out. Ed’s taken aback. James calls in the bistro and Ed introduces him to Danny. The lads share an awkward hand shake.
DANIEL’S GUILT GETS THE BETTER OF HIM Beth tears a strip of Daniel and Bethany for jumping into bed when Sinead’s only been dead for less than four months. Daniel’s ashamed and to Bethany’s disappointment, suggests they should cool things for a while. Daniel admits to Adam that he slept with Bethany and he really likes her.

Friday 28 February


Part 1

MARIA FEARS SHE’S MADE A MISTAKE A guilty Maria returns to the flat and confronts Gary about his shady dealings. But when both Ike and Ryan back him up and explain that his money to Ike was a gift and the parcel Ryan had was an engagement ring she starts to realise she has made a huge mistake. Ali meanwhile is convinced he and Maria are an item once more.
ABI TAKES SIDES Abi turns up at the charity gala with a plan.
JAMES NEEDS MORE TIME Danny urges James to pluck up the courage and tell Ed that he’s gay, convinced that he’s more open minded than James might think. Will he pluck up the courage? Ed tells Aggie how his old mate Danny has declared himself gay.
ELSEWHERE Daniel finds Bethany in the Rovers and in front of a packed pub, announces that they’re now an item and everyone better get used to it. Sarah and Adam tentatively broach the subject of their wedding with David. David assures them they mustn’t put their lives on hold for Shona and should go ahead with their plans

Part 2

KEVIN TAKES A RISK FOR ABI A furious Ray calls at the garage and tells Abi he’s reported her to the police for stealing his car and torching it. Kevin urges her to invent an alibi so she asks Sally if she will vouch for her. What will Sally say?
JAMES IS AFTER SOME AFTERNOON DELIGHT James confesses to Michael that he had a relationship with Ed’s mate, Danny. Knowing the house to be empty, James takes Danny back to No.3 and leads him up the stairs. Ed returns home and as he puts the kettle on, he’s puzzled to hear a thump from upstairs.
TARA PUTS THE PRESSURE ON CHESNEY AND GEMMA Tara calls at No.5 and drops off the itinerary for tomorrow’s Freshco photoshoot. Gemma’s horrified to realise that it clashes with Aled’s hearing appointment.
ELSEWHERE Maria tells Gary that she needs time to think about his proposal before giving him an answer. When Gary asks Ryan to look after the shop for the day as he’s off to Birmingham, Ali’s ears prick up and he forms a plan. Fiz confides in Evelyn that Jade wants to take Hope to the craft workshop at the community centre but has no interest in taking Ruby. Fiz decides to take Ruby.

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