Monday 31 July 2017

Joe tells Gary he's running his own private security firm in the Ukraine, the money is fantastic and he should consider coming to work for him. How will Gary react?

Covering his shock, Neil tells Craig a pack of lies. Craig doesn't know what to believe. While David, Bethany, Gail, Audrey, Gemma and Max mark the anniversary of Kylie's death with a picnic in the garden, David the dog escapes. When David scoops up the dog, he's horrified to see Billy helping Shona into No.11. David rails at Billy, ordering him to keep Shona well away from him. David returns home clearly furious and announces the party's over. When Sarah explains that she's doing everything she can to nail Nathan and Shona can help them, Bethany is furious, wishing she'd just let it drop.

Fearing that Erica is about to dump him, Dev suggests she should have more space and time to spend with her mates. Erica can only smile weakly. Determined to put some distance between she and Dev, Erica approaches Robert for a job in the bistro.

When Aidan reveals he's buying the kebab shop flat, Eva goes ballistic, pointing out she wanted a house with a garden in Didsbury.

Originally broadcast on July 14

Tuesday 1 August 2017

In order to raise some cash for the deposit on the flat, Aidan decides to sell his car. Eva feels guilty but her resolve hardens when Maria flashes him a wistful smile from across the street. Adam tries to blackmail Aidan over the photograph. When Aidan refuses to pay up, Adam orders him to tell Eva the truth. Eva stares at Aidan, her heart in her mouth. If she is 'told' about the affair, her revenge is over.

David calls at No.11 and implores Shona to help him track down Lara, another of Nathan's victims, in a bid to help Bethany get the justice she deserves.

Clearly in a foul mood, Phelan heads out to price up a job. Seb's intrigued to see that Phelan has been googling Nicola, his case manager. Having surveyed the new solicitors' offices, Phelan breaks the news to Adam that the electrics will set him back 4k. Phelan blames himself for coming on too strong and scaring Nicola away. At work, he has a go at Seb and tells him he is fired.

After spending the night together, Brian and Cathy discuss possible nicknames for each other. Brian shows Cathy his megaphone, explaining his council duties have expanded to include litter enforcement. Brian takes up his litter enforcement role and berates Phelan for dropping a sweet wrapper while Cathy watches him admiringly.

Originally broadcast on July 17

Wednesday 2 August 2017

Having realised that Adam must know about Aidan's affair but, desperate to keep him quiet, Eva pretends to faint. Whilst Aidan fetches her some water, Eva orders Adam to meet her in the ginnel. Adam heads out, intrigued. In the ginnel, Adam shows Eva the photo of Aidan snogging Maria. Eva asks Adam to stop blackmailing Aidan as she wants to forget about his affair for the sake of their baby. Adam reluctantly agrees.

Seb quizzes Eileen about Phelan's obsession with Nicola and is fascinated to learn that she may be his daughter. Eileen finally admits to Phelan how she went to see Nicola and showed her the photo of him and Linda hoping it would do some good but her plan backfired. As Phelan absorbs the news, Eileen goes on to reveal that Seb knows that Nicola might be his daughter.

David and Shona steer Lara to a cafe and urge her to grass Nathan up to the police, not just for Bethany's sake but for all the girls whose lives he's ruined.

Having taken delivery of some new salt and pepper mills, Roy is annoyed to discover the receipt is missing. Spotting this, Brian brandishes the receipt at Roy explaining that he found it on the street and that makes him a litter lout. Roy is stunned as Brian issues him with a Fixed Penalty Notice.

Originally broadcast on July 17

Thursday 3 August 2017

Forming a plan, Adam instructs Eva to borrow Aidan's paperwork regarding the flat purchase. On Adam's advice, Eva suggests to Aidan that, having looked at his accounts, it might be best to put the flat in her name. Adam suggests their next move should be to take the factory from him.

Phelan offers Seb his job back at the builder's yard. Seb's pleased. When Nicola calls at the yard and invites Phelan for a drink, he's surprised but thrilled. Over a drink, Phelan chats away to Nicola, trying to get to know her. However, when she reveals that she knows he's dying, Phelan is completely thrown.

Craig tells Bethany how he confronted Neil who denied everything. Bethany is gutted but Craig assures her he knows she's telling the truth and he admires her for showing such amazing strength despite all she's gone through. Buoyed by Craig's words, Bethany announces she's going to seek professional help. Sarah is pleased that she's finally turned a corner.

Brian refuses to back down over Roy's litter fine. Zeedan and Rana attend Luke, Kate and Alya's flat warming party. Luke leans in to kiss Alya.

Originally broadcast on July 19

Friday 4 August 2017

Sarah thanks Craig for giving Bethany the courage to seek professional help. When Craig admits he intends to quit the police force, Bethany's horrified and urges him to reconsider, pointing out he'd be letting Nathan and Neil win. Craig approaches Neil and tells him he's changed his mind about quitting the force but is going to request that he's assigned a new mentor. Neil angrily bundles Craig into his car, asserting that they need a little chat. Secretly activating the record function on his phone, Craig goads Neil.

Nicola calls at No.11 and, handing Eileen a DNA testing kit, tells her she needs to know the truth. Phelan arrives home and is taken aback when Eileen shows him the DNA kit.

Determined to put his plan into action, Adam tells Eva she needs to persuade Aidan to give her a job in the office.

Gail confides in Audrey that Nick has sold his flat and is gone for good and as far as she's concerned, Leanne's to blame. Michelle signs for a recorded letter only to realise it's for Leanne. Luke apologises to Alya for trying to kiss her and, blaming the drink, promises it won't happen again. Alya hides her disappointment. Alya confides in Rana and Kate that she's fallen for a guy but isn't sure what to do.

Originally broadcast on July 21

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