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Coronation Street will air double episodes on Mondays until September 2022.

Monday August 22 Double Episode (UK Airing 29 July 2022)

KEVIN TRIES TO KEEP THE TRUTH FROM ABI As Kevin prepares for Abi’s homecoming he is shocked to come face to face with two police officers at the door. Can Kevin keep what happened from Abi?

AARON CANCELS SUMMER’S SUMMER Summer and Aaron have an evening alone but when Aaron makes a move Summer pushes him away and orders him to leave. Later Summer meets up with Aaron in Victoria Garden and admits that she really likes him but can’t bear the thought of him seeing her naked body. How will he react?

DESPERATE DEBBIE HATCHES A PLAN As Debbie and Ronnie set up the bistro for ‘Psychic Night’, Leanne worries that they’re simply conning vulnerable people out of their hard-earned cash. Debbie admits to Ronnie the extent of her financial problems and the fact she’s left with two options; bankruptcy or an insurance job. Ronnie assures her it won’t come to that. When Debbie hears Ryan telling the psychic that he skint and has debt coming out of his ears she hatches a plan.

SALLY BETS ON A GOOD NIGHT OUT Sally’s exhausted after putting up with another night of Tim’s tossing and turning. When Tim suggests they attend the ‘Casino Night’ at the bistro and dress up for the occasion, Sally’s thrilled at the idea.

Tuesday 23 August and Wednesday 24 August


DEBBIE ROLLS THE DICE ON RYAN In the bistro, Debbie instructs Ryan to stage a break-in and then she can make a claim on the insurance. But later when Debbie tells Ryan the robbery is off, Ryan’s furious. With ‘Casino Night’ underway, Ryan tells Debbie that he’s going to fuse the electrics and grab the cash from the safe. Suddenly the bistro is plunged into darkness. Debbie reluctantly helps with Ryan’s plan. As the Bistro customers file into the Rovers, Ryan stuffs the cash in his gym bag but Leanne arrives. Ryan hides while Leanne flicks the switch and the lights come back on. Ryan, clutching his bag of stolen cash, comes out from his hiding place and makes out he’s just arrived. Leanne heads back to the Rovers to tell the customers that ‘Casino Night’ is back on. Ryan assures Debbie that the cash is stashed in his bedroom. Later, Leanne is horrified to discover all the money gone. Debbie orders Ryan to call the police.

TIM’S WINNING STREAK IS SHORT LIVED At No.4, Sally discovers Tim has been looking at porn sites. Sally orders Tim to go to the ‘Casino Night’ on his own. When he returns home, he finds a note from Sally telling him that she’s made up the spare bed for him.

KEN OFFERS WENDY A SECOND CHANCE Ken approaches Wendy and invites her for a coffee. At No.1, Ken invites Wendy to share his lasagne and tells her he knows what it’s like to be lonely as he still misses Deirdre.

ELSEWHERE Sally suggests Faye should consider HRT, but she’s not keen. Aaron calls at the flower shop flat and tells Summer that he’d still like to go on holiday but on condition she gets some counselling and deals with her body image issues. Sean attempts to cook a roast to impress Dylan but when he receives a text from Dylan telling him that he’s gone for a pizza with his mates, Sean serves up the overcooked pork to Eileen, George and Todd. George takes a bite and is alarmed to realise he’s broken a tooth.

Thursday 25 and Friday 26 July


RONNIE DEMANDS THE TRUTH FROM DEBBIE Craig questions Debbie, Leanne and Nick about the break-in then calls in to the Rovers and questions Ryan. Ed reveals that the CCTV has a back-up circuit and won’t have been affected by the power cut. Leanne, Nick, Debbie and Ronnie watch as Craig presses play on the CCTV. They see that Ryan is the perpetrator. Ryan is arrested on suspicion of theft. Later, Ronnie accuses Debbie of orchestrating an insurance scam. Debbie denies it, but will Ronnie believe her lies? Ryan undergoes a police interview. Ryan calls Debbie from the police station and threatens to drop her in it, what will Debbie do? Ryan realises he’s lost everything.

TIM OPENS UP TO THE WRONG WOMAN Tim attempts to make peace with Sally, but Sally accuses Tim of shutting her out and suggests they have some time apart. Tim begs Sally not to give up on him. In Victoria Garden, Tim unburdens himself to Aggie and Aggie urges him to share his worries with Sally. Tim returns home and tells Sally about his fear of dying. Sally wonders what made him finally realise and Tim fails to mention Aggie.

TODD DISCOVERS SHUTTLE’S WORTH George promises Eileen that he’ll see the dentist, but Mr Pugh’s funeral must come first. A guy called Troy approaches George, but having discovered that Troy works for the opposition and was hoping to buy the business, George tries to wrestle his notebook from him. As the two men grapple on the cobbles, Mrs Pugh arrives and watches with disapproval. Todd confronts George with the written offer from Rest Easy of £400k, is George tempted to sell after all?

ELSEWHERE When Leo reveals that he’s looking for labourers, Daniel offers up his services to Daisy’s amusement. Suki from the Gazette calls at Speed Daal and interviews Yasmeen, Stu, Dev and Alya about their food waste initiative. When Stu reveals that Yasmeen offered him a lifeline when he was homeless, Suki’s enthralled.

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