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Monday 26 September and Tuesday 27 September (UK Airing 02 September 2022)


JENNY REBOUNDS AT THE WORST POSSIBLE TIME As Jenny assures Rita it was fun while it lasted but she’ll get over Leo, Rita’s not taken in by her bravado. Meanwhile, Stephen and Sarah pour over their business plan. When Sarah reveals that Jenny is the sole owner of the pub, Stephen’s interest is piqued. Stephen turns on the charm and flirts with Jenny. A tipsy Jenny invites Stephen through to the back and handing him a drink, kisses him passionately. Having had a talking to from Rita and Gemma, Leo returns holding an engagement ring. But as Gemma heads through to the back room with Leo will they find Jenny and Stephen in a clinch?

CARLA REJECTS TOYAH’S WARNING Toyah warns Carla that by doing business with Nadeem, she could damage her reputation. When Carla reveals it’s too late, the deal is done, Sarah’s furious to realise she’s been left out of the loop again. Toyah meets up with Spider and Griff and confirms she’d like to play a part when they ambush Nadeem. But Toyah’s shocked when Spider tells her to back off.

WENDY GIVES KEN A SECOND CHANCE When Ken spots Wendy in the cafe, he invites her to see a musical with him but she gives him the cold shoulder leaving Ken bemused. As Wendy goes to settle up, she’s annoyed when Ken steps in and pays her bill. Ken assures her that he simply wants to be friends as he enjoyed her company the other evening and suggests they go for a drink. Will Wendy agree?

ELSEWHERE A proud Nick wishes Sam luck for his first day at high school. Back home Hope watches Sam slip a letter in the postbox. What is he up to? Mary does her best to drum up interest in her am-dram production.

Wednesday 28 September and Thursday 29 September


SPIDER THINKS TOYAH DOTH PROTEST TOO MUCH Roy, Nina and Toyah warn Carla about the protest and urge her to take a closer look at Nadeem’s business practices. With the protest underway, Nadeem arrives at the factory, where apologising Carla confirms that the deal is off. The police arrive but as Craig urges the protestors to disperse, Griff rallies the crowd. As Carla and Nadeem emerge, Spider watches in horror as Griff pulls out a bottle and hurls it, hitting Craig on the head. Griff’s arrested whilst a terrified Toyah finds herself caught up in the melée.

STEPHEN’S EX DEMANDS HE PAY HER BACK Sarah tells Stephen that she’s arranged a meeting with a couple of potential investors. However Stephen’s shaken when his wife, Gabrielle, arrives on the street, telling him she wants the £200,000 euros back that he stole from her company or she’s going to the police!

DAISY’S SHOCKED BY JENNY’S KISS Daisy returns from a weekend away. Jenny confesses to Daisy that she snogged Stephen.

TIM REVEALS THE NOT SO HARD TRUTH TO STEVE Jenny is feeling the pressure as she meets with the pub’s charity football team, knowing the Flying Horse are looking for revenge. At Tim’s suggestion, Jenny enlists the help of James to give the team some coaching. Meanwhile when Peter catches Tim hiding from Trina in the cab office, he confides that Trina’s his sex therapist and that since his heart op, he’s suffered from impotence. How will Peter react?

ELSEWHERE Sam does a class presentation about chess. When one boy, Owen, tells Sam how much he enjoyed it Sam offers to teach him later. Oblivious to Owen’s sarcasm, Sam sets up at the café. Ken and Wendy rehearse their audition scene for the play. As Tracy enters, she’s horrified to hear Wendy delivering the line “Just as I love you” and rails at Wendy for canoodling with Ken.

Friday 30 September Double Episode


THE MATCH ENDS WITH A HEART STOPPING FINALE As James puts the Rovers team through their paces, Dev gives a pre-match pep talk. But when Tim misconstrues his words and thinks Dev’s making a dig at his impotence, he accuses Peter of betraying his confidence and storms out. With little choice, James agrees to step in. As they set off, Aggie spots a glum Tim and invites him for a brew. As Tim opens up to Aggie, the match kicks off. The Flying Horse take the lead but with only minutes remaining, James gives the game his all, putting the Rovers in front, but suddenly he collapses. Ed rushes across the pitch frantically calling an ambulance as Michael performs CPR on James.

CARLA FEARS GRIFF IS BAD NEWS Carla’s unimpressed to see Griff chatting to Toyah. Griff lies and asserts that he wasn’t the one who threw the bottle and he doesn’t condone that sort of behaviour. Carla’s further worried when she finds Griff lecturing Peter about his conspiracy theory on big pharma companies. But when Carla makes it clear that she disapproves of him fraternising with Griff.

STEPHEN PREPARES TO BREAK AUDREY’S TRUST Stephen lets himself into No.8 and taking out the trust fund papers, practises Audrey’s signature. Suddenly Audrey appears, has she caught Stephen in the act?

ELSEWHERE At Hope’s suggestion, Sam makes out he loves gaming and invites Jack and Liam round after school. But as the kids embark on a football computer game, Sam remarks that it’s pointless as it requires no skill or strategy, Liam and Jack look at him in disbelief. As Sam does his best to make conversation with Jack and Liam, it’s clear he finds it difficult and when they quiz him about the letters he writes, Sam’s quick to change the subject. Brian, Wendy and Mary discover they all have parts in the am dram production, whilst Ken and Evelyn failed to make the grade.

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