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Monday 25 November UK original airing 13 November

Part 1


ROBERT CAN’T CON A CONNOR It’s a day of musical chairs in Robert’s room as he tried desperately to get rid of both Michelle and Vicky before they bump into each other. Will he succeed?
ROY SCORES WITH HIS BROTHER Roy and Carla pay Richard another visit and this time Roy comes clean about who he really is. How will his half brother react? Meanwhile Carla tells Nina she would be lucky to have Roy in her life but prickly Nina is not convinced.
BERNIE HAS HER EYES ON THE PRIZE Chesney, Gemma and Bernie celebrate their windfall with a drink in the Rovers. When Bernie suggests they should book a holiday, Gemma refuses, adamant that the needs of her babies come first.
ELSEWHERE Steve, Tim, Emma and a reluctant Amy set off to the County match. Having enjoyed the football more than expected, Amy reveals that her fun night out of choice is a Little Mix gig. Emma’s thrilled whilst Steve’s not so keen.

Part 2

ROBERT UNWITTINGLY EXPOSES HIS SECRET TO MICHELLE Robert goes to see Vicky to tell her it is over unaware that Michelle and Carla have his phone and have followed him to the address. Is the game finally up for Robert? Back in Weatherfield Michelle finally confronts Robert about his pregnant girlfriend, can Robert talk himself out of this one? Michelle goes to see Vicky, what will she tell her?
DANIEL’S OUT ON THE WILD AND WINDY MOORS Ken and Claudia return from Scotland having failed to find Daniel. Peter eventually gets hold of him and he admits he is in Cheshire. As he sits on a blustery hillside in contemplation he is surprised to find Peter alongside him. Peter implores Daniel to come home, pointing out the worry is taking its toll on Ken and with Sinead gone, Bertie needs his family more than ever. Has he done enough?

Tuesday 26 November

BILLY TRIES TO PLAY PEACEMAKER When Bernie reveals that Kel’s due back today and suggests a family meal, Paul’s far from happy and asserts that he won’t be attending. When Billy offers Bernie a cleaning job at the church, Gemma insists she accept it. Having enjoyed a meal together, Kel kisses Bernie goodnight.  As he heads off, Billy warns him to stay away from No.5 and certainly from Joseph or he’ll regret it.  Kel’s left shaken.
ELSEWHERE When Emma declares that she’s feeling better and it’s time she moved back home, Amy’s saddened, wishing her sister would stay forever. In a bid to delay Emma’s return home, Amy trips over on purpose and fakes a sprained ankle. Emma helps Amy home and points out that with her injured ankle, they won’t be able to attend the Little Mix gig.  Amy’s gutted. Desperate not to miss out on the Little Mix gig, Amy reveals to Emma that there’s nothing wrong with her ankle and she faked it in the hope she wouldn’t move out. Emma assures Amy that they’ll always be sisters and she’s welcome to stay over at her flat whenever she likes.  When Emma suggests they get ready for the gig, Amy’s chuffed.

Wednesday 27 November


SINEAD IS LAID TO REST Daniel returns in time for the funeral and in a moving service everyone says goodbye to Sinead before gathering at the Rovers for the wake. Daniel tells Peter he is going to head home and watch Sinead’s videos that she made for him and Bertie on his laptop. Meanwhile at Daniel’s flat a burglar is rifling through Daniel’s things and bundles the laptop into a holdall.
MICHELLE’S INTENTIONS BECOME CLEAR Carla is baffled to see Michelle working alongside Robert and even more so when Michelle swears her to secrecy about the affair.
BILLY CONFESSES HIS TRUE FEELINGS Billy hands Bernie the keys to the church hall and her cleaning instructions.  Paul watches as Bernie and Kel load the car up with cleaning equipment.  When
Bernie reveals that Billy’s given her a job, Paul’s perplexed. When Paul quizzes Billy as to why he gave Bernie a job, Billy admits he just wanted to help because he loves him. Paul’s taken aback.

Thursday 28 November

A BREAK IN FINALLY BREAKS DANIEL As the wake continues in the Rovers Daniel lets himself into the flat and is shocked to find it trashed. He calls Peter who asks Carla to take him to Ken’s whilst he calls the police. Peter tells Carla that the thief took the laptop with Sinead’s videos on.
ROBERT TRIES TO SORT OUT HIS MESS Vicky flies at Robert for leading a double life and letting her think he’d split up from Michelle. Tyler sees red and throws a punch at Robert. Vicky’s devastated and angrily orders him to leave.
PAUL FINDS A WAY TO LOVE AGAIN Paul confides in David that he was responsible for getting Josh to change his statement after Billy told him about the rape. When David describes what he went through and how he eventually dealt with his ordeal, it strikes a powerful chord with Paul. Billy returns home to find Paul has laid the table for a romantic meal. Paul assures Billy he wants him in his life and intends to make him proud. 
ELSEWHERE At the wake, Sally dupes Tim into thinking she’s terribly religious and urges him to pray with her.

Friday 29 November


DANIEL FINALLY SNAPS Daniel is devastated to discover the laptop has gone and decides to take matters into his own hands. Craig is on a day off and offers to go with him to pawn shops in the area. But when Daniel spots a laptop that looks like his in a glass cabinet he accuses the shopkeeper  of handling stolen goods and seizing a golf club he smashes the cabinet.
PAUL THINKS HE HAS CAUGHT A THIEF Billy confides in Paul that on the day Bernie started working for him someone stole his diary that has all the details of funeral etc and a spate of burglaries followed. Suspicious Paul and Gemma are horrified to find a bag of stolen goods under the stairs at number 5.
JAMES FEARS HIS SECRET WILL COME OUT  When Michael reveals that James didn’t come home last night, Ed assumes he spent the night with Bethany. Aggie and Michael exchange an awkward look. A hungover James confides in Michael that he spent the night with a guy called Dan and he’s lost his phone. James enlists Michael’s help insisting they set off in search of the missing phone.
ELSEWHERE David and Shona tell Max and Lily their plans to adopt them formally. When Max’s only concern is that he’ll still be able to see Marion, David’s put out.

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