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Monday 26 October UK airing week of 12 October


EILEEN’S IN TURMOIL OVER TODD Eileen tells a relieved Billy that it wasn’t Todd’s body in the mortuary. Calling Todd she admits she couldn’t bring herself to lie for him. Todd’s furious. Eileen confesses to Mary that Todd is alive and well and she’s been meeting up with him in secret. When Mary tells George about Eileen’s predicament with her son and Mick Costello, George warns that Mick is dangerous. An idea forming, George calls a mate. At No.11. Eileen tells Todd she’s sorry for letting him down. Todd’s accepting but explains she’s left him with no option but to disappear and she’ll never see him again. Eileen’s devastated.
SCOTT HAS A HOLD OVER JOHNNY Johnny tells Scott to count him out as his criminal days are behind him. When Ray tells Scott that the property job is no longer his because Johnny filled him in on his background, Scott’s fuming. Confronting Johnny, Scott reveals he now owes him big time.
RAY MAKES GARY AN OFFER Ray reveals that he’d like to buy the factory and offers Gary £150k. Gary’s adamant it’s not for sale but Ray tells him to think about it. Maria urges Gary to accept Ray’s offer as it would mean she could buy the barber shop.
ELSEWHERE Arthur keeps Evelyn waiting but they eventually head off to the Lakes.

Tuesday 27 October

IT’S TODD’S FUNERAL Eileen tells Todd she’s scraped together £1300 so he can pay off Mick and get on with his life. However Mary has other ideas and shows Eileen a hearse complete with a coffin and flowers depicting Todd’s name. George reveals his plan to stage a mock funeral so Mick will think Todd’s dead. As Mick arrives will Eileen go along with the hoax?
GARY UPS THE STAKES As the Platts prepare for Audrey’s belated 80th birthday party, Gary shows Kevin a letter he’s received increasing the rent on the furniture shop. Kevin is forced to admit he sold the premises to Ray Crosby. Surveying David’s sinkhole, Gary offers to put him in touch with a specialist company but when David lets slip how Ray offered to buy the house, Gary’s mind is a whir. At the bistro Gary tells Ray to double his offer and they’ve got a deal. Will Ray agree?
TYRONE WORRIES ABOUT EVELYN Tyrone’s puzzled when Evelyn and Arthur return back early from the Lakes with a story full of holes.
ELSEWHERE Scott orders Johnny to meet him to talk him through his plan. Johnny tries to object but Scott makes it clear he won’t take no for an answer.

Wednesday 28 October


TODD PUTS EILEEN IN DANGER Todd lets himself into No.11 and starts searching for Eileen’s cash but when Mick arrives Todd hides as Mick reveals to Eileen that he and Todd were lovers but Todd stole from him. Hearing a noise, Mick realises Todd is upstairs and holds the Grimshaws at gunpoint.
GARY IS A THORN IN RAY’S SIDE Having left Ray to sweat, Gary tells him that whatever his game is, he’s not playing ball and the factory isn’t for sale. Ray ups his offer to £400k. As Maria puts pressure on him to accept will Gary agree?
SHONA WONDERS WHAT SHE DID WRONG Having turned up with a load of random guests she met at the cafe, Shona’s confused as David throws them out and tells everyone the party is cancelled.
ELSEWHERE Scott tells Johnny that his job is to drive the getaway car and if he doesn’t comply, he’ll blab to Jenny. Evelyn tells Arthur she’s sorry she ruined their trip with her sleeping arrangements and if he’ll give her another chance, he can ditch the inflatable mattress. Arthur’s taken aback. Saying goodnight he secretly heads to the hospital.

Thursday 29 October


GARY TAKES A BEATING FOR TODD Mick and one of his sidekicks turn up at the furniture store and threaten Gary, believing him to be in cahoots with Todd. As Mick makes his getaway, they almost run over Gail, who furiously takes a picture of the registration plate. Maria’s horrified to find Gary battered and bleeding in the furniture shop and forces him to tell Craig everything. But where is Todd?

Friday 30 October

Part 1

DAVID HAS A BAD DAY When Aaron cancels his visit, David is forced to take Shona to work with him. A model, Hugo, arrives in need of an emergency haircut but Shona takes an instant dislike to him and when David’s back is turned he’s horrified to discover Shona has shaved off Hugo’s topknot! When Shona later suggests it’s time David shared her bed, he worries it’s too soon. Shona’s offended and after hurling her dinner at the wall, storms out.

BILLY GETS GOOD NEWS Billy reveals to Paul how the bishop has recommended he apply for the position of archdeacon. Paul’s delighted for him.
ELSEWHERE When Johnny avoids Scott by making out he’s at a brewery event, Scott makes it clear that if he doesn’t play ball, Jenny will get chapter and verse on his unsavoury past. Evelyn and Arthur plan a camping trip to Norfolk but when Dev refuses her holiday request she tells him to stock his job. Dev’s fuming while Arthur’s impressed./p>

Part 2

WILL EILEEN’S SECRET BE UNCOVERED Eileen only makes matters worse when she decides to call Mick at home, using the Streetcars number, and threaten him with the police. It’s Mick’s husband Erik who answers and is soon on the street accusing a dumbfounded Tim of calling his house and having an affair with his husband! Meanwhile convinced the noises coming from the attic are the ghost of Pat Phelan, Mary gets Billy to perform an exorcism. When Todd suddenly appears at the top of the stairs, Mary and Billy stare open mouthed.
DAVID FEARS FOR HIS FUTURE WITH SHONA When Aaron announces he’s reducing his hours with Shona, David wonders how he’ll cope. Aaron encourages them to be upfront and honest with each other. But when Shona casually refers to David’s rape, David’s horrified.
GARY SELLS OUT Fed up with their neighbours, Maria urges Gary to take the job with Ray. Gary sets out his stall to Ray and points out that with him on side, he’ll have an easier task persuading the locals to sell him their houses. Ray’s quietly impressed.
ELSEWHERE Gemma urges Chesney and Bernie to find more work as she’s sick of living hand to mouth. Bernie asks Roy for shifts at the cafe while Ches persuades Kirk to give him a part-time job in packing.

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