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Monday 20 May and Tuesday 21 May (UK Airing 26 April 2024)


CARLA TELLS ROY THE TRUTH ABOUT THE LIE In his cell, Roy confides in the prison officer that new evidence has come to light and he’s hopeful he might be released. In the court, Dee-Dee makes the case for Roy’s bail application and describes how Bobby saw a man leaving Lauren’s flat who didn’t fit Roy’s description but the Judge refuses Roy’s bail application. Dee-Dee visits Roy in his cell and tells him not to give up hope and that the police are planning a reconstruction. Roy calls Carla from prison and asks her to come and see him as he needs to talk to her about Bobby’s statement. Has Roy caught onto Bobby’s lie?

LEANNE OPENS HER MIND TO ROWAN In the bistro, Leanne tells Nick that she feels betrayed and he should never have kept Toya’s secret from her. When Rowan arrives, Leanne immediately perks up. Rowan suggests to Leanne she should unburden herself of negativity and embark on some uploading. As Leanne tries to object, Rowan urges her to put herself first. Toyah calls in the bistro to find Nick run off his feet as Leanne is with Rowan so Toyah offers to help him out. As Leanne talks Rowan through all the bad things that have happened in her life, he listens intently and assures her that he’s by her side every step of the way.

STEVE WANTS TO HEAR FROM DEMI MORE In the café, Tim advises Steve to arrange a date with his online love interest, Demi, to check out that she really exists and she’s who she says she is. Fed up with Steve’s dithering, Tim grabs his phone off him and sends a message to Demi suggesting they go on a date.

WILL GEORGE DO THE RIGHT THING? At No.11, Eileen packs the last of her things for Thailand and tells George that Todd found a copy of Archie’s will which states that Glenda is to have half the business. As George peruses his Dad’s will, Todd does his best to play down its importance. Will George tell Glenda the truth?

ELSEWHERE Amy tells Bernie that she got the gig as a student radio presenter but is short of a guest for her first live interview. As Bernie watches Paul telling amusing stories to Hannah, his PA, Bernie has an idea…

Wednesday 22 May and Thursday 23 May


ROY PUSHES HIMSELF TO HIS LIMIT When Roy calls the cafe hoping to speak to Nina, Shona passes the phone to Carla and Carla hangs up, making out it was a dodgy line and hurries out. In his prison cell, Roy has another flashback of Lauren approaching the cafe counter with Max, but can’t work out what’s significant about their conversation. When a prison officer bangs on the door, a frustrated Roy loses his chain of thought. In the factory, Bobby tells Carla that he reckons Roy must have kept quiet about the false statement or the police would have come knocking by now. In the visiting room, Nina explains to the prison officer that she’s waiting for Roy Cropper and as the officer lets himself into Roy’s cell, he finds him collapsed on the floor.

PAUL SWEARS THAT HIS LIFE IS GETTING HARDER Billy helps Paul dress for his radio interview and assures him he’ll smash it. A cab arrives to take Paul and Bernie to the interview and it’s obvious the car isn’t big enough for Paul’s wheelchair. Paul is left furious as the driver is rude and dismissive. As Amy conducts her radio interview with Paul, he talks passionately about his MND and society’s lack of regard for disability in general, but gets carried away and swears live on air. Could this be the end of Amy’s radio presenting career?

STEVE FINALLY HAS SOME LUCK IN LOVE In the cab office, an upbeat Steve tells Tim that since he joined the new dating site Abi recommended, he’s had three matches. In the café, Steve shows Abi and Kevin a picture of Maggie, a potential date, and as Kevin makes sexist remarks, Abi storms out in a huff. A delighted Steve tells Tim that Maggie has agreed to meet him for lunch in the Bistro. Is Steve’s luck finally changing?

LEANNE PLANS TO EXPAND THE BISTRO Leanne tells Nick that thanks to Rowan, she’s had a great idea for the bistro and they should do pop-up stalls to broaden their market. At the mention of Rowan, Nick bristles. Nick reveals Leanne’s plans to expand the business and asks Toyah if she’d manage the bistro in the meantime but Nick’s left disappointed when Toyah turns him down.

ELSEWHERE Alya calls at the solicitors for a client file to find Adam struggling with the admin. When Adam suggests they pull out of the joint work they’re doing with Fabian’s, Dee-Dee accuses him of being petty, orders him to suck it up and get on with the filing.

Friday 24 May Double Episode


BERNIE TELLS A FATAL LIE TO GET RID OF DENNY Paul, Billy and Gemma are blown away by the MND crowdfunder, sure it will make the council sit up and take notice about the possible centre closure. Meanwhile a man approaches Bernie outside the café, telling her he heard Paul on the radio and didn’t realise his son was dying. Bernie covers her shock and makes out Paul’s already dead and the interview was a recording. But disbelieving Denny follows her up to the flat where Gemma and Paul are shocked to see their Dad. When Denny remarks that Paul looks great for someone that’s supposedly dead, Bernie freezes in horror.

STEVE LEADS TIM INTO AN ADULTEROUS TRAP A nervous Steve meets up with internet date Carole in the Rovers, but he’s thrown to discover she’s brought three friends with her. Aurora invites Tim to join them and refuses to take no for an answer. When Sally calls at the pub and spots Tim with a drunken woman, giggling like a school boy, how will she react?

MARY PUSHES ROY TO REJIG HIS MEMORY Mary visits a desolate Roy in hospital. When Roy reveals that he keeps trying to remember the details of a conversation he overheard between Max and Lauren as he feels sure it’s of significance, Mary urges him not to give up as it’ll come to him eventually. When Nina reveals that the police are going to film a reconstruction in the café of Lauren’s last known movements, Amy offers to mention it on her radio show to raise awareness.

ELSEWHERE Rich and Alya arrive for their meeting with Adam. Adam’s taken aback to learn that Alya’s going to work in Dublin. Adam hands them a summary of the case, determined to impress Alya. Gary and Maria discuss private therapy for Liam, with Gary suggesting they sell the factory to fund it. Liam listens in deeply troubled.

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