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Monday 20 September* (Check local listings for time due to the Election) (UK Airing 06 September 2021)


LAURA COMES TO HER DAUGHTER’S DEFENCE Kelly takes the witness box and tells the court how Corey attacked Seb and kicked him repeatedly despite her begging him to stop. Sabeen suggests she attacked Seb in order to impress Corey. Laura takes the stand, claiming Kelly is a model daughter and would never have hurt Seb. Has she done enough for Kelly?

PHELAN IS A PAIN IN THE ASH Eileen reads the eulogy she’s written for Patsy. George feels terrible and reveals the awful truth, that the ashes are actually Phelan’s. Floored, Eileen hurries out, ordering Todd to stay out of her sight.

CURTIS DISAPPEARS ON EMMA Emma confides in Steve that Curtis has failed to turn up and she’s worried he might have collapsed again. In the Rovers, Curtis sits alone, drowning his sorrows.

ELSEWHERE Chesney’s shocked to realise Hope’s going back to school and makes it clear he doesn’t want her anywhere near Joseph. Alina tells Tyrone that she’s arranged a call with her parents so they can discuss arrangements for their trip. However they’re interrupted by Fiz who reveals they need to collect Hope from school as she’s not settling in.

Tuesday 21 September

THE JURY ARE SENT OUT The trial coming to an end, Imran and Sabeen deliver their closing speeches. Despairing, Abi yells at the jury not to believe Corey.

GEORGE FINALLY URNS EILEEN’S TRUST Apologising profusely, George asks Eileen how she’d like him to dispose of the ashes. George confirms he’s done as she asked. Eileen forgives him, when George suggests they give their relationship another go will she be tempted?

EMMA REALISES HOW TOUGH THE FUTURE MIGHT BE Emma and Steve find Curtis drunk in the Rovers. Steve gives him a talking to about messing his daughter around. Curtis tells Emma how sorry he is and explains that he just wishes the hospital would give him a proper diagnosis as the not knowing is driving him mad.

ELSEWHERE After some gentle persuasion, Hope agrees to return to school. When Tyrone reveals that Alina’s booked them a trip to Romania, Fiz asserts he should go as he deserves a break. Tyrone’s torn.

Wednesday 22 September and Thursday 23 September


THE VERDICT IS IN With the jury out Imran is still fighting to prove Kelly’s innocence, while Abi is desperate to unmask Corey for the killer he is. Abi intends to find some hard proof that Stefan bribed a witness. Kevin wishes she’d just leave it to Imran. Back in court the verdict is in, will justice be served?

EMOTIONS RUN HIGH Meanwhile, Imran shares a drink with Sabeen.

THE COURT VERDICT ROCKS THE STREET Back on the street the residents discuss the verdict and meanwhile there is some shocking news from the prison.

Friday 24 September (Double episode)


TYRONE CAN’T FIGHT HIS FEELINGS Tyrone struggles to muster up any interest in Alina’s Romanian wedding plans, especially when he finds Fiz crying over a petition to have Hope removed from school. Hearing what’s happened Phill calls on Fiz and suggests a bite to eat. When Evelyn reveals to Tyrone that Phill has taken Fiz to the bistro, his jealousy is evident. Unable to help himself, Tyrone follows them and when Phill goes to the loo, Tyrone blurts out to Fiz how much he misses her and the girls. How will Fiz react?

IMRAN DEFLECTS HIS GUILT Imran heads home in last night’s clothes. Awash with guilt, Imran makes out that he got drunk and spent the night at the office.

JAMES IS TIRED OF WAITING FOR ANSWERS Having been told by the hospital that he’s still not ready to return to football, a frustrated James tells Ed and Aggie that he’s going to chase up the police investigation. Craig watches with unease from across the street.

ABI DROPS A BOMBSHELL Abi has some devastating news for Kevin.

ELSEWHERE Aadi rails at Dev for his total lack of interest in him and his new girlfriend, Summer. Dev forms a plan.

TYRONE TAKES HIS STRESS OUT ON ALINA As Tyrone reveals how much he enjoyed their kiss and how his engagement to Alina was an accident, Fiz listens with disbelief. Will she take Tyrone back? Tyrone tells Alina that Fiz is thinking of moving away with the girls and he can’t possibly go to Romania with her at the moment. Alina’s hurt. In the factory, Michael advises Alina to cut Tyrone some slack as his kids will always come first. Alina tells Tyrone she’s cancelled their trip and accepts that his girls come first. Tyrone masks his guilt.

JAMES IS GIVEN A REASON TO HOPE Craig assures James that the police investigation is underway and he’s told them he wants to be re-interviewed.

ELSEWHERE Dev throws a dinner party for Aadi, Summer and Billy and explains that he wants to get to know Summer better.