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Monday 27 April 2017

Nick, Leanne, Toyah, Simon, Tracy and Adam listen in disbelief as Peter explains how Chloe became infatuated with him and on the night of Ken's fall, he called round to see her and made it clear he wasn't interested. In retaliation, she smashed up her house, cut herself and threatened to report him for assault. Peter admits he broke Simon's phone on purpose in an attempt to destroy the message as he feared no one would believe his story. Will they buy Peter's claims? Peter calls at Chloe's and begs her to help him, explaining that Ken was pushed down the stairs the evening he was with her and she's his only alibi. Will Chloe agree to clear his name?

Daniel tells Sinead he has to get away as it's clear his family think he tried to kill Ken. Sinead reckons running away will only compound their suspicions.

Bethany returns home upset and admits her relationship with Nathan might be over. Sarah confides in Gary how relieved she is, unaware that Bethany is listening. In the tanning salon, Nathan tears a strip off Mel for winding Bethany up.

In return for her kindness, Kevin gives Erica's car a valet. Shaken up after giving Eileen her first driving lesson, Phelan suggests she'd be best to hire a proper instructor. Sally's thrilled when Cheshire Haven invite her to do an interview. Tim warns her to act with caution after her last ordeal.

Originally broadcast on April 7

Tuesday 28 April 2017

When Tim discovers that Sally has reactivated her social media accounts, he's furious, worried she's putting herself in danger. Having received a text telling her to look at the Gazette, Sally's horrified to read her own obituary. In front of the factory girls, Sally masks her fears, but when she receives some threatening texts, her facade crumbles. Back at home the journalist from the Cheshire Haven arrives. Tim heads to the pub, keen to avoid any publicity, just as Sally opens a parcel she's been sent and is horrified at its contents.

Toyah and Peter prepare to head to the clinic for her egg harvesting but they're interrupted by the police who arrest Peter on an assault charge. Worried that she's going to miss her appointment, Toyah asks Leanne to accompany her. The police interview Peter and reveal that Chloe has made a statement saying he assaulted her the night before Ken was pushed down the stairs and is happy to testify in court.

In the cafe, Maria spots Aidan and, in a bid to wind him up, cosies up to David. How will Aidan respond? Meanwhile, David continues to wind Gail up and tells her Maria's pregnant and they're getting engaged. Gail is stunned.

With bankruptcy looming, Anna sorts out some old clothes to sell. Craig talks to Bethany about what he's dealing with training as a Special.

Originally broadcast on April 10

Wednesday 29 April 2017

At the factory, Sally sobs as she reviews the contents of the parcel. When she fails to turn up for her interview, Sophie and Tim set off in search of Sally. Finding her alone in the factory, Sally breaks down in Tim's arms, revealing all the vile messages she's received, her obituary in the paper and now the parcel. Tim's horrified and swears he'll find the perpetrator and have his revenge. At Tim's insistence, Sally closes down all her social media accounts but how will she react when he suggests she step down from the council too?

The police produce Simon's phone and play the incriminating message to Peter suggesting he planned to do a runner after trying to kill Ken. Peter insists he didn't lay a finger on Ken and intends to prove it. He rushes to the IVF clinic and reveals to Toyah how Chloe is trying to frame him for the attack on Ken.

Having clocked the tension between Aidan and Maria, David is intrigued. Maria admits they had an affair but he refused to leave Eva for her. When Gail tells Audrey about Maria's pregnancy, Audrey reveals it's a wind up. Gail resolves to get even.

Bethany apologises to Nathan for overreacting and begs him to give her another chance. Will Nathan agree? Aware of Kevin's financial woes, Freddie announces he's thinking of retiring.

Originally broadcast on April 10

Thursday 30 April 2017

Tim worries about Sally while she paints on a smile, adamant she's going to fulfil her council duties. Flanked by Rosie and Sophie, Sally arrives at the Town Hall for the LGBTQI event. Fearful that someone is planning an attack on Sally, Tim follows. While Sally gives her speech, Tim notices a woman break away from the crowd on her phone. Convinced she's Sally's stalker, Tim grabs the phone and stamps on it. As a fracas ensues, the police are called. Has Tim made a terrible mistake and can Sally continue to mask her fears?

Michelle arrives back from holiday and apologises to Robert for the way she treated him before she left. Johnny and Jenny meet with Michelle to talk wedding plans but Johnny's not himself and Michelle's worried. Reading Johnny's discomfort as wedding nerves, Michelle assures him it's quite normal to have second thoughts. Jenny is furious, and, accusing Michelle of sabotaging her wedding, sacks her as their wedding planner. Depressed, Michelle confides in Robert that with no weddings to plan and no pub to run, she doesn't know what to do. Robert forms a plan.

David discovers that his old client, Mrs Moss, has left him something in her will.

Toyah pays Ken a visit and does her best to convince him of Peter's innocence.

Originally broadcast on April 12

Friday 31 April 2017

Steve calls on Michelle and, telling her how much he still loves her, begs her to attend marriage counselling with him that afternoon. When Robert offers Michelle the manager's job at the Bistro, she's grateful and confides in him how Steve wants her to attend marriage guidance. Burying his own feelings, Robert encourages her to go. As Steve waits for Michelle, will she decide to give their marriage another go or does her heart lie elsewhere?

Kevin and Anna break the news to Tyrone that the garage is facing bankruptcy. But when Sarah lets slip to Gary about David's £20k windfall, Gary's furious, pointing out that he nearly killed Anna who's struggling to make ends meet.

Determined to track down Sally's online troll, Rosie and Sophie pay the Gazette offices a visit. Rosie's taken aback to come face to face with the photographer who twisted her words over Sally's building site protest and, using it to her advantage, demands he gives them some information.

When Jenny discusses wedding plans, Johnny becomes flustered but she remains oblivious to his stress. However, as Kate watches him struggle to focus while proofreading invitations, she can tell there's something wrong. When Anna refuses to let Faye attend Seb's sentencing, she secretly arranges to go with Phelan instead.

Originally broadcast on April 14

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