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Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Coronation Street’s schedule has changed to 3 days per week: Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays, as a result of ITV’s reduced transmission schedule.
ITV has made the decision to suspend production of Coronation Street for the time being to ensure the health and well-being of the production team, actors, crew, and their families. This change in schedule will ensure that new episodes should keep coming until at least the early summer.
Thanks for your patience in this difficult time.

Monday 13 April UK airing week of 23 March


BERNIE FEARS GEMMA’S GOT MORE THAN BABY BLUES As the babies continue to cry, a panic stricken Gemma tries to break the door down. Arriving with Mother’s Day balloons, Bernie’s shocked to find Gemma in such a distressed state. Having forced the door, Bernie assures her they’re all fine but Gemma dissolves into floods of tears, branding herself an unfit mum. Gemma admits that she’s exhausted but too afraid to sleep. Bernie insists she’ll move in to lend a hand but on condition Gemma sees a doctor. Gemma agrees but makes Bernie promise not to tell Chesney. Chesney returns home and is put out to find Bernie has moved in.
NICK DROPS A BOMBSHELL ON DAVID David tells Nick and Gail how Clayton has been dripping poison into Shona’s ear. Nick attempts to go and talk to Shona but she refuses to see him, her key worker asking him to pass a message to David.
RYAN TRIES TO COMFORT ALYA Alya frets about Yasmeen, wishing there was something she could do. 
EVELYN GIVES ARTHUR ANOTHER CHANCE Arthur tells Evelyn how sorry he is for letting her down and begs her to give him another chance. She agrees to think about it before tearing a strip off Tyrone for interfering, admitting she’s considering his offer of another date.
ELSEWHERE Ken and Norris sneak out to the Rovers for a treat. But when Ken hears that Eccles will be home alone for the night, he’s concerned and forms a plan to take Eccles back to Stillwaters.

Tuesday 14 April


DAVID FINDS A WAY TO MOVE ON Masking his devastation, David tells Maria that Shona’s done him a favour asking for a divorce as it’ll allow him to move on. Finding a dejected Alina in Victoria Garden, David sits down and offers her a beer. Alina takes it and it’s clear there’s a spark between them. Before she can stop him, David texts Nick claiming Alina’s ill and needs the rest of the day off. Emma confides in Seb that she’s concerned about Alina who seems to be avoiding them.
ALYA IS GIVEN HOPE FROM ZEEDAN Geoff surreptitiously makes another appointment with Rachel the escort. A despondent Alya reveals to Ryan that Zeedan is getting married but he’s not inviting the family. Ryan reckons this could be their opportunity to get Yasmeen away from Geoff and urges Alya to call Zeedan back and tell him they’re coming whether he likes it or not.
BERNIE FORCES GEMMA TO SEEK HELP When Gemma tries to wriggle out of seeing the doctor, Bernie threatens to tell Chesney everything. Bernie explains to Dr Gaddas that Gemma’s not sleeping and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.
ELSEWHERE Charles is outraged to discover Ken has smuggled a dog into his apartment and issues a fine. Evelyn summons Claudia for another makeover and tells her that she’s meeting Arthur later.

Wednesday 15 April


SEB CAN’T STAY OUT OF ALINA AND DAVID’S BUSINESS In the Rovers, David and Seb row. When David accuses him of being jealous over Alina Seb sees red and punches David. Emma’s horrified. Upset, Emma tells Seb that it’s clear he still has feelings for Alina and he needs to find somewhere else to stay. Nick urges David not to give up on his marriage. David breaks down in tears.
BERNIE STRUGGLES TO HELP GEMMA Gemma plays down her depression and assures Dr Gaddas she’s just overly tired. Bernie’s frustrated by her daughter’s refusal to accept help, berating Gemma for failing to tell the doctor that she’s suffering from postnatal depression. Chesney wants to know what they’re rowing about, will Bernie reveal the truth?
ALYA TRIES TO GET YASMEEN AWAY Alya and Ryan tell Yasmeen that Zeedan is getting married in Spain and has invited them to the wedding. When Geoff asserts they can’t abandon the restaurant, Alya explains he’s not on the guest list. Having summoned Alya to No.6, Geoff takes great pleasure in announcing that he too will be attending the wedding and has booked a hotel. Alya’s seething.
ELSEWHERE Arthur walks Evelyn home and telling her how much he enjoyed their date, suggests they do it again. Ken confronts Charles over the extortionate fine.

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