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Monday 22 April and Tuesday 23 April (UK Airing 29 March 2024)


GLENDA GETS SOME UNWELCOME VISITORS With Jenny heading off to a posh dinner with Rita and Daisy going away with Ryan, a glammed up Glenda agrees to host the speed dating night at the Rovers. The night is lacking in romance aside from Christina taking a shine to guy with a tattoo. With the chaos of the evening over and the pub closed, Glenda heads through to the bar to find masked burglars raiding the till. One of the men orders Glenda to get down on the floor. Terrified, Glenda does as she’s told. As the robbers make off with the takings, a tearful and panicky Glenda calls the police. Jenny returns home to find out from Glenda that they’ve been burgled. Glenda puts on a brave face, but Jenny insists she takes the morning off. Paul and Billy call at the Rovers to retrieve Paul’s laptop. They’re gutted to find out it was stolen by the burglars. Glenda feels terrible. With the pub closed, Glenda offers Jenny and Daisy a nightcap, but as she heads through to the bar, she relives the awful events of the night before and it’s clear they’re taking their toll.

STEVE SPEEDS INTO A DATING DISASTER Steve decides to get back on the horse and sets off for the speed dating night at the Rovers. With the speed dating in full flow, Steve’s unimpressed to find himself sitting opposite Tracy but at the next move he hits it off with Cassie. The speed dating over, Steve suggests to Cassie they meet up again. Are things looking up for Steve?

IT’S JUDGEMENT DAY FOR JOSEPH Chesney receives a call from Dawn, the Admissions Officer at Oakhill to inform him that Joseph passed the exam and she’ll be round tomorrow to interview him. Gemma and Chesney set about cleaning the house in preparation for Joseph’s interview. How will it go?

ELSEWHERE In the flower shop flat, Paul plays back some of his pre-recorded messages through his laptop. Billy reckons it still needs some work. Sarah calls at the corner shop flat and asks Adam if they can put the sale of the flat on hold for now. Adam assures her there’s no rush, but when he tentatively suggests it would be nice if they could be friends again, Sarah tells him it’s too soon and hurries out.

Wednesday 24 April and Thursday 25 April


STEVE’S BIN AND MADE A BAD DECISION Steve reads the letter from Tommy inviting Tracy to move to Spain with him and hides it. Over lunch in the Bistro, Tracy admits to Amy that she misses having a man in her life. Steve returns home and is taken aback to find Tracy there and as he reaches into his pocket for Tommy’s letter, he stops in his tracks when Tracy announces she’d like them to get back together. Tracy assures Steve that Tommy was a stupid mistake and promises she’s back for good. As Steve heads out for a celebratory bottle of wine, a subdued Tracy watches him go. When Steve reveals that he and Tracy are back together, Dev is horrified and refuses to serve him. After suggesting that they go to the pub instead, Tracy heads out and Steve burns Tommy’s letter, determined to save his marriage. Will Steve be able to hide this from Tracy?

DAISY’S SPENDING IS A CAUSE OF CONCERN FOR JENNY As Daisy climbs out of Tim’s taxi with her shopping bags, Bethany reckons she must have spent a fortune but Daisy snaps that it’s all from the charity shops in Alderley Edge. In the Rovers, an intrigued Bethany overhears Jenny tearing a strip off Daisy for spending so much money on her shopping spree and points out that they need to keep a low profile money-wise. Tim lets slip that he picked Daisy up from the centre of Manchester and Bethany realises she was lying. Is Bethany coming close to uncovering the truth about Daisy?

GARY HAS A PLAN TO HELP MARIA David tells Maria that if she doesn’t return to work very soon, Audrey will look to replace her. Maria confides in Gary that she’ll lose her job if she doesn’t return soon and although they need the money, she doesn’t feel ready to leave Liam. Gary approaches Carla and tells her he’s thinking of selling the factory building and he’d like her to have first refusal but Carla admits there’s no way she can afford it. Maria waits for Gary to go out and then pulls out a box from her bag and opens it.

ELSEWHERE Hope calls at the Kabin and asks Brian for a paper round and when Brian confirms that there is a vacancy, Hope asks for an advance on her wages and explains that there’s a guy in the precinct flogging a cheap laptop and she needs the cash. Linda collects Joseph to take him for his school uniform fitting but to Gemma’s dismay, Chesney insists that he’ll pay for it. When Chesney reveals that he’s trying to get the money together for Joseph’s new school uniform, Dev has an idea…

Friday 26 March Double Episode


BETHANY FINDS SOME NOTES ON A SCANDAL Determined to get on better with Daisy, Bethany tells Daniel she’s going to call in and see if she needs help preparing for their dinner tonight. In the Rovers, Bethany persuades a reluctant Daisy to let her help with the cooking and whilst Daisy’s distracted, Bethany turns the oven up on the apple pie. Having discovered the apple pie burnt to a crisp, Daisy heads out to buy a replacement leaving Bethany and Ryan to prepare the evening meal. When Jenny calls Ryan through to the bar, Bethany seizes the opportunity to rifle through drawers, stuffs something in her handbag and hurries out. In the builder’s yard flat, Bethany takes out Stephen’s journal from her bag and flicks through it, intrigued. Will Bethany find out the truth about the Rovers?

MARIA KEEPS AN EYE ON LIAM A nervous Maria heads off to work leaving Gary to home-school Liam. In the salon, Maria and Audrey discuss hairstyle options with a bride to be as Maria takes a sneak peak at an app on her phone which allows her to watch Gary and Liam in the flat through a hidden camera. As Maria works on the bride’s hair, she stops to check her camera app and starts to panic when Liam disappears to the bathroom. After checking her phone again to find that Liam still hasn’t emerged from the bathroom, Maria grabs her bag and hurries out.

KEN PLANS A FAREWELL GATHERING FOR TRACY Tracy calls at No.1 for the last of her things and admits to Ken, Amy and Daniel how much she’s going to miss them. Ken suggests a farewell drink in the Rovers. Ken, Amy and Daniel raise a toast to Tracy and wish her well with her new life in Spain as Steve buries himself in his newspaper and Amy feels for him.

ELSEWHERE In the solicitors’, Dee-Dee confides in Adam and Alya that she’s worried all the evidence so far is stacked against Roy. Carla tells Dee-Dee about Roy’s sleep-walking and the abusive calls and feeling the pressure, Dee-Dee assures Carla she’s doing everything she can to prove Roy’s innocence.

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