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Monday 29 November (UK Airing 10 November)


SUMMER’S WILDEST DREAMS DON’T COME TRUE As Summer heads out of class, she spots two tickets for The Importance of Being Earnest on Daniel’s desk. Daniel catches up with Summer in the school corridor and asks her if she’s free this evening, he explains that he’d like her to babysit. In the corner shop flat, Adam warns Daniel that Daisy is trouble and he’ll end up getting hurt.

AADI FINALLY SNAPS Dev reveals that the police are checking the CCTV. Aadi returns home and points out how he rescued Asha but left him to die in a burning car. Dev does his best to reassure Aadi that he loves him and his sister equally. Asha arrives home and Aadi turns his anger on Asha, telling her he’s spent his whole life playing second fiddle. Aadi slams out of the house. Kelly approaches Nina and Asha outside the chippy and assures them she didn’t key Dev’s car and is telling the truth about her trip to York. Will they believe her story?

SARAH IS WORRIED ABOUT CARLA In the factory, Sarah notices the Dexter order is due out to the States in two days’ time. A stressed Carla promises to sort it. After a tip off from Sarah, Peter drags Carla out for lunch and admits that he’s worried about her.

TYRONE SPOILS THE PARTY Tyrone calls at No.9 just as Phill arrives back from the school run with Hope and Ruby.  When Phill reveals that Ruby’s been invited to a party, but Hope’s not welcome, Fiz is annoyed, but Tyrone assures him it’s not his fault. At the kids’ party, Tyrone makes it clear to Penny that he’s not impressed by her attitude towards Hope.

ELSEWHERE  Having been left to look after Sam, Simon does his best to persuade him out of his room, but without any success.

Tuesday 30 November

DEV FEARS HE HAS LOST AADI FOR GOOD Aadi asks Summer if he can crash on their sofa. Aadi and Kelly strike up an unlikely friendship and Kelly tells Aadi he’s welcome to crash at her digs. As Kelly and Aadi approach her digs, Cole appears and threatens Kelly, revealing that she’s inadvertently dobbed him into the police as he used their trip to York to pick up a consignment of stolen phones.

TYRONE MOVES ON BUT STAYS CLOSE TO HOME Isla approaches Tyrone and Phill and was impressed at the way Tyrone put Penny in her place. Isla suggests they all go for a milkshake together. Whilst Hope and Isla’s daughter, Darcy giggle over their milkshakes, Isla flirts with Tyrone and suggests they meet for a drink sometime. When Tyrone reveals that he’s agreed to a date with Isla, Fiz is annoyed.

SUMMER LEARNS THE IMPORTANCE OF GETTING IT RIGHT Summer arrives at Daniel’s flat for babysitting duty. Daniel collects Daisy for their theatre date. Daniel returns home and hastily ushers Summer out of the door.  As Summer heads off, she turns, only to see Daniel welcoming Daisy into his flat.

LEANNE IS THERE FOR SAM Leanne talks to Sam through the locked bedroom door and tells him she understands his pain but as part of his family, she just wants to help. Will Sam soften to Leanne?

CARLA NEEDS TIME TO GRIEVE Carla tears a strip off Sarah for whining to Peter and announces that she’s taking two weeks’ holiday as of now. Knowing how busy they are, Sarah’s horrified. When Carla reveals she’s booked some time off to recuperate and deal with her grief over Johnny’s death, Peter’s overcome with relief.

Wednesday 01 December and Thursday 02 December


IMRAN TRIES TO BE KELLY’S HERO Kelly meets up with Amy in the cafe and nicks her phone. Tracy confronts Kelly and accuses her of stealing Amy’s phone. Imran sticks up for Kelly, but when Amy’s phone rings in her bag, Kelly’s banged to rights. Aadi tells Dev that he’s willing to come home on condition that Kelly moves in with them. Imran and Aadi call at Kelly’s accommodation only to find her stuff gone. Lonely and frightened, Kelly beds down in a shop doorway for the night.

TYRONE IS HIT WITH THE TRUTH Tyrone meets up with Isla for lunch in Speed Daal and they immediately hit it off. As Tyrone and Isla head out of Speed Daal, a man approaches and explaining that he’s Isla’s husband, punches Tyrone, sending him flying. Fiz and Phill rush to Tyrone’s aid. At No.9, Fiz tends to Tyrone’s bloodied nose.

ADAM FEARS DAISY ISN’T A POSITIVE INFLUENCER When Daniel reveals the childminder has let him down, Jenny suggests Daisy can step in. In the cafe, Daisy takes selfies with Bertie and posts them online. Adam warns Daniel that Daisy’s using Bertie to boost her internet profile. Daniel thanks Daisy for childminding and hopes they can spend more time together.

SUMMER FINDS A DISTRACTION. As Summer helps Max with his science project, he reveals that he’s currently working on a film in his own time. Max shows David his science project.  David’s delighted that Summer’s having such a positive influence over him.

Friday 26 November


AADI MISSES KELLY’S CALL FOR HELP Kelly’s phone rings with a call from Imran but as she goes to answer it, her battery dies. Kelly enters a hotel and plugs her phone into a socket in the foyer but the hotel receptionist approaches, demanding to know which room she’s staying in. Another guest, Alan, comes to her rescue. Alan tells her she’s welcome to knock on his bedroom door any time. Kelly hurries out of the hotel. Kelly returns to the shop doorway only to find what few things she had have been stolen. At No.7, Dev and Asha persuade a reluctant Aadi to join them for lunch, unaware that Kelly is desperately trying to call him. With no other option, Kelly returns to the hotel and knocks on Alan’s bedroom door.

JENNY IS GIVEN A SHOCK AT JOHNNY’S FUNERAL Johnny’s funeral takes place. Carla, then Jenny, each gives a heartfelt eulogy. At Johnny’s wake, Jenny knocks back the wine while Carla watches with concern. Jenny tells Daisy that she’s the sole beneficiary in Johnny’s will and he’s left her £20k.

MAX UPSETS SAM Nick tells Sam that they’re moving back to the flat today. As Nick, Leanne and Sam approach Victoria Court, David and Max round the corner. When Max makes some insensitive remarks alluding to Natasha’s death, Nick’s furious. Leanne assures Nick that with family support, Sam will be fine.

ELSEWHERE Tim visits Faye in prison. Fiz calls at the garage and tells Tyrone that he mustn’t beat himself up as it would appear Isla has a reputation for copping off with the other Dads behind her husband’s back.

Part 2

KELLY’S RIGHT BACK TO SQUARE ONE Kelly calls Aadi who assures her she’s welcome to stay at No.7. As Kelly approaches No.7, she’s devastated to overhear Asha telling Aadi that she’s not welcome on the street. Kelly calls Aadi, making out there’s been a change of plan and she’s staying at her Mum’s. Aadi’s left suspicious.

JENNY MANAGES TO ALIENATE EVERYONE Jenny asserts that she doesn’t deserve Johnny’s money and reckons Daisy is after both Johnny’s and Daniel’s money. Daniel finds a tearful Daisy in Victoria Garden. Daniel assures her it was just the drink talking and that perhaps they should conduct their romance in secret in future, how will Daisy react?

THERE’S NO GET OUT OF JAIL FREE CARD FOR FAYE Tim voices his worries about Faye to Sally. Sally shares her worries about Faye with Debbie and wonders if they should pay Ray a visit in the hope he might confess to the sexual assault.

SAM TURNS A CORNER Leanne encourages Sam to write down his happy memories of his Mum and store them in a jar. But Sam refuses to engage and slopes off back to his room.

ELSEWHERE When Phill reveals that he’s been offered a log cabin in Aviemore over Christmas, Tyrone masks his disappointment and assures him the girls will love it.