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Monday 02 October (Continued from Friday 29 September) UK Airing 06 September

LAUREN GETS BETWEEN MAX AND SABRINA Max lies to Lauren, making out he’s in college all day before heading to the precinct with Sabrina. A deflated Lauren watches from a distance. As Sabrina heads off, Gav urges Max to stop messing about and ask Sabrina out as it’s obvious he fancies her. Back at the café Lauren attempts to wind Sabrina up by making out that she and Max are an item. Max assures Sabrina that’s not the case but will she believe him? Alone in the salon, Lauren in a fit of rage, trashes the place.

ELSEWHERE Bernie offers to make a contribution to the bills, but Gemma won’t hear of it, pointing out that she got them into this mess. Chesney’s concerned that the stress could make her ill again.

Tuesday 03 October and Wednesday 04 October


CASSIE OPENS UP ABOUT HER PAST Abi suggests to Cassie she should join her at the support group as it’s the only way she’ll ever get clean. When Cassie asks Tyrone to go with her, he finds it difficult to refuse. At the support group, Cassie lies to the group, telling them how her Mum kicked her out, she turned to prostitution and ended up on drugs. Tyrone listens, his heart breaking. An angry Tyrone asserts that he’s disgusted with Evelyn for turning her back on her own daughter and he intends to have it out with her.

LAUREN LEAVES HER FRIENDSHIP WITH MAX IN PIECES David lays the law down with Max, telling him that since he refuses to go to college, he can start as an apprentice hairdresser.. Max lets himself into the salon and surveys the mess with horror. Lauren admits that she trashed the place in fit of temper. Having done their best to clean up the salon, Max orders Lauren out and promises he’ll cover for her. But when David and Maria clock the broken mirror, they demand Max tell them what’s been going on. In the café, Lauren apologises to Roy for missing her shift. However they’re interrupted by a police officer who announces that he’s arresting her on suspicion of causing criminal damage. Lauren’s heart sinks.

STU NEEDS TO STEP UP TO THE PLATE Eliza’s excited to go to the cinema with her dad but when she returns home from school in tears and tells Stu she started her period in the middle of PE, wanted to die with embarrassment and doesn’t want to see her Dad, Stu hugs her.

ELSEWHERE When Courtney suggests an afternoon tryst, Aadi’s torn and explains that he’s got a meeting with Darren and Dev. Aadi attends the meeting but when Darren starts quizzing him about his love life, Aadi wishes the ground would swallow him up. Ronnie tells Ed he’s transferred half of the share money into his personal account so that Aggie never gets wind of it. Ed assures him he can trust him.

Thursday 05 October and Friday 06 October


STU’S FEELINGS RUN AWAY WITH HIM When Stu receives a call from the school telling him Eliza failed to turn up this morning, he’s deeply concerned, believing she’d gone in early. Stu arrives at Dom’s house and accuses him of kidnapping Eliza during the night. Eliza explains that she ran away by herself and this is now her home. Having been summoned by Stu, a social worker arrives with a police officer in tow, intent on talking to Eliza. Felicity tells Stu that it’s best Eliza stays at Dom’s house for now. Stu’s incensed and as the officer attempts to usher him away, Stu accidentally smacks him in the face. Dom watches with satisfaction as Stu is arrested for assault.

DEV GETS A SURPRISE AT HIS PARTY When Dev refers to Aadi and Amy as a couple, Aadi’s quick to correct him and makes out he’s already seeing someone called Monica. Darren confides in Dev that he and Courtney are having marriage problems and he suspects she’s having an affair. Amy listens in. With the celebratory lunch underway, Amy warns Aadi that Darren knows Courtney is playing away. When Dev reveals that Aadi’s got a new girlfriend, Darren, Courtney and Amy are all ears as he describes her as beautiful, funny and intelligent. With Dev and Darren distracted, Aadi follows Courtney out where they share a kiss. Dev is gobsmacked to find his son in a passionate clinch with the boss’ wife!

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