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Monday 18 October (UK Airing 04 October 2021)


NINA IS PLAYED BY COREY After distributing homemade leaflets about Corey, Nina is devastated to discover he has been named in the opening line-up for County. She vows to name and shame him and takes to social media labelling him a murderer. How will Corey react?

IMRAN IS FORCED TO PLAY ALONG WITH SABEEN Having been given the green light by Toyah to help Sabeen with her big case Imran is faced with doing as she says or risk her exposing his lies. Sabeen says she needs him to use his local contacts to trace Sharon.

ZEEDAN REALISES THERE IS COMPETITION IN TOWN Alya, Yasmeen and Zeedan worry that Speed Daal can’t survive by relying on its takeaway trade and they need more diners through the door.  Zeedan forms a plan to have a promotional tasting night. But he makes the mistake of telling Debbie about it!

THE BAILEY’S GET SOME GOOD NEWS Ed and Aggie congratulate James when he receives a letter from the police upholding his complaint and proffering an official apology. James admits to Aggie he feels flat about his victory, wondering what it actually amounts to.  Aggie reminds him that every minor triumph is a positive step and she’s proud of him.

ELSEWHERE Sally’s outraged to spot Councillor Cameron’s car parked on the street again and persuades Fergus to issue him with a ticket for obstructing a dropped kerb.

Tuesday 19 October

COREY DRIVES NINA OVER THE EDGE Nina curses herself for giving Corey the opportunity to play the victim and vows he won’t get away with it. She tries to convince Daniel to run a story but when that fails and Kevin shows her Corey’s post match press conference she declares that she wants to  kill him. Later when she is driving past Seb’s memorial garden she sees Corey in there laughing on his phone and sees red. What will she do?

IMRAN GIVES SABEEN WHAT SHE WANTS Acting on Sabeen’s instructions, Imran grills Simon who willingly hands over the phone that Harvey gave him for dugs drops. Imran hands over Simon’s phone to Sabeen. When Toyah suggests they look into fostering another child, Imran willingly agrees.

ZEEDAN STARTS A WAR Zeedan vows to improve Speed Daal’s menu to put the bistro firmly in the shade. Alya worries about the cost of using only the finest ingredients while Yasmeen’s just pleased to have him back in the fold and committed to the family business.

ELSEWHERE Councillor Cameron furiously remonstrates with Fergus for giving him a ticket. Sally leaps to his defence and Fergus is impressed by her passion. PC Brody calls at No.3 to apologise to James in person. When he still insists he’s not racist, James explains he made a judgement based on appearance and urges him to do better. Summer takes her worries about her Oxford application out on Aadi.

Wednesday 20 October


KEVIN’S FEARS FOR ABI GROW The Gazette is full of Corey scoring a goal in his first match. Nina feels there’s no escaping his smug face. Nina tells Roy she intends to make the most of life rather than dwell on pursuing justice, as she couldn’t bear to cause him pain.  Roy’s hugely relieved to have got through to her. Hearing Roy voice concerns for Nina’s mental state renews Kevin’s fears for Abi and he anxious that something has happened to her when Sally reveals she’s had no response from her either.  Kevin leaves a new message, pleading for Abi to get in touch.

ZEEDAN IS LEFT WITH A BITTER TASTE With woefully few bookings for the tasting event, Zeedan heads out to drum up some interest and teach Debbie a lesson. Yasmeen and Alya break the news to Zeedan that they’ve been inundated with last-minute bookings but Navid, Speed Daal’s chef, hascalled in sick.

DESPERATE SUMMER TAKES DRASTIC ACTION Daniel’s miffed when Summer reveals she’s now using her mentor’s personal statement for guidance rather than his. When Summer leaves her bag at No.7, Aadi’s shocked to discover she’s copied her mentor’s personal statement, word for word onto her own.

SALLY PARKS HER ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATIONS Sally and Tim celebrate their first anniversary. But the occasion is swiftly forgotten when a thrilled Sally opens a letter saying the council is considering her parking proposals. Tim’s irked when Sally ditches him to discuss the parking campaign with Fergus in the Rovers. Tim ruefully remarks to Gary that the demented glint in Sally’s eye is back.

ELSEWHERE Jenny’s amused by Daisy’s outrage at Daniel turning her down for a date. Thinking them ill-suited, Jenny pushes Daisy to serve Leo, a handsome bloke who enters the pub. James informs Michael that County’s PR team has apologised for their lack of support for his police complaint. Michael’s pleased and urges James to use his platform for good.

Thursday 21 October

KEVIN TURNS DETECTIVE A frantic Kevin informs the police of Abi’s disappearance but is shocked to get a notification from the bank of a £5K withdrawal from their joint account. Sickened by the thought of what Abi’s taken it for Kevin visits the Dog & Gun with a photo of Abi, asking the regulars if she’s been in. Discovering Seb’s dad Tez is in the bar he breaks the news of Seb’s murder and explains his fears that Abi has turned back to drugs in her grief. Tez assures him that he hasn't seen or heard from Abi.

IT’S A NO SHOW AT SPEED DAAL As the local food critic arrives at Speed Daal, Alya and Yasmeen are puzzled that none of their bookings have shown up. A furious Zeedan guesses what’s happened. Zeedan returns to Speed Daal with a homeless man, Stu in tow and explains he’s arranged for all the uneaten food to be donated to Billy’s soup kitchen.

DANIEL PUTS A SPRING BACK INTO SUMMER’S STEP Aadi tackles Summer about her plagiarism.  Embarrassed at being caught out, a flustered Summer flees, leaving Aadi worried he’s blown it. Summer admits to Daniel that she copied her mentor’s statement. Daniel insists her first one was great and Oxford would be lucky to have her.

ELSEWHERE Jenny chats to Leo, hoping to get him interested in Daisy. Leo reveals he’s working on the sinkhole at No.8 so will be around for a while. Tim and Sally go to the bistro for an anniversary meal, but Tim’s aghast when Fergus joins them, having been invited by Sally for another parking pow-wow.

Friday 22 October (Double episode)


ZEEDAN DISHES OUT HIS REVENGE Alya’s taken aback when Zeedan reveals he’s hired a food van. Debbie is furious to find Zeedan and Alya selling half price curries from their food van parked outside the bistro and threatens to report them. Zeedan is unnerved to find his father-in-law, Hashim, chatting to Yasmeen in Speed Daal.

KEVIN PLAYS DIRTY Roy tentatively informs Asha that Nina seems willing to drop her vendetta against Corey. Unable to shake his doubts, Kevin gets in his car and tracks down Tez and spots him doing a drug deal. As Tez samples the goods from his drugs deal, Kevin edges nearer and snaps a photo on his phone. Kevin stands up to Tez, convinced he lied yesterday and has really seen Abi.  Kevin orders Tez to tell him all he knows or he will send the incriminating photo to his probation officer.

SUMMER IS BECOMING TEACHER’S PET With class over, Daniel offers Max some extra help with his course work. But Max throws the offer back in his face, declaring Shakespeare a waste of time. When Daniel mentions his concerns regarding Max, Summer offers to mentor him and Daniel reckons it’s a great idea.

JAMES USES HIS BAD EXPERIENCE FOR GOOD James calls the Weathy County PR team and pointing out the lack of black managers, suggests they should train some of their talented black players to become managers and lead the way for other clubs. His idea is well received and James is thrilled.

ELSEWHERE When Asha reveals that she likes a girl she’s met at college, Nina urges her to go for it. Leo calls in the Rovers and convinced he’s got the hots for Daisy, Jenny urges her to chat to him and get to know him. To Daisy’s annoyance, Jenny invites Leo to join them in sampling some beers for a singles’ night she’s proposing to organise.

Part 2

ZEEDAN HIDES HIS DIRTY LAUNDRY Hashim spells out exactly what he wants from Zeedan.

KEVIN RUNS OUT OF IDEAS Tez pretends to Kevin that he caught sight of Abi weeks ago but didn’t speak to her.  Kevin leaves Abi a heartfelt voicemail, explaining how much he loves and misses her.

SUMMER WINS MAX ROUND At No.8, Summer does her best to teach Max about atomic structure. When Summer uses a football pitch analogy, Max suddenly takes an interest and David listens, encouraged. Billy persuades Summer to sign up for a litter picking event that evening. In a bid to spend some time with her, Aadi reluctantly agrees he’ll do it too.

JAMES IS ON THE UP Impressed by James’s plans, Aggie and Michael reckon he too should put himself forward for management coaching. An upbeat James returns home and reveals that the club have agreed to let him do his coaching badges whilst continuing as a player. Aggie and Michael are thrilled for him.

ELSEWHERE When Asha receives a text from Nat, the girl at college suggesting they meet up, she’s thrilled and tells Nina that she’d like her to come along too as she values her opinion. Leo joins Jenny and Daisy to sample some beers, but it’s clear Daisy isn’t interested in him and making excuses, heads off to bed. Jenny’s frustrated.