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Monday 17 June and Tuesday 18 June (UK Airing 24 May 2024)


ABI TARGETS DEAN Abi’s horrified to see that the sex video has been uploaded to other websites. Cassie lets slip to Kevin how she saw Abi arguing with Dean the drug dealer shortly before the sex video was released and then overheard her arranging to meet him to hand over cash. Abi meets Dean and brandishing a wrench, accuses him of making the sex tape. Dean insists he has no idea what she’s talking about but a furious Abi doesn’t believe him. Kevin arrives and orders Abi to drop the wrench. As Dean is taken in for police questioning, Abi learns four more videos have been uploaded. But as she studies the footage Abi realises it’s not actually her, they’re all deep fakes!

GRIFF BUMPS INTO ROY Evelyn suggests to Roy they start a book club while he’s in prison. Roy’s pleased to have something to look forward to. Meanwhile Griff tells the guard it’s good to be back in Weatherfield nick!

A PHOTO LEAVES CARLA FEELING SEASICK Carla admits to Sarah that she misses Peter but when Simon shows her some pictures, Carla’s thrown to see one showing Peter with his arm around a woman.

ELSEWHERE Daniel takes a call from the STC to inform him that his ban has been lifted and he can return to work. Overhearing and aware Bethany’s having a hard time, Daisy calls at the flat with a bottle. Gemma tells Bernie that they need to get the house looking shipshape as Joseph is bringing his posh school friends round. But when Linda reveals she’s booked a table at the bistro to save her the stress, Gemma’s hurt.

Wednesday 19 June and Thursday 20 June



Sarah and Bethany report Nathan to the police for breaching the terms of his licence when he drives his van past her, freaking her out.

As Bethany threatens to leave Weatherfield again, Sarah pays Nathan a visit at the building site, reminding him that he accepted £10k to leave town.

When Nathan laughs in her face Sarah forms a plan and returns with a plastic bag containing Lauren’s hair bobble, found in her things that she left at the Platts.

Kit catches Sarah in the act, forcing her to admit she was planning to plant the hair bobble in Nathan’s van to prove he murdered Lauren. Kit urges her to let the police do their job.

News spreads through the street that Nathan has been arrested.

In Roy’s prison cell, the book he was reading lies soaked in tea with a broken spine.

Friday 21 June Double Episode



Nina informs Carla and Bobby that Roy will soon have a date for his trial.

DS Swain asks Carla why she’s fallen out with Roy. Carla closes it down.

When she then overhears Swain rowing with her daughter on the phone, Carla offers an ear. Lisa explains her partner died and her daughter is struggling with her grief.

DS Swain visits Roy in prison and asks him outright if his fallout with Carla has anything to do with Bobby’s statement.

After searching his van and discovering some USB sticks, Kit arrests Nathan on suspicion of breaching his sexual harm prevention order.

DS Swain arrests Bobby on suspicion of perverting the course of justice.

Swain warns Carla that Bobby’s lies aren’t helping anyone, least of all Roy.

Hellbent on revenge, Griff enters Roy’s prison cell.

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