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Monday 29 July and Tuesday 30 July (UK Airing 15 July 2024)


Roy Receives A Mysterious Visitor

Dee-Dee and Nina are shocked when the nurse confirms that Roy’s visitor was a young girl with blonde hair. Dee-Dee tells Bethany and Joel that the police are checking the CCTV to see if it was Lauren.

Roy is delighted to think that Lauren appears to be alive but Nina is furious that she left it this long to return and clear his name and now has disappeared again.

Bethany tells Sarah about the sighting of Lauren and how the coat she was wearing matches the coat they saw on the girl in the CCTV from the pizza joint in Leicester and that she was clearly the person using her credit card.

At the precinct Carla comes across the group of yobs who were hassling Roy and strides over to give them a piece of her mind. As Carla climbs into her car, one of the yobs cycles towards her and she opens her door, knocking him off his bike sending him sprawling.

ELSEWHERE Kit pumps Kirk for information about Craig but is unnerved when Kirk asserts that Craig is as honest as the day is long.
In the bistro, Leanne puts pressure on Amy to join the Institute. Leaving Leanne to hold the fort, Nick takes Toyah for her hospital appointment.

Wednesday 31 July and Thursday 01 August


Roy's Visitor Rumbles Joel! Joel tells an excited Dee-Dee he has booked their wedding for September 27th before heading off to go through credit card statements with Bethany to find clues of Lauren’s whereabouts. When he receives a text from Betsy demanding more money, he heads out, telling Dee-Dee he’s off to work. Continuing to go through the statements she finds ticket transactions in Warrington and decides to check soup kitchens where a homeless woman confirms that Lauren is squatting in a local pub. Dee-Dee calls Joel to let him know before setting off with Bethany. Will Joel make it to Lauren before Bethany and Dee-Dee?

Betsy Pushes Carla Too Far Betsy continues to take advantage of Carla, doing little work and demanding an early lunch. When she swans out of the factory Carla heads to the police station to have a word with Lisa but has to end the conversation when Lisa says Betsy has called and is stuck in a rough part of town.

Roy Comes Home! As Nina calls to collect Roy from the hospital, he tries to cover his nervousness at the thought of leaving. In the café flat, Nina fusses over Roy, glad to have him home. Nina suggests that Roy spend a few days at Cathy’s in Scarborough.

Leanne Recruits for The Institute Leanne continues to try and convince Amy to join the institute will she succeed? Rowan suggests that Leanne might like to invest £40k in the business, Leanne is tempted. Will Nick agree to Leanne’s new business opportunity?

ELSEWHERE At No.5, a despondent Gemma and Chesney worry about their looming eviction. Betsy is intrigued to spy Beth letting herself into the factory and follows her.

Friday 02 August


Roy Gets An Apology Lauren goes to the cafe to apologise to Roy before heading to the Rovers where Bobby offers her his bed for the night. Carla is furious when she finds out.

Toyah Digs Deeper Toyah searches the internet in vain for dirt on Rowan. Meanwhile Rowan puts pressure on Nick to invest in the new resource centre, threatening to blow the secret of his affair with Toyah. After rifling through Rowan’s jacket pockets, Toyah finds his driving licence and reverse images the picture of him. What will she find?

Beth Gets Blackmailed Betsy tells Beth she wants in on the action or she’ll report her to Carla. Alone in the factory, Beth reluctantly shows Betsy how to sew the counterfeit labels onto the knock-off t-shirts.

ELSEWHERE Bernie calls at No.5 and tells Gemma that the kids are welcome to stay with her while she and Chesney sort out somewhere to live. When Stu agrees to give Dylan a trial shift at Speed Daal, Dylan’s made up. When Maria reveals that Mason’s been released, Sean and Dylan are horrified.

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