Summary by day (SUBJECT TO CHANGE):

Monday 19 March 2018

With the party in full swing, Eileen is desperately trying to get hold of Phelan but to no avail. Tim offers to run her to the Mill to see if he is there. Meanwhile, as the bad weather intensifies, the scaffolding falls on Phelan and he finds himself trapped in the concrete unable to pull himself out. As he loses consciousness in the rising concrete, will Tim and Eileen get there in time or is this the end of Phelan?

Sophie tells Rosie and Imran that Kate has dumped her. Imran confronts Rana but she tells him to back off as Zeedan has give them the go ahead for her and and Kate to be together.

nnnn Sally and Dev have to deal with a very drunken Gina at the party, Tyrone is upset about Fiz's lack of support for his boxing training. Eva tries to cheer up Summer who is missing Billy.

After the Mill accident, Tim finds out the truth about Phelan's part in the Calcutta Street scam and decides Eileen needs to know what went on.

Having proudly cleaned her house from top to bottom, Sally excitedly boasts that she has four viewings today and one of them is Carla Connor. Carla and Michelle can barely keep a straight face as Sally gives them a guided tour and Tim is upset when he overhears them talking about the wind up in the Rovers.

A heartbroken Sophie sells her window cleaning van to Aidan and confides in him that she is in need of a change of career.

Over lunch, Sean and Gemma are surprised when Tyrone lets Fiz believe that Ruby's behaviour has improved. Meanwhile, Tyrone feels a pang of jealousy when Gemma and Ches share a joke.

Mary is concerned when Jude asks to borrow money to buy Angie's birthday present. Robert is surprised about Zeedan's attitude towards Kate and Rana.

Originally broadcast on March 5, 7

Tuesday 20 March 2018

Faced with the truth about the man she married, will Eileen keep his secret or let the neighbours know what he did?

Tyrone tells Gemma that Fiz is convinced that Ruby is a mini Kirsty and he doesn't want to give her more ammunition by telling her about Ruby's behaviour. Tyrone is touched by Gemma's sympathy. Meanwhile, Fiz tells Chesney she thinks he and Gemma would make a good couple.

Overhearing Imran say he needs an accountant, Angie offers her services. Telling Jude she has secured some work, she suggests he should try and get a job now they are sticking around.

Carla decides she may be interested in number 4 after all but Sally refuses to let Carla take a second look round the house. Imran feels for his brother in law when Zeedan struggles seeing Kate and Rana arm in arm.

Originally broadcast on March 7

Wednesday 21 March 2018

Tim is shocked when Eileen says she wants him to keep quiet about what Phelan did.

Eva decides that the best way to tug at Billy's heart strings and bring him back home is to start a campaign and include photos of Summer. Going into the florists' flat she is shocked to find Lee coming out of the bedroom.

While Gemma and Tyrone chat in the street, Hope and Ruby slip into the factory unnoticed. Gemma spots them in the factory office but they have locked the door and started an electric saw being used for the renovations. Tyrone smashes the door down and Fiz thanks Gemma for her help but when Tyrone finally admits that Ruby's behaviour has not improved and lists the things she has done whilst Fiz has been away Fiz is appalled and says she is taking Hope to stay with her at Chesney's.

Mary tries to get Jude to apply for a job. David is shocked when Gail tells him that Martin is emigrating to New Zealand and that his girlfriend is having baby.

Originally broadcast on March 9

Thursday 22 March 2018

Eva tries to block Lee's way and demands to know where Billy is but Lee is giving nothing away. Eva posts the campaign photos on social media and decides to try and search local hostels and shelters.

Gemma calls at no.5 and is surprised when Tyrone reveals that Fiz has taken Hope away, believing her to be in danger from Ruby. Tyrone confides in Gemma about how Kirsty used to beat him up. A shocked Gemma tries to make him feel better by telling him about her own disastrous relationships. Caught up in the moment, Tyrone leans in for a kiss - will Gemma respond?

David is in a foul mood and says he won't be going to his dad's farewell party as he is training for the boxing match. Audrey, Gail and Shona are appalled, pointing out it could trigger his epilepsy and ask Josh to talk some sense into him.

Mary is baffled as to why Jude won't apply for the job she suggested as he is overqualified. Jude admits he has been over picky in the past and he will give it a go much to Angie's relief.

Having agreed that he and Sally can stay in Weatherfield, Tim's heart sinks when she says she wants to give the house a makeover.

Originally broadcast on March 9

Friday 23 March 2018

Gemma and Tyrone regret their night together and agree it was a mistake. But with Rita having spotted Gemma coming out of No.9, it seems the cat may be out of the bag. Can Gemma get Rita to agree to keep quiet? Meanwhile, having spoken to Roy about the situation with Ruby, Fiz goes to have a chat with Tyrone and says she would like to come back home. But as she takes the bedding out of the washing machine she discovers a condom wrapper.

With no sign of Billy despite all their efforts to find him, Eva, Phelan, Eileen and Summer are getting desperate, unaware that he is watching them all through the back window. Peter is installing a new cctv camera and on his laptop spots Billy heading towards Eileen's back yard. Peter follows him and is shocked to find Billy stealing cash from a tea caddy.

David is gutted when Josh insists he gets medical advice before he will let him fight. At the medical centre, Ali advises that his epilepsy rules him out of the boxing match.

Audrey is stunned when a client turns out to be a clairvoyant who tells Audrey she has been communicating with her dead husband Alf. Jude prepares for his interview for a job as an assistant marine biologist at the aquarium.

Originally broadcast on March 12

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