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Tuesday 29 June and Wednesday June 30 (UK Airing 14 June 2021 hour long episode)


ROY REALISES HE CAN’T FIX NINA Having spent the night in the ginnel, Nina staggers home, lying to Roy about where she’s been. When Roy suggests she could work on her graphic novel, Nina rips at the pages, declaring it rubbish, just like her life. Roy and Asha tape it back together and post photos on her instagram but Nina’s furious. At the corner shop she tries to steal another bottle of vodka, however Carla clocks her, warning that alcohol won’t solve anything. But Carla’s words fall on deaf ears and Nina joins Daisy and mate Noah in the bistro. Knocking back the wine she flirts with Noah, until he advises Daisy to see her home. Daisy’s about to hand Nina over to Roy but she leaps in a taxi leaving Roy worried sick.

GEMMA AND CHESNEY HAVE A DECISION TO MAKE When Aled’s consultant confirms he’s an ideal candidate for a cochlear implant operation Chesney’s thrilled but Gemma’s not convinced. When she says she doesn’t want Aled to have the operation as there are too many risks, Chesney’s shocked and asks Freda to come round to talk about No.5 the pros and cons of the op. However Gemma remains resolute that Aled isn’t having the operation. Chesney despairs, pointing out that Aled is his son too.

BERNIE IS LEFT DEV-ASTATED After a troubled Mary tells Bernie what she heard Dev saying to Steve, Bernie takes her revenge. Mary tears a strip off Dev for making a fool out of Bernie. Dev presents Bernie with flowers and hopes they can still be friends.

ELSEWHERE When Evelyn calls to pick up the girls she’s gobsmacked by Tyrone’s new look. Embarrassed, he reveals Alina chose his new clothes. Billy gets a call from Summer’s school who are concerned about her work.

Thursday 1 July and Friday 2 July (UK hour long episode)


NINA NEEDS SAVING FROM HERSELF Nina’s been out all night again, Roy’s worried and when she’s ill prepared for a meeting at the factory, she ends up telling Sarah to stick her job. In the Rovers she drinks with a much older guy Hughie who she met in town the night before. Daisy’s disapproving and when Hughie suggests they go back to his hotel, Daisy confides in Abi how worried she is about Nina. In the hotel bar, Nina spots Tommy Orpington at a table with Corey. As Tommy shows off Corey’s ‘Best New Talent’ award, Nina tells Tommy how Corey kicked her boyfriend to death! As they go to leave, Nina picks up the award and follows them. What will she do?

LEANNE AND SIMON ARE BACK TO FACE THE MUSIC Nick, Leanne and Simon return home. DS Glynn pays Leanne a visit and underlines how important her evidence is in order to put Harvey away and prevent him from ruining more lives. Will Leanne agree? In prison DS Glynn tells Harvey his intimidation tactics won’t work and the witnesses won’t be swayed.

TYRONE LEAVES FIZ IN STITCHES Emma invites some friends to a cocktail evening Curtis is running at the bistro. Fiz’s heart sinks when Alina arrives dressed to the nines, closely followed by Tyrone in his new skinny jeans. But Fiz has the last laugh!

ELSEWHERE Summer is diagnosed as suffering from stress and anxiety. Gemma’s furious when Chesney misses their second sign language lesson.

Friday 2 July and Monday 5 July


SHARON MAKES AN EXPLOSIVE RETURN Having given his Mum the slip, Sam calls with a Father’s Day card for Nick. Harvey’s sidekick watches on. Sharon tries to talk Rhys out of Harvey’s plan to turn the screws on Leanne but to no avail and as Nick and Sam head towards the car a returning Leanne is horrified to hear the sound of gunshots. Seeing Nick and Sam sprawled on the ground, Leanne and Steve race towards them fearing the worst. Sharon watches from a distance, heart in mouth. In her hideout, Sharon’s about to do a runner when Rhys bursts in. Leanne realises she needs to stand up in court and tell the truth.

SUMMER’S SYMPTOMS GIVE TODD FOOD FOR THOUGHT Summer takes Billy and Todd for Father’s Day lunch at the bistro but when she keeps going to the toilet, then makes an excuse to leave to get back to her revision, Billy’s worried. Todd suggests it’s time he moved in properly, but when they return to the flat to find Summer has collapsed after a dizzy spell, all thoughts are put on hold.

GEMMA AND CHESNEY COME TO A DECISION Bernie and Paul put pressure on Gemma to allow Aled his operation.

ELSEWHERE Tyrone’s overwhelmed when Alina buys Curtis’ motorbike for him. When Nina presents Roy with her Dad’s scrabble rack, he’s deeply touched.