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Monday 04 December (continues from Friday 01 December) UK Airing 08 November 2023


BIG GARTH LANDS BERNIE IN CUFFS When Paul confirms he’s applied for the PIP but it will take 11 weeks, Bernie’s horrified, wondering how he’ll cope till then. Bernie meets with Big Garth and asks him to flog the rest of their gear at a knockdown price as she desperately needs money. In the precinct, Big Garth hands Bernie a wad of cash but unbeknown to them a police officer takes photos. As Bernie heads home she’s arrested on suspicion of handling stolen goods.

DYLAN’S ROUND IS OVER When Dylan refuses to give Mason £20 for the bet he picks up Dylan’s papers and dumps them in a puddle. Claiming he doesn’t feel well, Dylan convinces Sean to let him take the day off school. But when Brian calls to say that after complaints of soggy newspapers, Dylan’s fired, Sean’s fuming.

ELSEWHERE When Ryan reveals that he’s seeing Crystal again later, Carla warns him she’s nothing but trouble, Peter however tells him he’s pleased as it might stop him from interfering in Daisy and Daniel’s relationship. When Joseph complains of a headache Chesney’s disbelieving but Gemma agrees to keep him off school. Worried it could be a sign of something more serious, Gemma takes him to A&E.

Tuesday 05 December and Wednesday 06 December


PAUL’S DEVASTATED BY HIS DECLINE When Billy’s summoned to a meeting with the bishop, Bernie tells Dev that she’s accompanying Paul to his speech therapy session and the police will have to wait. Paul meanwhile confides in David how he tried to seduce Billy but he made out he was too tired. David urges him to talk to Billy. Paul tells the speech therapist about his recent coughing fits. Bernie clocks her concern as she insists they see the MND nurse. The bishop tells Billy that he’s prepared to lift his suspension and it’s time he returned to work.  Billy’s delighted but his mood is short lived when Bernie calls from the hospital. The MND nurse breaks the news to Paul that he only has 6 to 12 months left to live.

JOSEPH’S HEALTH MAKES GEMMA CATASTROPHIZE Chesney tells Gemma that headache or not, Joseph is going to school. However when he gets home to find Gemma ignored his advice, Chesney’s furious. When Joseph later tells her his head still hurts, Gemma leaves the quads with Abi and takes Joseph to A&E.

BERNIE TAKES RESPONSIBILITY When Abi reveals that Joseph is in A&E, Bernie wonders how much more bad news they can all take. Bernie unburdens herself to Abi, blaming herself for Paul’s condition because she was such a terrible Mum.

Thursday 07 December


BERNIE HAS HER DAY IN COURT Bernie breaks the news to Paul and Gemma that she’s up in court for handling stolen goods. On Joel’s advice, Bernie pleads guilty. Paul, Gemma and Billy reel in shock as the Judge states that given her record, they have no other option but to impose a custodial sentence. Paul’s devastated and begs the judge to reconsider, telling her about his MND and how he needs his Mum.

Friday 08 December Double Episode


AN UNEXPECTED GUEST RUINS ASHA AND NINA’S DATE  When Asha reveals she’s meeting Isla, Nina reminds her they’re meant to be spending the day together. Amy and Asha discuss the anti-spiking demo that’s due to take place in town. Nina’s put out that Asha never mentioned it to her. As Asha and Nina enjoy drinks at the Chariot Square, Asha’s horrified to see Courtney and Darren together and leaps to her feet, accusing Courtney of cheating on Aadi. When Nina explains that Aadi and Courtney split two weeks ago, Asha’s outraged that she kept it from her.

AMY CHOOSES ACTION OVER EDUCATION Amy bumps into Kate in the café and recognising her from the drop in session, invites her back to No.1 for a chat. Pushing her coursework to one side, she assures Kate she’d like to help.

CARLA CHOOSES PETER Peter assures Carla that he’s happy to attend his alcoholics’ meeting alone as she’s needed at the factory. Feeling guilty, Carla rushes home, telling Peter there are more important things than work and she’s coming to his meeting. Peter’s touched.

AMY PAINTS HERSELF INTO A CORNER As Amy makes placards for the anti-spiking march, Steve confides in Summer how he’s worried about Amy and wishes she’d put the same focus into her degree. As Amy, Summer, Evelyn and Cassie set off, Mason and his cronies make disparaging remarks. Amy loses it and goes to hit Mason with her placard but a police officer orders her to put it down. To Summer’s horror, Amy argues with the officer before picking up a can of paint and spraying it all over the officer’s car. Amy is cuffed and arrested for criminal damage.

ELSEWHERE Billy and Paul are loved up after a night of passion. David and Max are taken as Audrey insists it’s time she returned to work. As Summer helps Amy at the drop in she’s organised for the counselling charity a girl calls in and Summer hands her a flyer. While they’re distracted, the girl leaves. Amy’s cross with herself, wishing she’d offered her some help and Summer worries for her friend.

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