Dicken Ashworth



Real name: Terence Dicken Ashworth
Born: 18 July 1946, Todmorden, Lancashire
Married: Jane Ripley
Children: Tamasin Cathy


Contact: c/o The Narrow Road Company

Played: Geoff Horten (1992 - 1997; 2 July - 30 August 2000)

Dicken Ashworth was born on 18 July 1946 in Todmorden, Lancashire and began his working life as an English and Drama teacher. He then joined various repertory companies before moving into television. His screen work includes Dr Who, Blake 7, CATS Eyes, Flying Lady, Juliet Bravo, Minder, Big Deal, The Two Of Us, Sounding Brass, Hazel, Oliver Twist and All In Good Faith.

Dicken appeared in the award winning production Scab that was presented with a Prix-Italia Futura Award. He also worked in the films Tess, Chariots of Fire and The Biggest Bank Robbery. In 1983 he joined Brookside as computer wizard Alan Partridge and remained with the Mersey Television soap for two years, working alongside the beautiful actress and model Dinah May.

Dicken then toured in The Matchmaker that had a successful West End run. Dicken's other film work has included Blood On The Dole, Krull, Remembrance, and Force 10 from Navarone. His recent television work includes Seaforth, Casualty, I Lovett, Inspector Morse, Boon and the Cannes Award winning series Better Days.

In 1992 he joined Coronation Street as Jeff Horton and remained with the series as a semi regular until 1997.

He is married to costume designer Jane Ripley and they have a daughter, Tamasin Cathy.

TV credits include: Doctor Who; Blakes 7; Hazel; Juliet Bravo; The Gentle Touch; CATS Eyes; Flying Lady; The Chinese Detective; Return to Treasure Island (HTV); Minder (Thames); A Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square; Brookside (Mersey TV for C4) as Alan Partridge; Making Out (BBC1); Madson (BBC1); Inspector Morse (Carlton); I, Lovett; Grange Hill (BBC1); Common As Muck (BBC1); Casualty (BBC1); Boon (Central); Better Days; Bat Out Of Hell; Big Deal; The Two of Us; A Little Princess; Gentlemen and Players; Oliver Twist; Strangers in a Dark Night; Nanny; We are Seven; Vroom; Thin Blue Line (BBC1); The Luddites; The Lakes (BBC1); The Detectives (Celador for BBC1); King of the Wind; The Bill (Thames); Scab; Sounding Brass; B & B; Keeping Up Appearances; All in Good Faith; Riff Raff Element (BBC2); Heartbeat; Seaforth;

Film credits include: The Biggest Bank Robbery; Tess; Rememberance; Krull; Force 10 From Navarone; Chariots of Fire; Blood and the Dole; Remembrance;










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