Lynda Baron

Real name: Lynda Baron
24 March, Manchester
John M Lee

  1. Sarah
  2. Morgan

Contact: c/o Peter Charlesworth

Played: Renee Turnbull (1 - 7 December 1997)

Lynda is another stalwart of the British comedy circuit. On the TV she has appeared in Play of the Month, Don't Forget to Write, Heartlands, Grundy, Z Cars, KYTV, Dr Who (BBC1, 1993, 'Enlightenment) as Wrack, Playhouse, Minder, The Cannon & Ball Show, Kelly, Plaza Patrol, The Upper Hand and is best known for her roles as Lily Bless-Her in Last of the The Summer Wine, and famously Nurse Gladys Emmanuel in Open All Hours (BBC1, 1983-1984);

Film credits include Carry On Columbus (1995) as Meg

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