Alan Browning



Real name: Alan Brown
Born: 1926, Newcastle
Married: Patricia Phoenix (23 December 1972)
September 1979


Played: Alan Howard (1969-1974)

Alan Brown was born in Newcastle in 1926. He trained as a journalist and worked in Newcastle, Fleet Street and Cairo for the Reuters News Service. Soon he became tired of journalism and took to amateur dramatics.

Alan changed his name to Alan Browning and made his television debut as Ellis Cooper in the BBC TV series The Newcomers, alongside Pat Phoenix. Alan appeared in the 1964 film Guns At Batasi and on television in the Tony Warren series The War of Darkie Pilbeam before in 1969 he joined the cast of Coronation Street as garage owner Alan Howard. He then began his long term on/off romance with Pat and on 23 December 1973 they married in top hat and tails with the nations press watching on.

In 1970 he played Marullus in the film Julius Caesar. In 1973 both Pat and Alan left the series and toured the country in a stage production of Gaslight, followed by The Marriage Go Round. The couple returned to The Street but then separated several times.

Alan was an alcoholic and Pat tried to help cure the bottle of whiskey a day habit but in September 1979 he died in Stockport of liver failure at the age of 53.


TV credits include: The Newcomers (BBC, 1965 - 1968) as Ellis Cooper; The War of Darkie Pilbeam;

Film credits include: Guns At Batasi (1964); Julius Caesar (1970) asMarillus






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