Margot Bryant



Real name: Margot Bryant
Born: 1897, Hull
1 January 1989, Cheadle, Greater Manchester


Played: Minnie Caldwell (14 December 1960 - March 1976)

Margot Bryant was born in Hull in 1897, the daughter of a doctor. After schooling, she moved to London with her family and soon Margot was hooked by the theatre. She made her professional debut in the chorus line before graduating into musical comedies.

She worked with Fred Astaire in the musical Stop Flirting and made her television debut in the play My Mother Said. She returned to the stage in Manchester and did a long run in the play Gay's The Word. Margot also became a success in the radio series Mrs Dale's Dairy.

In 1950 she played Mrs Hooley in the film Cure For Love and the cast included Thora Hird and later Coronation Street actor Jack Howath. In 1960 she played Martha in the film Beat Girl which also starred Shirley Ann Field, Adam Faith and Oliver Reed.

In 1960 she was cast to play cat-loving Minnie Caldwell in Coronation Street, beginning in episode 2 which began a sixteen year run with the show that spanned 560 episodes, until in 1976 her health deteriorated too much to allow her to continue.

Margot moved into a Manchester Nursing home for the final thirteen years of her life and passed away in Cheadle Hospital on 1st January 1989 at the age of 91.






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