Beverley Callard


Real name: Beverley Jane Moxon
Born: 1958, Leeds
Parents: Clive and Mavis Moxon


  1. Paul Atkinson, 19 January 1974, Dewsbury Registry Office
  2. David Sowden, 1980
  3. Steven Callard, 1989


  1. Rebecca (f: Paul Atkinson)
  2. Joshua (f: Steven Callard)

Contact: c/o Spotlight and Granada Television



  1. June Dewhurst (1984)
  2. Liz McDonald (27 October 1989 - 13 November 1998; 6 October 2000 - 12 January 2001)

Beverley Jane Moxon was born in Leeds in 1958 to a baker father, Clive and a concert pianist, Mavis. She has a sister, Stephanie At the age of seven, Bev made her acting debut as Darius the page boy. After leaving school she took a job as a shorthand typist. She later turned to acting and appeared on stage Jaqui Coryton in Noel Coward's Hay Fever, Liz and Rita in Billy Liar and The Wicked Queen in Snow White.

Bev made her television debut (as Beverley Sowden) in the Yorkshire Television soap Emmerdale Farm as Angie Richards in 1983. The character dated the show's heart-throb Jackie Merrick, played by actor Ian Sharrock. The following year Bev played Gail and Brian Tilsley's friend June Dewhurst in Coronation Street. Other roles followed including parts in Hindge & Bracket: Dear Ladies, Hells Bells, Will You Love Me Tomorrow and The Practice. In 1989 Bev joined Charles Lawson, Nicholas Cochrane and Simon Gregory as the new McDonald family in Coronation Street, making her debut on 27 September. Bev's character of Liz McDonald has since had to endure being a battered wife, a kidnap victim, harassed mother and unfaithful wife.

Beverley married her first husband, decorator Paul Atkinson at Dewsbury Registry Office, Leeds on 19 January 1974, the couple thought she was expecting a child but it turned out that she was not. Their daughter Rebecca was born in 1976 but the couple later divorced. Bev then married teacher David Sowden in 1980 but after this marriage fell apart she lived with warehouse worker Steven Callard. Bev fell pregnant in 1989 and the couple married. Their son, Joshua was born in 1990. Steven and Bev separated briefly in 1997 after his alleged affair with a shop assistant. Bev was involved in a car crash at 60mph in 1997 but was lucky to escape with just bruises and whiplash. Daughter Rebecca has had television success in shows such as The Borrowers and The Grand. She has also appeared with Rebecca in The Booktower and Screen Two's Will You Love Me Tomorrow.

Bev, Steven and Josh live in Bolton, Lancashire.

Bev left Coronation Street in November 1998 to concentrate on her other career as an aerobics instructor and to spend more time with her family. She has released books and exercise videos called Real Results and Rapid Results. She has also appeared on GMTV and This Morning and has had a fitness page in the Daily Mirror.





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