Dave Dutton


Real name: David Dutton
Born:Atherton, Lancashire
Married: Lynn
Children: Gareth
Contact: c/o Cartwright Higgins, tel: 07542 427 542 office@cartwright-higgins.com
: www.dave-dutton.co.uk 

Delivery man (1983) to Baldwin's Casuals
Eric Priestley (February 1985)
Gasman (September 1989) who cut off Baldwin's Casuals
Bert Latham (December 1990 - 18 February 1991)
Insurance man (July 1995) who assessed Kevin and Sally's kitchen after Bill set fire to it
Harry Benson (9 January & 3 July 1998; 21 - 23 April 1999)
Photographer (22 November 2000) when Jack Duckworth was presented with a cheque for £59, 631 from Skinners bookies.
Photographer (16 May 2001) who photographed Curly Watts and David Platt during Curly's election campaign.
2003 Gerald Unwin - who attended the wedding of his niece Shelley Unwin - manager of the Rovers and who liked a drink, a smoke and the ladies.
2011 - The spritely "Kung Fu" Cliff who, along with serial killer John Stape, found the body of neighbour Joy Fishwick after karate-kicking the door open. He later attended her funeral and also caught Ches trying to snoop at the deceased's property
2017 - Leslie Rawlins. History teacher and Civil War re-enactof who confiscated Simon’s phone.

UK Actor and writer Dave Dutton has had an incredible eleven different roles in Coronation Street; five in Emmerdale and has been in adverts for products as diverse as Maltesers and Volkswagen; Gala Bingo, Guinness and Hovis.

He has appeared in long running sitcoms; done voice-overs; live theatre; radio presenting; scriptwriting; fronted a comedy folk group and written loads of books (now available online).

He is currently writing children's books and his autobiography: The Thirty Bob Kid.

In 2018, he was on ITN News where he was interviewed by Damon Green about the Met Office contemplating using local dialect and expressions in weather reports.

?In May 2018,  he played the guest lead role of Ted Cullins in BBC's Doctors - a man with dementia who imagined himself to be Henry the Eighth - with upsetting consequences.

In April 2017, he was Leslie Rawlins in Coronation Street - civil war re-enactor and teacher.

 In August 2016, he played a deadpan prison guard in Emmerdale, gently taking the mickey out of prison visitor David.

In June 2013, he played half crab\half actor Vince Mitchell in the world premiere of Suspended in Space written by Dr Who writer Keith Temple in which 3 people were trapped in a lift at a scifi convention with hilarious and moving consequences.

In early 2012, he played the legendary Rovers' Return landlord Jack Walker in Corrie 1968 Live! at the Lass o Gowrie and Taurus in Manchester. Live performances of Jack Rosenthal's superb Coronation Street scripts done with the permission of Granada TV for the first time since 1968. The shows were attended by Jack's widow, Maureen Lipman who was very complimentary.

Also played Actor A in Mark Ashmore's topical script "Privacy is a Commodity that You Are Entitled to Sell", written overnight as part of the incredible One Play One Day event in Salford in March. The play was learned, rehearsed and performed twice in one day.

He was dyslexic convict Bunny Warren in 2 classic episodes of Porridge at the Lass o Gowrie - scripts performed by kind permission of writer, Dick Clement.

BIO: A former television comedy writer, Dave Dutton is an actor specialising in quirky Northern character parts. Along with his many other roles on British television, Dave's major roles in top British TV soap Coronation Street range from from Karate fanatic Kung Fu Cliff to his latest incarnation Leslie Rawlins - eccentric teacher and Civil War re-enactor complete with thigh length boots. Before that he played Gerald Unwin, who liked a drink and a smoke and was the uncle of Shelley, former manager of the Rovers Return.

As the unscrupulous Harry Benson, the roguish Weatherfield Gazette photographer, he chained one of the unfortunate Battersby girls to a tree and took glamour shots of her ("for the lads in the darkroom"!) Along with his reporter Duncan Stott, he ruined the church wedding of Roy and Hayley. He also featured as Bert Latham - the barmy mate of Jack Duckworth with whom he led a fox hunt with his dog Boomer in the middle of Coronation Street.

He first came to public recognition when he appeared in several series of the award winning series Watching, set on Merseyside and the Wirral  - where he brought his dead-pan humour to great effect as Oswald, the off-beat cafe owner, in this top of the ratings Granada TV situation comedy. Sky TV have reprised the series on Granada Plus many times.

He was also in the "Night To Remember" Gala Bingo and Maltesers  TV commercials in which babies play football with Maltesers - while he nicks all the ones that go in his goal!

Dave has played the Postman - Fred Leeder  - in Heartbeat and been featured in award-winning drama series Cops. He has also appeared in the hit series Reckless with Robson Green and as a prison guard in the hospital drama Always and Everyone with Niamh Cusack and Martin Shaw.

In 2002, he was in the main role of Grandad Pete Clulow in the Channel Four school drama and educational series for children "Looking After the Penneys" produced by Libra Television and later in the year as shopkeeper Bob Southall in BBC's police drama series Merseybeat.

In 2005, he appeared as cancer sufferer Neville Tweedy in several episodes of the BBC hit drama "Cutting It" (getting the chance to sing Puff the Magic Dragon at a funeral!) and also in the Gala Bingo TV ad.

In 2007, he played John Langdale in the BBC's New Street Law and also had a song he wrote called Bless Your Whiskers, Father Christmas released as a single by top Northern folk band The Houghton Weavers. Available on iTunes. He also appeared as Eric the Postman in Emmerdale.

In 2008 he returned to Emmerdale for his fourth role in the series - this time as a shopkeeper and also as Sidney Rawton in The Royal Today as well as the cheesy talent show compere in My Spy Family.

In 2011, - back in Corrie as "Kung Fu Cliff" - nosy neighbour and karate expert.  Farmer in Hovis ad and voiceover for Volkswagen Commercial. Headmaster in 90 minute tv production Just Henry.

He has played the legendary Rovers' Return landlord Jack Walker in Corrie 1968 Live! at the Lass o Gowrie and Taurus in Manchester - a live performances of Jack Rosenthal's superb Coronation Street scripts done for the first time since 1968.

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