Prunella Gee


Real name:
Born: 17 February 1950


Contact: c/o MLPM

Played: Doreen Heavey (2 July - 25 December 1999; 3 July 2002 - )

TV credits include: Shabby Tiger (1973); The Sweeney (ITV, 1975, 'Cover Story') as Sandy Williams; The Professionals (ITV, 1977, 'It's Only A Beautiful Picture') as Sarah Gresham; Hammer House of Horror (ITV, 1980, 'Witching Time'); Kinvig (1981) as Miss Griffin; Alas Smith & Jones (BBC, 1984); Constant Hot Water (Central, 1985); Moving (1985) as Liz Ford;

Film credits include: The Wilby Conspiracy (1975) as Rina Van Niekirk; Never Say Never Again (1983) as Patricia; Witching Time (1985); Merchants of Venus (1998); Stormy Monday (1988) as Mrs Finney;





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