Gabrielle Glaister



Real name:


Contact: c/o Vivien Wilde Ltd

Played: Debs Brownlow (6 January - 10 November 2000)

TV credits include: Blackadder II (BBC1) as Bob; Blackadder Goes Forth (BBC1); All at Number 20 (Thames) as Carol; Wish Me Luck (LWT) as Felicity Hunter; The Man from Auntie (BBC1) as various characters; The Heart Surgeon (BBC1) as Paula; The Franchise Affair (BBC1) as Frances Chadwick; Rockliffe's Babies (BBC1) as WPC Tillet; London's Burning (LWT) as Janet; Jury (BBC1) as Jane; Jane Eyre (BBC1) as Amy Eshton; Happy Families (BBC2) as Googie; Grange Hill (BBC1) as Mrs Smith; Get Well Soon (BBC1) as Doctor Main; Gaye's World (Carlton) as Joan; Casualty (BBC1) as Beverly Jason; Brookside (Mersey TV for C4) as Patricia Farnham






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