Simon Gregson



Real name: Simon Alan Gregory
Born: 2 October 1974, Wythenshawe, Manchester



Played: Steve McDonald (6 December 1989 - )

Simon Allen Gregory was born at Wythenshaw Hospital on 2 October 1974, weighing 7lb 7oz. He was the only child born to a policeman father and a bank clerk mother. Simon was educated at Cheadle Etchele Primary School, Kingsway School, Manchester and Cheadle Comprehensive School. At school he was very interested in sport but also took part in the school plays.

In 1989, at the age of 14, Simon auditioned at school for a part and was accepted as Steve McDonald in Coronation Street. Although Nicholas Cochrane (who was cast as Steve's twin, Andy McDonald) attended the same school, they hardly knew each other as in reality, his 'elder twin' was in the year above him. Simon took his GCSE's in 1991 after studying with a private tutor and changed his name to Simon Gregson when he joined the actors union Equity and could not be a member under his former name.

Simon live a high life and was forever in the newspapers with stories of romances and drinking sessions. He loved water skiing, speedboats and fast cars. He soon landed in trouble with the police and Granada Television when he was charged with traffic offences. In 1995 a life of drink and drugs was revealed and accompanying this was a confession of a cocaine habit costing £1,000 per month.

Simon was laid off from the show so he could sort himself out and he returned to the series after 18 months away, having cleaned up his act and quit cocaine. Simon is single although romances have been reported with Wendy Kingston, Gloria Hickson and Keely Valentine. He is now dating Coronation Street publicity officer Melissa Hall-Smith. Simon is also learning to fly at Manchester School of Flying.







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