Nicky Henson



Real name: Nicholas Victor Leslie
Born: 12 May 1945, London
Parents: f: Leslie Henson (comedian)


  1. Una Stubbs (1969; divorced 1975)
  2. Marguerite Porter


  1. Christian (m: Una Stubbs)
  2. Joe (m: Una Stubbs)
  3. Keaton (m: Marguerite Porter)

Contact: c/o Richard Stone Partnership


Played: Sid Clegg (Cruise video, December 1995)Nicky has a huge list of appearances. He trained at RADA, but initially went into music, recording his first single in 1961 and then writing songs for The Shadows and Cliff Richard.

His TV appearances include: Prometheus, Arthur, The Keith Michell Show, Shirley's World, Life of Balzac, Seagull Island, A Midsummer Night's Dream, Chains, Anyone for Denis?, Happy Apple, Driving Ambition, Absurd Person Singular, Fawlty Towers, Tropical Moon Over Dorking, Seasons Greetings, Love After Lunch, Thin Air, Star Trap, Whoops Apocalypse, Hi De Hi, Inspector Morse, Boon, After Henry, The Upper Hand, The Green Man, Lovejoy, The Bill, Between The Lines, Mickey Love, Fallen Sons, Sitting Pretty, Health and Efficiency, Class Act, The Healer, Harvey Moon in Shine On Harvey Moon and Pie in The Sky.

In films he has appeared in: Father Came Too, Doctor In Clover, Here We Go Round The Mulberry Bush, Witchfinder-General, Mosquito Squadron, Crooks and Coronets, There's A Girl In My Soup, All Coppers Are ..., The Love Ban, Psychomania, Penny Gold, Vampira, Bedtime With Rosie, The Bawdy Adventures of Tom Jones, Nº1 of the Secret Service.






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