Madge Hindle



Real name: Madge Hindle (née Railton)
Born: 19 May 1938, Blackburn, Lancashire
Married: Michael Hindle


  1. Charlotte
  2. Francis

Contact: c/o Sandra Griffin Management


Played: Renee Roberts (10 May 1976 - 30 July 1980)

Madge came to Coronation Street with extensive TV and theatre experience including On the Margin (her debut, in an Alan Bennett play), Z Cars, Here's Harry, Miss A & Miss M, Mr Ellis versus The People, Sunset Across The Bay, Jack Point, Vinegar Trip, Said The Preacher, Death of a Rebel, The Cuckoo Waltz and Get Some In.

It was in the role of Lily in Nearest and Dearest that made Madge a household name and landed her the role of Renee Bradshaw in The Street. Bill Podmore had directed Nearest and Dearest, and took over as Producer of Coronation Street early in 1976, offering Madge the role.

Madge is also one of those fortunate actresses who has found a career after Coronation Street, and had gone on to appear in The Dick Emery Show, Porridge, Open All Hours, Mr and Mrs Edgehill, Intensive Care, The Two Ronnies, The Bright Side, The Cannon & Ball Show, Lost Empires, Stan's Last Game, Tickle on the Tum, Capstick's Law, Thank You for Having Her, First of the Summer Wine, My Friend Walter, The Rectors Wife, The Dwelling Place, Pat & Margaret, Barbara and Preston Front.






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