Geoff Hinsliff



Real name: Geoffrey Hinsliff
Born: Leeds, West Riding, Yorkshire
Married: Judith


  1. Gabrielle
  2. Sophie

Contact: c/o Spotlight


  1. Vincent ?? (1963)
  2. Eric Bailey (4 - 6 July 1977) Credited as Geoffrey Hinsliff
  3. Don Brennan (16 August 1987 - 8 October 1997)

After training at RADA, Geoff appeared in many West End plays. His first TV appearance was in Z Cars, and then he made his first Coronation Street appearance. He later went on to appear in Softly, Softly, Striker, Accident and twice in Dr Who (Image of the Fendahl (1977) and Nightmare on Eden (1980) ) but was most well known as George Fairchild in Brass! before he took up the role of Don Brennan. He has also appeared in the films A Bridge Too Far and O Lucky Man !

He now lives near Matlock, Derbyshire and his hobbies are golf and sailing.







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