Melanie Kilburn


Real name:


Contact: c/o Markham & Froggatt

Played: Evelyn Elliott (20 October 2000 - 10 May 2002)

Melanie trained at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama.

TV credits include Love, Lies & Lipstick; 1914 All Out (YTV) as Hilda; Against All Odds (BBC) as Trudie; All Quiet on the Preston Front (BBC1) as Pippa Danes; April Fool's Day (Kudos) as Carol; Brasseye (Channel 4); Casualty (BBC1) as Carol; Chancer (Central ) as Angela; Hale & Pace (LWT); Heartbeat (YTV) as Rosie; Jo Brand - Through the Cakehole (Channel 4); Juliet Bravo (BBC1); Maisie Raine (BBC1) as Muriel Sands; Making Out (BBC) as Jill Barraclough; Moving Story (ITV) as Charlotte; Slap (ITV) as Janeen; Soldier Soldier (Central) as Carol; Stone, Scissors, Paper (BBC/Diverse) as Mary; The Bill (Thames) as Lisa; The Bill (Thames) as Sandra Conway; The Last Company Car (Central) as Maureen; The Wimbledon Poisoner as Edwina Sprott; Vanity Dies Hard (Blue Heaven Productions) as Jackie; Where the Heart Is (United Film) as Sandra;

Film credits include The Little Drummer Girl as Kate; VROOM!




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