Lisa Lewis



Real name: Elizabeth Findlayson
Born: 19 March 1964, Manchester
Parents: Blanche Findlayson
Siblings: 7
Married: yes


  1. Alina Rea, March 1981 (f: Paul Lewis; d: 29 July 1981)
  2. Lauren, 1983 (f: Paul Lewis)
  3. Georginia, 1985 (f: Paul Lewis)


Played: Shirley Armitage (5 December 1983 - 1989)

Elizabeth Findlayson was born on 19 March 1964 in Manchester. She was one of eight children born to jazz singer Blanche Findlayson. During her education she discovered that she had autism but it did not dampen her desire to act. She took part in every school play possible. She soon became involved with baker Paul Lewis and changed her name to Lisa Lewis. Lisa joined drama school after leaving school and attended various auditions.

In 1983 she did a third audition for Coronation Street and was cast as factory worker Shirley Armitage. She played the role until 1989 by which time she was living with Curly Watts in the Corner Shop flat.

Lisa gave birth to her first child Alina Rea in March 1981 but she died of cot death on 29 July 1981. She had her second daughter Lauren in 1983 shortly after making her television debut in Coronation Street. Her third daughter, Georginia was born in 1985. Paul was the father of all three children.

The couple split soon after Lisa had an abortion at a Liverpool clinic. She then married in 1989 and her husband was an Italian restaurateur. Their child was born in 1989 but Lisa was written out of the series because of her pregnancy. Later that year she was quizzed by the DHSS fraud squad over benefit fraud. Lisa lives in Fallowfield, Manchester with her family, her acting career nowadays over.







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