Arthur Lowe


Real name: Arthur Lowe
Born: 22 September 1915, Hayfield, Derbyshire
Parents: f: Arthur Lowe Sr. ("Big Arthur"); m: Mary Annie Lowe, née Ford
Married: 10 January 1948, Joan Cooper (b: 10 August1923, d: 1987)
Died: 15 April 1982


  1. Stephen
  2. David Gatehouse (stepson)


Played: Leonard Swindley (16 December 1960 - 1965)

Other TV: I Made News (BBC-TV 1951:"Big Band", "These Hands"); Blundell's Club (1952); One Way Genie (1952); An American Gentleman (1953); Sounding Brass (1953); The Old Grad (1954); My Uncle Rolls (1954); TV Teleclub (1954: "Friend Sally"); The Three Musketeers (six-part miniseries, BBC-TV 1954:?); The Olive Jar (1954); The Children of the New Forest (six-part miniseries, BBC-TV 1955:?); Passage of Arms (1955); Valley of Shadows (1955); The Wise Cat (1955); The Prince and the Pauper (six-part drama, BBC-TV 1955:?); Sixpenny Corner (1956); The Gordon Honour (second series, BBC-TV 1956:?); Six Red Hens (1957); Report to Downing Street (1957); Sounding Brass (1957); Murder Bag (Associated-Rediffusion/ITV 1957-58, 1958-59: AL in 2 episodes during 1958); Come Rain Come Shine (1958); Disturbance (play, Associated-Rediffusion/ITV; You Were There (1958); Freedom for the Prisoner (1958); Time Out for Peggy (comedy, two series, ABC/ITV 1958, 1958-59: AL in ? episodes); Leave It to Todhunter (drama miniseries, BBC 1958: AL in ? episodes); All Aboard (sitcom, one series ABC/ITV 1958-59 [Sydney Barker]); The Diamond Bird (six-part teatime serial, ITV [not shown on ATV Midlands] 1959); Lord Arthur Savile's Crime (1960); Boyd QC (one episode in the fourth series, Associated-Rediffusion/ITV, 1960:?); Once a Crook (1960); A Night Out (Armchair Theatre, ABC/ITV 24.iv.1960); The Long Way Home (1960); Beyond the Horizon (1960); Ladies of the Corridor (1960); After the Party (1960); For the Love of Mike (1960); Robert Tavenor, Deceased (1960); No Hiding Place (1960); Sheep's Clothing (1960); The Stranger (1960); Three Live Wires (1961); Z Cars (BBC-TV 1962:3 "Handle with Care" [Jakey Ramsden]); Leading the Blind (1962); Maigret (BBC-TV 1962:11 3.xii.1962 "Seven Little Crosses"); So Many Children (1962); Zero One (first series, BBC-TV 1962-63:17 "Danger on Cloud 7"); The Third Man (BBC-TV ?1962:? or ?1963-64:? [ep. rec.1962]); The Snag (Armchair Theatre play, ABC/ITV 4.viii.1963); Mr Pickwick (play, Granada/ITV 25.xii.1963); The Case of Carrott (1963); Pardon the Expression (CS spinoff sitcom, Granada/ITV 1965, 1966 [Leonard Swindley]); Turn Out the Lights (successor to Pardon the Expression, Granada/ITV 1967 [Leonard Swindley]); Bad Business (1967) [There was a BBC play of this title, but on 23.ii.1960]; The Avengers (ABC/ITV 1967b:4 "Dead Man's Treasure" [Sir George Benstead]); Armchair Theatre (ABC/ITV 1967:? [29 plays to choose from]); The Golden Age (Schools, 1967); Dad's Army (BBC1 1968,1969a, 1969b, 1969c, 1970, Xmas special 1970, Xmas special 1971, 1972, 1973, 1974, 1975, Xmas special 1975, Xmas special 1976, 1977; plus sketches on "Christmas Night with the Stars" 1968, 1969, 1970 and 1972, "Royal Television Gala" (1970), and "Royal Variety Performance" (LWT 1975) [Captain George Mainwaring]); Why Danny Misses School (Schools, 1968); When Robin Was a Boy (1968); A Night with Mrs. Da Tanka (play, BBC1 11.ix.1968) A Voyage Around My Father (play, BBC2 16.x.1969); Rogue's Gallery (comedy, Granada/ITV, series 2 1969:?); The Simon Dee Show (LWT/ITV 1970:? [rec. 1969]); Give Me Your Word (BBC1 1969:1 "Dad's Army v. The Roy Hudd Show" [16.iv.69]); World in Ferment (1969); This Is Your Life (Thames 1969-70:?Harry Driver--3.xii.69]); Noel Coward's Birthday Programme (1969); The Cilla Black Show (1969:?); Tommy Cooper (LWT/ITV 1969-70:4 [21.ii.70]); The Val Doonican Show (1969:? [no trans. in 1969, perhaps the show xmitted 31.i.70 or 7.ii.70]); Ben Travers Farces (series of seven plays, BBC1 1970: "Rookery Nook", "A Cuckoo in the Nest", "Turkey Time", "A Cup of Kindness", "Plunder", "Dirty Work", and "She Follows Me About"); The Great Inimitable Mr Dickens (BBC2; Holiday Startime [?Christmas Night with the Stars--if so, see Dad's Army] (1970 or 1971); Doctor at Large (LWT/ITV 1971:[1-6?],7 [Dr Maxwell]); The Morecambe and Wise Show (BBC2 1971a:2 [22.iv.71], 1977 Christmas Special); The Last of the Baskets (sitcom, Granada/ITV 1971, 1972); Quiz Ball (?1971); It's Murder, but Is It Art? (six-part comedy/thriller, BBC1 1972); The Harry Secombe Show (1972); The Moira Anderson Show [?Moira in Person, BBC1] (1973:?); Alfred Potter's Story (from Armchair Thirty 1973:2, Thames/ITV 18.iv.1973); Blue Peter (BBC1 1972-73:46 [22.ii.1973], 1973-74:64 [29.iv.1974]); Omnibus (1973:?); Bunclarke with an E (1973, not transmitted); Call My Bluff (1973:?, 1974:?) [game show]; Hopcraft into Europe (1973); Microbes and Men (six-part miniseries, BBC2 1974:1-? [Louis Pasteur]); The Generation Game (1974) [quiz show]; Under the Garden (1974); David Copperfield (BBC1 1974:2-6 [Mr Micawber]); Churchill's People (24-episode miniseries, BBC1 1974-75:2 "The Lost Island", 6.i.75); The School for Scandal (play, BBC1 16.ii.1975); Foster Parents (1975); The Black and White Minstrel Show (1975:?); Nationwide (1975:?); Jackanory (BBC1 1975:?[?Jan., ?Feb.], 5.i.1976 "The Emperor's Oblong Pancake", 29., 30., 31.xii.1976 (three Joan Aitken short stories), 1977:?); Bill Brand (drama series, Thames/ITV 1976:?); This Is Your Life: Arnold Ridley (Thames/ITV 10.iii.1976); The Marti Caine Show (1976) [no 1976 series listed in Kaleidoscope; 1980 is first BBC2 series, but just "Marti" on ATV July-September 1977]; Terra Firma (1976); Pebble Mill (interview, 1976; story, 1977); Look North (interview, 1976; second appearance, 1976); South Today (1976); It's Child's Play (1976); A Likely Story (1976); Galton & Simpson Playhouse (ITV 1977:1 [17.ii.77] "Car along the Pass" [Henry Duckworth]); Cottage to Let (series of plays, ITV 1977:1 [Retired Ventriloquist]); Aquarius (1976); On the Move (1976); Calendar (1976); Be My Guest (1976); The Strange Case of the End of Civilisation as We Know It (TV film, ITV 18.ix.1977 [Dr Watson]); Your Move (1977) [?game show]; Philby, Burgess and MacLean (Granada: ITV Playhouse 1977:6, 31.v.1977 [Herbert Morrison]); Daphne Laureola (play, ITV 15.i.1978); Going for a Song (1977) [antiques game show]; Our Show (1977); Emu's Adventures for Christmas (1977); The Morecambe and Wise Christmas Show (BBC1 1977) Much Ado (1978); Potter (sitcom, BBC1 1979, 1980 [Redvers Potter]); Bless Me, Father (sitcom LWT/ITV 1978, 1979-80, 1981 [Father Duddleswell]); The Plank (TV film, ITV 7.xii.1979 [Plank Man]); The Little Yellow Idol (1979); The Len and Jerry Show (1979); Sebastian (1980); The Lion, the Witch & the Wardrobe (animation, ITV 6.iv.1980) A. J. Wentworth, B. A. (comedy series, Thames/ITV 1982 [A J Wentworth]); Nationwide (news magazine, BBC1 1982:?); Looks Familiar (Thames/ITV 1982:?); Let's Get Away from It All [Who's Who on Television, 1st ed., lists this between Dad's Army and Bless Me, Father]; Wagner (nine-hour miniseries, ?1983; see also Film)

Film: London Belongs to Me (1948); Flood Tide (1948); Kind Hearts and Coronets (1949 [The Reporter]); Stop Press Girl (1949); Poets' Pub (1949); The Spider and the Fly (1949 [Town Clerk]); Until Tomorrow (1949); The Intruder (1949); The Wealth of the World (1949); The Cage of Gold (1950); Dan Dare (1952); The Good Companions (1952); The Mirror and Markheim (short, 1953); Death Keeps a Date (1954); Dangerous Money (1954); The Reluctant Bride (1955 [?1956 release]); Three Women for Joe (1955); One Way Out (1955); Breakaway (1955); Who Done It? (1956); John Dark (1956); The High Terrace (1956); The Green Man (1956 [Radio Salesman]); Table in the Corner (1956); The Black Tide (1956); Stranger in Town (1956); Two Grooms for a Bride (1957); Dial 999 (1958); The Boy on the Bridge (1958); Follow That Horse (1959); The Day They Robbed the Bank of England (1960); Go to Blazes (1961 [Warder]); This Sporting Life (1963 [Slomer]); You're Joking of Course (1965); The White Bus (1966 [The Mayor]! ); If . . . (1968 [Mr Kemp, the Housemaster]); The Bed Sitting Room (1968 [Father]); Some Will, Some Won't (1969 [Sergeant]); A Whole Lot of Trouble (1969); Spring and Port Wine (1970); Fragment of Fear [aka Freelance] (1970 [Mr Nugent]); The Rise and Rise of Michael Rimmer (1970 [Ferret]); It All Goes to Show (1969 [?released 1970]); Dad's Army (1971 [Captain Mainwaring]); The Ruling Class (1972 [Tucker]); Adolf Hitler--My Part in His Downfall (1972 [Major Drysdale]); O Lucky Man! (1973 [Mr Duff, Charlie Johnson & Dr Munda]); Theatre of Blood [aka Much Ado about Murder] (1973 [Horace Sprout]); No Sex, Please, We're British (1973 [Mr Bromley]); You'd Better Go in Disguise (1973); Man about the House (1974 [Mr Spiros]); Mister Men (series of cartoons, 1974); Royal Flash (1975); Mister Men (second series of cartoons, 1975); The Bawdy Adventures of Tom Jones (1976); The Lady Vanishes (1978 [Charters]); Sweet William (1980 [Captain Walton]); Mister Men (third series of cartoons, 1! 981); Britannia Hospital (1982); Mister Men: The Little Mis! ses (cartoons, 1982); Wagner (shorter, five-hour version of TV series, 1983)

Jerry Kohl (who compiled this list) writes:
In the TV list, where only a year is given, the information comes from Arthur Lowe's own notes, published in the biography of him by his son Stephen Lowe. Otherwise, where there are series indicated, he may be assumed to have had a regular role unless the number and/or title of the episode(s) in which he appeared are given. Where the specific episode is not known, a question-mark appears in place of the episode number. Character names, when known, are placed in square brackets at the end of each listing. Of course, all TV appearances prior to 1955 were on BBC. The years given by Arthur Lowe in this source are often those of first rehearsals or, after about 1960, of recording, rather than of transmission. (In the 50s, television was almost exclusively "live", and so in those cases transmission may be assumed to correspond to Arthur Lowe's notations.) This also applies to film years, and though I have substituted release years where this information could be found, I have not been able to do so in all cases. His theatrical and radio credits, as well as appearances in commercials, are also documented in the biography, but are too numerous to include here.





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