Joe Lynch



Real name: Joe Lynch
Born: 1925, Mallow, County Cork, Ireland
Parents: John & Minnie Lynch
Married: Marie
Died: 1 August 2001, Alicante, Spain


  1. Linda
  2. Mark


Played: Ron Mather (21 August 1978 - 28 February 1979; 5 November - 24 December 1979)

Joe Lynch graduated with honours in music but turned to acting at a young age. Prior to this he had a range of careers from horse breaker, to tree feller, to manager of a wine business.

He was also a fine footballer and turned down an offer to play professional soccer in order to join the Radio Éireann players in 1947. He became a well-known personality and appeared in many radio and TV productions on both sides of the Irish Sea, including the 1960s comedy Never Mind the Quality, Feel the Width. In 1979 he joined Coronation Street playing Ron Mather, Elsie Tanner's boyfriend.

But it is for his role as Dinny Byrne in the popular RTE soaps Bracken and Glenroe in his native Ireland that Joe Lynch will be best remembered - a role he played for 18 years until May 2000.








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