Fulton MacKay



Real name:
Born: 12 August, Paisley, Glasgow
Married: Sheila Manahan


Played: Dr Graham (1961)

Fulton was originally a quantity surveyor who served in the Black Watch during the war, and following demob decided to go into acting and went to RADA. He worked for many theatre companies including Citizens' Theatre, Glasgow; The Royal Lyceum, Edinburgh; The old Vic; The National Theatre; RSC; Manchester Royal Exchange. He also wrote several TV plays under a pseudonym.

TV credits included: Strife; The Blind Man; Specvial Branch; Willie Rough; The Foundation; Clay, Sneddum and Greenden; Three Tales of Orkney; Choices; Ghosts; Going Straight; The Master of Ballantrae; Songs of a Sourdough; Going Gently. He was best know and loved for his role of Mr MacKay in Porridge.

Film credits included: The Brave Don't Cry; Laxdale Hall; Porridge; Gumshoe; Britannia Hospital; Local Hero.











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