Gina Maher



Real name: Gina Maher
Born: Liverpool
Married: Malcolm Feld


  1. Gabriella (b: 1991)
  2. Izabella (b:1994)

Contact: Malcolm Feld

Played: Debbie Nuttall (13 May 1981 - 1982)

Gina Maher was born in Liverpool one of six children born to a cane driver and his wife. She began her acting career at the age of fourteen when she appeared in the title role of a play called Gulpin for the BBC. By 1981 she was appearing in live television in the STV soap Together playing Charlene. The role was only meant to last for 4 weeks but was expanded to six months because of her popularity with the viewers. Soon after this she was noticed by Coronation Street writer Peter Tompkinson who wrote the role of Debbie Nutthall especially for her.

Gina joined the cast as Fred Gee's daughter in law and remained there for a year. Gina's first experience of performing was as a singer with two of her four sisters, Lynn and Carol. They performed in cabaret and by the time Gina left Coronation Street in 1982 she was busy recording a record album. She was also inundated with cabaret offers. In 1984 she was back on regular television when she joined Crossroads as Patsy Harris a waitress at the motel who became involved the Doctor Wilcox's son Larry.

After Crossroads she played Gloria in Boon, alongside Michael Elphick and Neil Norrisey before taking the role of Brenda in the Comedy Take A Letter Mr Jones with John Inman and Rula Lenska. Other appearances followed in the Mike Yarwood Show, Don't Wait Up, The Diaries of Samuel Pep's, Bread, One By One, The Refuge, I Feel Fine and 321.

Gina presented a radio series called Alright Ace for Radio City Gold in Liverpool and made further appearances on Vintage Quiz, Punchlines, The Gear Show and Singles and also made popped up as a guest on Good Morning Britain and Breakfast Time and the charity fund-raiser Telethon. She appeared in endless commercials including Chat Magazine, Lamb, Ariel and Kwik Fit. In more recent years she has played Sylvie in One Last Chance, Theresa in And The Beat Goes On and a small role in Brookside.

Gina began dating her agent Malcolm Feld in 1984, although they had been friends since 1978. They married in the late eighties and now live in Liverpool together where Gina helped him with his agency in between work.

Gina is currently (2001) making a return to her career now that her daughters are older. She is writing a drama serial which she hopes to get a commisioned with one of the major network channels.








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