Reginald Marsh



Real name: Reginald Marsh
Born: 17 September 1926, London
Died: 9 February 2001
Married: Rosemary Murray


  1. Kate
  2. Rebecca
  3. Alison
  4. John
  5. Adam
  6. Alexander


Played: Dave Smith (1962 - 1976)

Reginald had no formal theatre training but as a young man he took part in many amateur productions. In 1942 he began 12 years of working in repertory theatre before taking a job as a contestant finder for Granada Television's quiz show Criss Cross Quiz. In 1962 he was offered the role of bookie Dave Smith in Coronation Street and he continued to play the role until 1976. He continued to be a familiar face on television. He played Tommy in the Harry Worth comedy Here's Harry in 1960, in 1963 he was the Colonel in The Hardy Gang and in 1968 he played LB in BBC TV's The Old Campainger. In 1974 he played George Bailey in My Name Is Harry Worth, Mr Winterbottom in How's Your Father and Mr Hebden in Never Say Die. He played various long running roles in comedy show during the seventies and eighties including Sir in The Good Life between 1975 and 1978, Sir Dennis Hodge in Terry and June between 1979 and 1987 and Humphery Roper in George and Mildred between 1976 and 1979.

Other television work includes Reg Lemont in Crossroads and roles in The Plane Makers, The Man Who Came To Die, Gazette, The Power Game, The Rat-catchers, Barlow, Bless This House, The Sweeney, Crown Court, Help, Nye, Who Pays The Piper and Searching. He played Sir Hugh in Three Kinds of Heart, Sir Julian Briggs in Only When I Laugh, The Producer in No Longer Alone, The Prince of Wales in Young Winston, Uncle George in Being of Sound Mind, The Undertaker in KYTV, George Boxall in Boon, Dr Fowler in The Persuaders and Ed Brown in The Saint. His films include Mark of the Devil, Never Say Die, Shadow of Fear, The Sicilians, It Happened Here, Grandpa Called It Art, Sky Pictures, Jigsaw, The Day the Earth Caught Fire and Beserk.

Reginald was married to former actress Rosemary Murray and they had six children. Their daughters are Kate and twins Rebecca and Alison and their sons are John, Adam and Alexander. They live in London. In 1970 Reg joined with Bill Kenwright in a production company called David Gordon Productions which took the names of their two Street Characters. Reg also wrote a book called Much More Than Murder. He sadly passed away on the 9 February 2001.






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