Rhys McConnochie


Real name:
Born:Auckland, New Zealand, 28/12/1936



Played: Toni (14 - 16 November 1977) the deliciously camp waiter at the hotel where Stan and Hilda stayed for their second honeymoon

Training: New Zealand Players 1958/59
       Antonetti Mime School 1960/6
       Corona Academy, London 1961/62

Theatre in UK: Royal Shakespeare Co. 1963/64
       Repertory theatre in Liverpool, Lincoln, Birmingham, Exeter, Leicester, Nottingham.
       Old Vic -Prospect Company
       Mermaid Theatre

Television in UK: Doctor Who 1967
       Churchill's People BBC 1975
       The Imitation Game BBC 1979
       Coronation Street 1965 & 1977

Television in Australia:(from 1982) Captain James Cook, Bodyline, Whose Baby?, Ring of Scorpio, Brotherhood of the Rose (filmed in NZ), Come in Spinner, Mother and Son, Brides of Christ, M.D.A., Bootleg (BBC filmed in Melbourne)

Rhys is also a Theatre Director and a Teacher of Acting in Drama Schools.

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