Joseph McKenna



Real name:
Born: Scotland



Played: Peter Barlow (22 August 1977 - 25 October 1978)

Joe McKenna, who used to be Peter Barlow, Ken's son, and who previously appeared in at least one children's film, then went on to be a fashion editor and photographic stylist of considerable success in New York.

In the Eighties he worked for a while at Vanity Fair magazine. He is often used by the renowned fashion photographer Bruce Weber for both editorial and advertising shoots for big magazines and big designers. He edited at least one issue (early Nineties) of a lavish large-format little magazine (called Joe's, if I remember right).

He was good friends (non-sexual) with Lisa-Marie, the female in the famous Calvin Klein tumbled-together-bodies perfume ads, who has herself since gone on to live with director Tim Burton and appear in his Mars Attacks.

He is probably the only Corrie alumnus who could get Georgio Armani to pick up the phone.






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