Tony Osoba


Real name: Antony Osoba
Born: Glasgow
Married: Sally Wignall, 7 July 1989


Contact: c/o Barry Brown & Partner


  1. Wesley McGregor (12 May 1982)
  2. Peter Ingram (1990)

TV credits include: Charles Endell Esquire as Hamish;Virginity (1976); Space: 1999 (1976; episode 'Space Warp'); Cosmic Princess (TVM, 1976); Target (1978; episode 'Rogue's Gallery'); The Professionals (LWT, 1978; episode 'Stakeout'); Porridge (BBC1, 1973-78) as McLaren; Game for Vultures (1979); Doctor Who (BBC1, 1979; episode 'Destiny of the Daleks' parts 1 -4); Minder (Thames, 1980; episode 'All Mod Cons'); The Flame Trees of Thika asAhmed; Snakes and Ladders; Reunion; Gruey; Bergerac (BBC1, 1983; episode 'Come Out Fighting'); Return to Treasure Island (1985); The Cleopatras; Churchill's People; Brookside; Umbrella; Scotch and Wry; The Cage; Resnick; Red Eagle; Golden Years as Xicotenga; The Bureaucracy of Love as Barrett; The Bill (ITV/Thames) as Det Supt Garrett; Crown Prosecutor as Magistrate; Dempsey & Makepeace (LWT, 1985-1986) as Det. Sgt. Charles Jarvis; Doctor Who (BBC1, 1987; episode 'Dragonfire' parts 1-2); Making News (1989); The Guilty (1993); The Bottle Imp (1994); Lie Down with Lions (TVM, 1994) (TV movie); Between the Lines (BBC1, 1994; episode 'Foxtrot Oscar')


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