Carolyn Pickles



Real name: Carolyn Pickles
Born: 8 February 1952
Parents: Judge Pickles
Married: Tark (artist)


  1. Lucy Jane
  2. Hettie
  3. Tod (stepson)
  4. Theo (stepson)

Contact: c/o Conway, van Gelder, Robinson

Played: Moira Wood (18 May 1998)

TV credits include: The Cost of Loving; Partisans; A Shepherd's Life; Bless Me, Father; Virgina Fly is Drowning; Lace; The Gentle Touch; Willie's Last Stand; We'll Meet Again; Mr Right; Love Story; Whose Child; Letting the Birds Go Free; East Lynne; Miracles Take Longer; Juliet Bravo; Bulman; Bluebell; The Victoria Wood Show; The Enemy Within; Leaving Home; Blair; May to December (BBC1, 1989 - 1994) as Simone; Bread or Blood; Through The Dragon's Eye; Leopard; Chancer; The Bill (ITV, 1992-3) as DCI Kim Reid; The Yellow Wallpaper; Boon (ITV) as Sarah Blake; The Tales of Para Handy (BBC2, 1994-5) as Lady Ramsay; Castles (Sky, 1995) as Jane Rhodes; Casualty (BBC1, 1996) as Geery Todd

Film credits include: Agatha; Tess; The Elephant Man; Brothers and Sisters; The Mirror Cracked; Champions







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