Christopher Quinten



Real name: Christopher Bell
Born: 12 July 1957, Middlesbrough, North Riding, Yorkshire
Married: Leeza Gibbons (1989; div. 1992)
Children: Rosy (b: 1992; m: Paula Holmes)


Played: Brian Tilsley (27 December 1978 - 15 February 1989)

Chris started out as an apprentice fitter in a shipyard, but packed it in after two years. He had always wanted to act, and had been to drama school for a year before working in the shipyard. He is a trained acrobat, and earned his Equity card by performing acrobatic stunts in a cabaret in a theatre restaurant.Before joining The Street, Chris had already apeared in Warship, Target, The Pink Medicine Show, The Little Big Show and Quatermass, and had also appeared with Tatum O'Neil in International Velvet.After leaving The Street he moved to Los Angeles, married Leeza Gibbons and tried to develop a Hollywood career. Sadly, neither the marrriage nor Hollywood worked out for him.

He has recently appeared in the BBC daytime soap Doctors.







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