William Russell



Real name: Russell Enoch




  1. (1960)
  2. Ted Sullivan (19 February - 9 September 1992)

TV credits include: The Adventures of Sir Lancelot (1956) as Sir Lancelot du Lac; Doctor Who (1963) as Ian Chesterton; Impromptu Balear (1971) as Himself; Three Men in a Boat (1975) as Doctor; The Hanged Man (1975) as Kroger; Van der Valk (1977) as Rokin; Strangers (1978) as Harker; Terror (1979) as Actor Playing Lord Garrick; Disraeli (1979) as Wyndham Lewis; Shoestring (BBC1, 1979 episode 1.1 "Private Ear"); La Mort en direct (1980) as Dr Mason; The Professionals (ITV, 1980 episode 4.4 "Involvement") as Charles Holly; The Black Adder (BBC1, 1983 episode 1.4 "The Archbishop") as The Duke of Winchester; Kill-Off (1989) as Rags; Boon (ITV, 1990, episode 5.2 "Tales From The River Bank") as John Losely; Doctor Who: Thirty Years in the Tardis (1993) as Ian; The Affair (1995, ITV) as Dr Hastings; Henry V at Shakespeare's Globe (1997); Mob Queen (1998) as Swede Carlson; Doctor Who (1999 "The Crusade") as Ian Chesterton

Film credits include: The Biscuit Eater (1940) as Field Jud; Virginia (1941) as Loafer; Julius Caesar (1950) as Casca; The Gift Horse (1952) as Adams; The Saint's Return (1953) as Keith Merton; They Who Dare (1953) as Lieutenant Poole; Intimate Relations (1953) as Michael; One Good Turn (1954) as Alec; The Gay Dog (1954) as Leslie Gowland; Above Us the Waves (1955) as Ramsey; The Man Who Never Was (1956) as Joe; The Big Chance (1957) as Bill Anderson; The Adventures of Hal 5 (1958) as The Vicar; The Share Out (1962) as Mike Stafford; Return to Sender (1962) as Mike Cochrane; The Great Escape (1963) as Sorren; Superman (1978) as 8th Elder;












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