John Savident



Real name:
Ashton-Under Lyne, Cheshire (or Guernsey, Channel Isles)


Played: Fred Elliott (29 August 1994 - )John is an ex-policeman who turned to full-time professional acting relatively late in life.

TV appearances include:
The Saint (1969) as Frank Lomax; Callan (1969); The Avengers (1969) asWinthrop; QB VII (1974) as Anaesthetist; Romeo & Juliet (1978) as Friar John; Yes, Minister (1980) as Sir Frederick 'Jumbo' Stewart; Oliver Twist (1982) as Mr Fang; Lovejoy (1986) as Cecil; Chelmsford 123 (1990) as Jupiter; One Against The Wind (1991) as Henry Smallwood; Mrs Harris Goes To Paris (1992); Duel of Hearts (1992) as Rev Adolphus Wantage; Mike and Angelo (1993),as Howard Fogle; Moll Flanders (1996) as Clergyman; Also Dr Who; Blakes 7 as Egorian; Blackadder (first series) as King; 1990 as Home Secretary.

Selected Film Appearances:
Otley (1969); Waterloo (1970) as General Muffling; A Clockwork Orange (1971) as Conspirator Dolin; Butley (1974) as James; Galileo (1975) as Second Senator; Gandhi (1982) as Manager of the Mine; The Wicked Lady (1983) as Squire Thornton; A Summer Story (1988) as Bank Clerk; Little Dorrit (1988); Mountains of the Moon (1990) as Lord Murchison; Impromptu (1991) as Buloz; Hudson Hawk (1991) as Auctioneer; Brain Donors (1992) as Lazlo; Remains of the Day (1993) as Dr Meredith; Heart of Darkness (1994) as Company Director; Tom and Viv (1994) as Sir Frederick Lamb; Loch Ness (1995) as Dr Binns; Othello (1995) as 2nd Senator; Also The Battle of Britain







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