Prunella Scales



Real name: Prunella Margaret Rumney Illingworth
Born: 22 June 1932, Sutton Ainger, Surrey
Married: Timothy West (1963)


  1. Samuel Alexander
  2. Joseph John Lancaster

Contact: c/o Conway, van Gelder, Robinson

Played: Eileen Hughes (1961)

TV credits: Marriage Lines; Fawlty Towers; The Merry Wives of Windsor; A Wife Like The Moon; Outside Edge; Grand Duo; Target; Doris and Doreen; Bergerac; Jackanory; An Evening With Queen Victoria; Never The Twain; Wagner; Absurd Person Singular; Slimming Down; Mapp & Lucia; When We Are Married; What The Butler Saw; The Index Has Gone Fishing; Natural Causes; Beyond The Pale; After Henry; Queen Victoria: Evening at Osborne; A Question of Attribution; The Rector's Wife; The World of Peter Rabbit and Friends; Fair Game; Signs and Wonders; The World of Lee Evans; Look At The State We're In: Nanny Knows Best; Searching; Dalziel and Pascoe; Lord of Misrule

Fils include: Laxdale Hall; Hobson's Choice; What Every Woman Wants; The Crowded Day; Room At The Top; Waltz of the Toreadors; Escape From The Dark; The Hound of the Baskervilles; The Boys From Brazil; The Wicked Lady; Consuming Passions; The Lonely Passion of Judith Hearne; A Chorus of Disapproval; My Friend Walter; Second Best; Wolf; An Awfully Big Adventure






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