Paul Shane


Real name: George Frederick Speight
Born: 19 June 1940, Rotherham, West Riding, Yorkshire
Parents: George and Francise
Married: Dory
  1. Janice
  2. Andrea
  3. Gillian
Contact: c/o ATS Casting



  1. Dave-the-Rave (17 - 20 January 1977). A disc jockey at a dance at the Community Centre. His real name was Bernard Evans.
  2. Frank Roper (2 May 1979)

Paul worked as a miner by day and an amateur stand-up comedian at nights in the northern clubs until he turned professional in 1974.

His TV credits include: A Day Out, Keep an Eye on Albert, Summer Season (all Plays for Today), Vampires, Buses, Sounding Brass, The Old Crowd, Turtles Progress, Muck and Brass, Life for Christine, The Generation Game, Supergran, Very Big Very Soon, Woof!, The Right Result, Chucklevision, Mothers Ruin, Oh! Doctor Beeching, but is best known as Alf Stokes in You Rang M'Lord, and particularly Ted Bovis in Hi-deHi!






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