William Tarmey


Real name: William Cleworth Piddington
Born: 4 April 1941, Ardwick, Manchester, Lancashire
Married: Alma


  1. Carl
  2. Sara

Contact: c/o Granada Television



  1. Darts Player (5 October 1977)
  2. Jack Rowe (27 December 1978)
  3. Jack Duckworth (26 - 28 November 1979; 18 May 1981 - )

Bill strated out in the building trade, singing in nightclubs in the evenings and appearing as extras on TV. He had been a Coronation Street extra since 1976. He has also appeared in Strangers, Crown Court, The Ghosts of Motley Hall, The Glamour Girls, Thicker Than Water, Rising Star and King Lear.


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