Rita Wolf


Real name: Rita Wolf
Born: 25 February 1960, Calcutta, India


Contact: c/o Sandra Boyce Management

Played: Flick Khan (14 February - 1 August 1990)

Although born in India, Rita was brought up in Camden Town in London and trained at the Royal Court Youth Theatre.

Prior to joining the cast of Coronation Street, Rita appeared in the 1985 film My Beautiful Lauderette.

In 1996, she had a role in the Spike Lee production Girl 6, which also featured Madonna.

Her TV credits include the comedy series Tandoori Nights and a small role in the American series Law and Order.

Her latest work is the UK legal series titled A Wing and a Prayer.

TV credits include: Romance, Romance; Albion Market (Granada TV) as Meena; Tandoori Nights as Asha; Mohammed's Daughter; Rockliffe's Babies; One by One; Saracen as Princess Rania; Shelley; Kingdom Come; The Conversion of St Paul; Eye Contact; Out; Krush; Calling the Shots as Atima; Law and Order; A Wing and a Prayer;

Film credits include: Majdhar; The Chain; My Beautiful Lauderette (1985);





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