Izzy Armstrong

Full name:Isabelle (Izzy) Armstrong
Owen Armstrong
24 January 1986
Katy (younger sister)

Jake (by Gary Windass)

Played by:

  1. Cherylee Houston

First appeared:16 April 2010

Izzy is a machinist at Underworld. She generally uses a wheelchair as she has Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome. She came to Weatherfield to meet a man on a blind date, set up from an online dating service. The man was Kirk Sutherland but he'd used Jason's photo. As you would expect, this didn't go over well but she met up with Kirk again. She's a bit defensive and gobby, but still caught the eye of Gary Windass. She got a job at Underworld after leaving a job at Frescos and after talking Carla into hiring Kirk first.

She is the daughter of builder Owen Armstrong who was portrayed as being overly-protective of his independent daughter. He had interfered in her previous relationships and used landlady Liz as a go between to make peace with her. Gary and Izzy were friends and she was very supportive of him when he was sent to Afghanistan with the army. When Gary returned, traumatized, she stayed by his side though it was difficult at times. They were a proper couple by now and had moved in together. Gary became over protective and soon had a breakdown. They broke up for awhile because she wasn't sure she could handle his problems.

Izzy and Gary do reconcile at Christmas and in 2012 Izzy finds herself pregnant. Due to her condition, carrying a baby will be difficult but doable but Izzy miscarries and refuses to try again. Katy, her younger sister, offers to be a surrogate to carry the baby but in the end, it's Tina McIntyre that does it for a fee to help her pay off Tommy Duckworth's debts. Tina has a fairly easy pregnancy though Izzy and Gary have to be careful not to overwhelm her. Tina goes in to premature labour and gives birth to a boy, Jake but after bonding with him, she doesn't want to give him up. After weeks of rowing, Izzy gives up her claim to the baby, not wanting him to grow up in the midst of a custody battle, loving Tina as his mother and then taking him away if she eventually wins the case. Tina realized that the baby really does belong to Izzy and gives him back. Izzy and Gary are now raising their baby and working, sharing the raising of the child together.


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