Danny Baldwin

Full name:Danny Baldwin
Viv and Harry (only it turns out Harry is his uncle, and his biological father is in fact Mike Baldwin)
Mark Redman, Adam Barlow (half siblings, same father)
First wife Carol, Second wife: Frankie
Jamie, Warren

Played by:Bradley Walsh
First appeared:
Last appearance: 31 Dec. 2006

Danny is the nephew of Mike Baldwin which appears to be a bit of an invention since Mike was always known to be an only child. To make matters more complicated, Frankie was also the name of Mike's father. Danny moved to Weatherfield to help Mike with his business. Not long after did his wife (who previously cheated on him) turn up when she wanted to get back together with him. Then his sons, Warren and Jamie came down to join him. Danny had a brief fling with Sunita Parekh when he first came to town but Sunita did not know he was married and was very hurt when Frankie showed up on his doorstep. The Baldwins rent Number 7 from Blanche Hunt.

2005: Recently, Danny's 'dad' passed away, and he decided he'd look after his mother, Viv. But she's dropped a bombshell to Mike that she's kept secret for years; Mike is Danny's real, biological father. He is also currently having an affair with Leanne Battersby who is dating his son Jamie. When this finally became public, Jamie was heartbroken. Frankie kicked Danny out and now Danny and Leanne are living together.

2006: Mike is ill with Alheimers Disease. Danny at first was determined to use Mike's illness to gain control of the factory and Mike's assets and with that in mind he managed to get Mike's power of attorney but as Mike gets further into dementia, Danny's emotions and guilt are getting in the way and he is genuinely upset at the decline of his father. Mike's death has hit him hard.

Leanne, Danny's fiancee and Jamie's former fiancee, found a newer will in Mike's things that gave everything to Adam and held that over Danny's head as blackmail, holding out for 100,000 pounds. She left town when he chucked her out. Danny continued to try to get back with Frankie and nearly managed it but was shocked and appalled when he discovered that his son and Frankie were having an affair. Danny went off the rails, sold his share of the factory to Paul O'Connor who had already bought Adam's share, and left town. We last saw him with a lovely woman on his arm, ringing Jamie to wish him Happy New Year.


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