Sharon Bentley

Full name: Sharon Bentley (née Gaskell)

24 March 1965; (21 March 1966 in one 1999 script)

  1. Wayne
  2. Brother 2
  3. Brother 3 (b: 1972)

Married: Ian Bentley, 1 November 1999, Weatherfield Register Office

Played by: Tracie Bennett
1 March 1982 - 4 January 1984; 15 January - 24 November 1999

"And just to put you in the picture: Me dad's in the nick, me mam's in a world of her own; I don't get on very well with me three brothers, so they've farmed me out. And you have won the jackpot!"

Sharon introduces herself to Len Fairclough

Sharon was originally just staying with the Faircloughs for a few weeks before she went to a permanent foster home with the Boltons, but she hated them so much she ran away, and re-appeared at No9 in May 1982. It was agreed that Sharon could stay with Len and Rita long term.

Sharon fell in love with Brian Tilsley and left the street when he spurned her. She became a kennel maid in Sheffield but returned for a couple of weeks to comfort Rita Fairclough when Len was killed in 1983.

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