Ivan Cheveski

Full name:
Kazimierz and Biasia Cheveski


Linda Tanner

  1. Paul (m: Linda Cheveski) b: 12 June 1961
  2. Martin (m: Linda Cheveski)

Played by: Ernst Walder
First appeared:

A Polish immigrant, Ivan married local girl Linda Tanner and took her to live in Warrington near his Uncle Rizhard. After Ivan refused to allow his wife to go out to work, she moved back to her mother's house, but after she announced she was pregnant, they bought No9 together and set up home. Baby Paul was born in June 1961, though Ivan had wanted to name him after his uncle. Ivan worked long hard hours, at an ironworks during the day and then as potman at the Rovers in the evening, to support his family, but after young Paul developed a lingering chesty cough, they realised how unhealthy the inner city was. A friend of Ivan's had moved to Canada and sent back photographs of his huge detached house and fitted kitchen, so when he told Ivan he could arrange for him to have an equally high paid job, the family decided to emigrate.

A year later, the family returned for a short visit and spent Christmas with Elsie. In 1966, Linda had an affair with a Canadian called Mike and after splitting up from Ivan, returned to No11 to stay with her mother, while Ivan found himself work in Birmingham and waited for his wife to come to her senses. After reading in his local paper about his son being seriously ill after falling into the canal, Ivan returned to Weatherfield and was reconciled with Linda. When it transpired that local councillor Len Fairclough had voted against the erection of a fence by the canal, Ivan saw red and cornered Len in his builder's yard and set about him with a plank of wood. Paul recovered and the family moved to Birmingham.


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