Les Clegg

Full name: Leslie Clegg

April 7th 1918

Maggie Preston

Played by:
John Sharp
First appeared:

Maggie and Les Clegg bought the cornershop off David and Irma Barlow and their 'son' Gordon moved into the bedsit upstairs. The shop represented a new start for the family, in a last ditched attempt to save a marriage that had left Maggie black and blue and an emotional wreck at the hands of her alcoholic husband. At first things went well as Les stayed sober, the customers found him a friendly and genial proprietor and he regained Maggie's trust. So, when his bowls team were going out to celebrate a special win, Maggie was happy for him to go on his own. Les returned after a 2 day binge and started to wreck the shop. Maggie tried to wrestle his bottle from his clutches and he punched her in the face. Gordon took a swipe at him and sent him crashing into a stack of tins and knocked him out. When he came to in the hospital, Les was full of remorse for his actions and sought help from a psychiatrist, who admitted him to a psychiatric hospital.

After staying dry for over a year, Les left hospital in 1970 but Maggie didn't believe that he would remain sober and so he moved back to Birmingham and they started divorce proceedings.

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