Ramsay Clegg

Full name:Ramsay Leonard Clegg

16 February, 193? - 31 August 2009
Norris Cole (half-brother)


Played by: Andrew Sachs
Appeared: 15 May - 27 August 2009

Ramsay travelled from Australia and first arrived in the street in May 2009, when he entered the Kabin in search of his half-brother Norris Cole. When he finally tracked Norris down in the Rovers, he was told by his half sibling to leave. As the older and illegitimate half-brother of Norris, it was later revealed that Ramsay was sent to Australia when he was a child and had returned to England, back into their mother's life again, which Norris felt had caused her death, and therefore blamed Ramsay.

As the reason for his return this time was that he was suffering from a brain tumour and knew that he didn't have long to live, Ramsay desperately wanted to make up with his sibling. However, Norris, unaware of his brother's illness, was extremely reluctant to forget the past.

Norris's landlady Emily Bishop grew very fond of Ramsay and they both became very close. As one final attempt in order to get Norris's approval, Ramsay suggested to him that they could perhaps live together in an apartment in Victoria Court, which wasn't in use, but Norris didn't approve of the idea. Following this, Ramsay decided to go back to Australia and departed the street in August. Norris and Emily later recieved the sad news that the brain tumour had killed Ramsay and he was found dead on the plane on 31 August.

Profile written by John McRobbie.

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