Joe Donelli

Full name:





Died: December 1970

Played by: Shane Rimmer
1967 - December 1970

An American GI who murdered Steve Tanner by pushing him down some stairs after a gambling debt.

At the end of November 1970 he deserted from the Army and returned to Coronation Street, lodging at No5 with Minnie Caldwell. When he was cornered he took Irma Barlow hostage in the Corner Shop and confessed the murder and his desertion to her. Irma managed to escape and Donelli took refuge back in No5, holding Minnie Caldwell and Bobby hostage until an unlikely hero in the shape of Stan Ogden took her place. Stan was unaware that Donelli was armed, and was forced to sing Christmas carols at gunpoint with an increasingly desperate Donelli.

Finally Donelli turned the gun on himself and the seige ended.

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