Samantha Failsworth

Full name:

1976, St Mary's Infirmary, Rusholme, Manchester

Ritchie Fitzgerald, ?? July 1996

Played by: Tina Hobley
17 July 1996 - 15 June 1998

Samantha breezed into The Rovers as a motorbike-riding, leather-clad modern woman. It took sometime for us to to find out any of her background.

She grew up in Hale, Cheshire, the daughter of a dentist, and read Electronics at UMIST. However, she fell for Ritchie Fitzgerald, a barman who worked near where she lived, and unbeknown to her parents, dropped out of University and married him. It took her all of 2 days to realise this was a major mistake, and she only married him as an excuse to drop out. She later opened up to Sean Skinner and admitted she was having problems with sex - rather a drawback for a soap-opera character.

She fled - and ended up walking to The Rovers, getting a job, and in January 1997, moving into Nº7 - though not quite as she planned, as she ended up sharing with Curly Watts.

In the March, after taking part in a charity parachute jump Des Barnes, she managed to break up Des' relationship with Claire Palmer by throwing his trousers out of No7's bedroom window after he tried it on with her. By the August she had curiously taken up with Des, and after rescuing Leanne Battersby from an attempted rape, open up to Des and admitted that when she was 17 she was raped by her tennis coach Ian Phillips - resulting in her sexual problems. As a result of opening up, she faced up to her past, reconciling herself with her parents.

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