Leo Firman

Played by: John Elmes
August - November 1995

Leo was the nephew of Eric Firman, owner of Firmans Freezers, where Reg Holdsworth and Curly Watts worked. He was introduced to them by Eric, saying that he was learning the business so that he could take over one day. Leo went with Curly to the Rovers one night, to build staff relations, and was quite taken by Raquel. He asked her out to a posh restaurant, but when the day came, didn't turn up. Work had intervened.

Raquel had thought that at last she had met a real gentleman, and was very upset at being stood up. However, she was persuaded to make another date, and this time they did go out and had a nice evening.

On the way home, Leo drove them to Firmans and they went into the warehouse, There, he started kissing Raquel, but she broke away when he started to get more passionate. Leo started to say nasty things about the type of girl she was, you all want it, etc, etc, and began to get rough with Raquel. She managed to break away and ran back home.

The next time we saw Leo, he was harassing a female worker in the shop, offering to hold her ladder while she was hanging displays on the ceiling, so that he could look at her legs.

Raquel didn't give anything away about her date, but eventually told Curly, needing someone to confide in. He was all for punching Leo there and then, but she calmed him down and made him promise not to say anything to anyone. However, Curly couldn't bear the thought of her being upset. He had a talk to Eric Firman, saying that he knew of someone who had been attacked by Leo, but keeping Raquel's name secret. It turned out that it wasn't the first time this had happened, and that Uncle Eric had agreed to give Leo this last chance. Curly persuaded Raquel to make a case against Leo and she eventually agreed. He wasn't seen again.

Eric was very impressed by the way Curly had informed him of this incident, and it was one of the factors that went into his decision to promote Curly.

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