Neil Flynn

Full name:





Played by: Tim Dantay
31 August - 4 September 1998

Flynn shared a prison cell with Ronnie Clegg, Toyah Battersby's father, for 12 months in Wormwood Scrubs. He was put away for assault and GBH, and in Ronnie's words was "a head case".

Toyah turned up on his doorstep at 16 Thorns Road, Leytonstone, London, not realising Ronnie had moved on some two years previous. Believing him to be her father whom she hadn't seen since she was two years old, she stayed with him after she had run away from Weatherfield.

However, Toyah soon realised he was masquerading as her father, tried to escape and found herself bound and gagged. Flynn took her to some woods, but fortunately she managed to escape, suffering only a night out under the stars and the realisation of just how close she was to a serious assault or even worse.

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