Nellie Harvey

Full name:
Arthur Harvey

Played by: Mollie Sugden
1965 - 1976

Nellie was a long-time 'friend' of The Walkers, as both a fellow publican (of the Laughing Donkey), with Annie Walker as a fellow member of the Weatherfield Ladies Licenced Victuallers, and initially as a dancing partner of Jack Walker.

In reality she was Annie's social nemesis, and whenever they met they were always trying to score points off each other. Notable dust-ups include Annie proudly showing off her 'AW' monogrammed carpet only for Nellie to note that it was an off-cut from the Alhambra Weatherfield bingo hall and Nellie's husband Arthur turning up at The Rovers declaring his love for Annie, and Nellie threatening to sue for enticement

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