Patricia Hillman

Full name:



Richard Hillman, 1997 (?) (div: 2000)
20 May 2002, Oakhill flats Weatherfield

Played by: Annabelle Apsion
Appeared: 12 - 20 May 2002

Richard Hillman's second wife, who inconveniently turned up as Richard was finalising his wedding plans with Gail Platt. As she was moviong to Australia, Patricia wanted to cash in her directorship of Kellett Holdings, Richard's property company. Patricia owned 20% of Kellett Holdings, which Richard finally persuaded her was worth £25,000.

He agreed to hand over the cheque at his Oakhill flats development, where they rowed as Richard stalled on the money due to the cost of underpinning work there. In the ensuing struggle Patricia stumbled into the underpinning trench, and rather than help her out he smashed her in the face with a spade, killing her outright. The next day her body was coverd in tons of cement for the underpinnings.

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