Alec Hobson

Full name:





Played by: Tom Price
Appeared: 11 January - 7 April 1982

A cocky travelling electrical repairman "from the posh part of Droylesden". He turned up in the Street early in 1982 in his VW campervan and started taking in work. After his van broke down, Betty Turpin took pity on him and let him lodge with him. He got a job at Baldwin's Casuals, but after blowing up a machine (not knowing about 3-phase electricity) he got the sack. Soft-hearted Betty lent him £40 to get his van back on the road.

He turned up again about 6 weeks later to repay her, only to sleep in the van in Coronation Street overnight and find the van propped on bricks and his wheels stolen in the morning. He re-borrowed the £40 off Betty and moved back in with her. Eddie Yeats, for once doing someone a kindness, located another set of wheels for Alec in a scrapyard - only to find they were Alec's wheels. Alec refused to pay up and Eddie was out of pocket.

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