Gordon Lewis

Full name:





Played by: David Daker
9 February - 4 (?) March 1981

A relief manager sent by the brewery to look after the Rovers whilst Annie Walker went away on a Mediterranean cruise. He was warned of Fred and Bet's previous records whilst Annie was away and quickly started laying down the law.

After catching Fred helping himself to a whisky, he sacked him for theiving, insulting and threatening behaviour; Betty and Bet walked out in sympathy, and when Annie returned, she found two new barmaids behind her bar - Carole and Diane.

She made her feelings clear to Mr Lewis - who felt she was too old to control her staff, and told her he was expecting to be put in charge of the Rovers permanently as she couldn't cope. Annie swiftly put him in his place, sending a report to the brewery and using a few of her old contacts there.

In 1984, after a series of temporary managers, Gordon returned, threatening to start where he left off. He gave Bet a warning to dress more appropiately - she wore thick jumpers to annoy him. He befriended Hilda the cleaner getting all the inside information out of her to make use of the knowledge. Billy Walker returned and announced he was selling up, Gordon jumped for joy knowing that the Walker clan are out of the way and pursued the tenancy and a manager job of The Rovers. When the regulars found out they were horrified and suggested Bet to try challenge him.

Gordon and Bet went to Newton and Ridley and talked to Sarah Ridley with their ideas. Bet prefered the traditional atmosphre of the pub and asked to be given a chance to prove herself. Sarah Ridley showed her a petition signed by all the Rovers regulars stating Bet was well favoured in her job role. Gordon went for an updated image, extending the pub and having two entrances - one on each side of the street to attract custom. The brewery decided that the pub should not be changed too drastically and gave the tenancy to Bet.

A defeated Gordon felt Bet had the last laugh. He was offered a pub, a notorious one called The Dockers Arms and left the area completley in December 1985.

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