Andy McDonald

Full name: Andrew Richard McDonald
Jim and Liz McDonald
26 June 1974

  1. Steve McDonald (b: 26 June 1974 - younger brother)
  2. Katie McDonald (b: 1 January 1992; d: 2 January 1992)


Played by: Nicholas Cochrane
6 December 1989 - 12 November 1997; 26 November - 3 December 2000; 14-18 February 2004

Andy is the brains of the family and got into university. He was seeing Paula during sixth form, and they both went to Sheffield so they could stay together. However, once there, Paula wanted to throw herself into the new lifestyle. Andy was too serious about the relationship for her and they split up.

During the holidays, Andy worked at Bettabuys. He became disillusioned with university, thinking he was wasting his time and would be better working at a career. He left and started to work at Bettabuys full time, going on a management training program. He was doing well at this.

He started another relationship with a Bettabuy's checkout girl, but his parents weren't impressed as Amy Nelson was black and had a son called Dominic. Andy loved her very much and wanted to marry her. However, during a trip back to Trinidad to see her family, she again met up with Dominic's father, Errol, and they agreed to have another go at things. Amy wanted to do this as much for her son's sake as her own.

He then decided that he was wrong to give up University and went back there, much to his parents delight. They'd never really understood why hed left in the first place. This time he was much more positive about it and did well. He got a part-time job at the Rovers.

Andy had been a lodger at Curly Watts, but moved in with Des Barnes when Curly and Raquel got married.

He had a couple of dates with Maxine Heavey, but it never came to anything. He wasn't outgoing enough for her.

He's started going out with Anne Malone, assistant manager at Firmans Freezers where Curly works. True to form, he's very serious about her. He wanted them to move into Alma's flat together, but Anne wouldn't.

Andy moved back with Liz when Des started making jokes about his family constantly being in court. Like Steve, Andy is often torn between siding with one parent or another in their many squabbles. Unlike Steve, this affects him deeply and he struggles to be fair with them both, while not upsetting one by seeming to take the others part.

After the whole upset of his mother's affair with Fraser Henderson which ended in an armed standoff, Andy had a lot of trouble dealing with the stress. He finally pulled out of it and finished university but had enough of his crazy family and moved to Spain. He reappeared to attend his mother and father's remarriage in 2000, stopping off long enough to have a short fling with Toyah Battersby. He also returned to be best man at brother Steve's second marriage to Karen in 2004.

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